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Trade License Registration In Asansol

Why is a Trade License Registration needed in Asansol?

A trade license in Asansol is a certificate that permits the applicant to commence any trade or a business in a particular area or locality.

A trade license in Asansol ensures that the business is carried out by following all the safety standards as they are issued by the State Municipal Corporation. It also protects the residents from being affected by any health hazards.

The license holder cannot carry any other business or trade than it is issued for. The license here is not passing any kind of property ownership to the license holder.

Why is a trade license registration in Asansol necessary?

  • The trade license that is issued by the municipal corporation is regulated by the state government of that particular state.
  • A trade license in Asansol ensures that no one is affected by the nuisance and the health hazards of any trade or business.
  • To make sure that no business carrying any unethical business practices or trade it is has been made necessary by the government. So to carry out any business in any particular area it is to be ensured that there the person is having a trade license.
  • This license makes sure that there is harmony in the society that every business is following the rule and the guidelines that are set by the government. That they are obeying the safety measures.
  • A trade license registration makes sure that the trade activities in the country are aligned.

Things to be kept in mind while getting a Trade license registration in Asansol

While getting a Trade License registration in Asansol the following things need to be followed.

Gumasta License
A Trade license is also referred to as a Gumasta License in Maharashtra it is known by different names in different parts of the country.

For obtaining a trade license registration an application is to be made to the concerned authorities state government or the municipal corporation. The whole process can differ from state to state.

In some stated the trade license is issued to the person only after the verification from the concerned authorities.

Processing time
The processing time for obtaining the trade license registration in Asansol takes 10-15 days, this trade license registration can be downloaded online after approval.

The trade license registration in Asansol has a validity of one year and can be renewed after a year.

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To obtain trade license registration in Asansol the lease documents, ID proof, registration certificate from the concerned authorities are required.
Yes, carrying out trade without a trade license is an offense. The authorities can lock and seal the trade business.
The trade license registration in Asansol is valid for one year, it can be renewed at the end of each year.
The trade license application should be made within 30 days after commencing with the business.