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Nidhi Company registration including Incorporation kit and share certificates.

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Public Limited Company Registration In Sikkim

Public Limited Company registered in Sikkim is the best suitable type of entity for entrepreneurs who are planning on large-scale business operations. To register a limited company seven members are required and there is no limit on the maximum number of members of the shareholders.

A public limited company registered in Sikkim has all the privileges of a corporate entity together with the features of a Limited Liability. A public limited company gets listed with the stock exchange to raise the capital from the general public. There are multiple regulations for the Public Limited Companies set by the government which they need to comply with.

A public limited company registered in Maharashytta is registered under the provisions that are described in the Companies Act,2013. The public limited companies are allowed to raise funds from the public by issuing the shares.

Documents required for registering a Public Limited Company in Sikkim.

To avoid legal complications it is very important to submit all the necessary documents:

  • Passport-sized photographs of all the Directors.
  • Identity proofs of all the Directors which include the Aadhar card, voter id card, PAN card.
  • The Digital Signature Certificate of all the Directors.
  • Director Identification number of all the Directors
  • In case if the office is a rented property then the rent agreement
  • In case the office is an owned place then the property ownership documents
  • The water bill and the electricity bill of the business place
  • No objection certificate by the landlord
  • The Memorandum of Association
  • The Articles of Association

Procedure for registering a Public Limited company in Sikkim

  • It is necessary to meet all the legal requirements such as the number of directors, the number of shareholders, minimum paid-up share capital is fulfilled. The further steps will be complete only if this step is initiated.
  • After this the Digital Signatures Certificate and the Director Identification number of the Directors of the Company. Here only a Natural person can be a director of the company. Entities like the LLPs or financial institutions cannot be registered as Public Limited Companies. Also, the Director of the company need not be the shareholder.
  • To be recognized as a registered office the company must have a registered office. The office needs to be registered with the Registrar of Companies under whose jurisdiction the office falls. The address of the office needs to be entered correctly as all the correspondence relevant to business will be made on this registered address.
  • Before the registration process, the name of the company has to be approved by the ROC. In the case of the Public Limited Company, the name should end with the word "Limited". This application will be file in RUN Form of the Ministry of the Corporate Affairs. It is better to provide a list of names in the order of preference.
  • Once the name of the Company has been approved the crucial documents of the company that is the MOA and the AOA need to be executed.
  • After the documents are prepared it is to be submitted to the ROC for verification on verification the incorporation certificate is issued along with the CIN of the Company.
  • The business can not be started immediately after the COI is received the business has to apply for the commencement certificate within 180 days of the COI stating that all the subscribers have paid the subscription money.


To obtain Limited company registration in Sikkim a minimum of seven people are required. To incorporate a limited company a minimum of three directors and a maximum of seven shareholders are required.
Yes with IndiaFilings you can register a limited company in Sikkim online by just submitting the relevant documents.
Limited company registration can be done with any amount of money in Sikkim. However, while issuing the shares a minimum of Rs.5 lakh must be paid the government fees (Authorized capital).
IndiaFilings can help you obtain Limited company registration in Sikkim in 14-20 days but again the duration depends on the submission of the relevant documents.