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Professional tax registration for employers having less than 20 employees.

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Professional Tax Registration In Gujarat

Professional tax is levied by the state government of that particular state. Professional tax in Gujarat is the tax that is levied on the income that is earned by any trade and is remitted by the employer. Every year has to pay around Rs.2500 to the state or the local authorities in the manner of tax on the profession, trades, callings, and employment.

The professional tax is just like the income tax but the professional tax in Gujarat is managed by the state government. The upward revision of professional tax Rs.2500 has allowed the government to raise the additional resources.

Who had to pay professional tax in Gujarat?

Professional tax in Gujarat is applicable for the individuals and the entities that are mentioned below:

Companies, Firms, Limited Liability Partnerships, Corporations, societies, Hindu undivided families, associations, clubs, legal practitioners, contractors, architects, engineers, tax consultants, management professionals as well as medical representatives such as doctors.

Professional tax registration in Gujarat.

An application for registering under the professional tax in Gujarat has to be made with the State Tax Department within 30 days of employing staff in a business. If in case there is more than one place of work the application has to be made separately to each of the authorities considering the place of work that is coming under the authority's jurisdiction.

Delay in the payment of professional tax can lead to a penalty of Rs,5 per day. On non-payment or the late payment there is a penalty of 10% of the tax if the filing of the returns is done late there is a penalty of three hundred rupees.

What is the professional tax rate in Gujarat?

The maximum amount an individual has to pay as professional tax is Rs.2500. The slab amount is based on the gross income of the individual. The professional tax in Gujarat is deducted from the salary of the employee by the employer every month.

This deducted amount has to be deposited with the state government every month. It is mandatory to pay the professional tax as there are penalties in case of non-compliance.


An individual who is engaged in any activity or any profession, trade, or employment has to pay professional tax in Gujarat.
The professional tax rate in Gujarat is calculated based on salary slabs. The maximum amount that can be deducted as professional tax is Rs. 2500 annually.
Professional tax should be paid by every individual. There are penalties in case of noncompliance.
Yes, the professional tax rates differ from state to state. The rate of professional tax in Gujarat would be different from that of Tamil Nadu. But the maximum amount that can be deducted as professional tax is Rs.2500 per year.