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Partnership deed drafting along with GST registration.

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Partnership Firm Registration In Bikaner

An agreement between two or more individuals or parties to work together for a common goal is referred to as a Partnership. A Partnership registration in Bikaner can be obtained when the organization has at least two people that are coming together to conduct operations of the business on the terms that are decided.

Partnership Registration in Bikaner is required when two or more parties have agreed on a formal agreement to manage and operate a business and share the profits and the losses. Partnership Registration is the best suitable option for small enterprises as the formation is very easy and the regulatory compliances are very few as compared to other entities.

Partnerships have been in existence for a long, even if the partnership firm is not registering there are no penalties. But it is always better to be a registered firm as unregistered firms are denied certain rights.

Let us take a look at the advantages of Partnership registration in Bikaner:

Easier to start: The Partnership firms in Bikaner are easy to start as the only requirement for starting a Partnership firm in most cases is the Partnership deed.

Decision Making:Decision-making is an integral part of any organization. The decision-making is much faster in the partnership firms as there is no concept of passing any resolutions. Partners in the Partnership firms enjoy a wide range of powers and in most cases, they can also undertake any transaction that is happening on behalf of the partnership firm without the consent of the partner.

Fund Raising:A partnership firm in Bikaner can easily raise the funds than a proprietorship firm. As there are multiple partners more contributions can be done among the partners. The partnerships registered in Bikaner can also easily avail of loans.

Sense of ownership:The activities of the firms are owned and managed by every partner. The tasks may be varied but the partnership firms are united for a common cause. Ownership creates a higher sense of accountability which paves the way for a diligent workforce.

Types of Partnership Registrations in Bikaner

Partnership Firms in Bikaner can be classified into two types as registered and unregistered Partnership firms. There are no penalties for not registering the Partnership firms but it is always better to register a Partnership in Bikaner even before they are formed.

Registered Partnerships: A registered Partnership firm is regulated under the Indian Companies Act,1932. A Registered Partnership firm can sue the third party under legal charges and also claim any set-offs.

Unregistered Partnerships: Unregistered Partnerships in Bikaner are not registered under the Partnership Act. They are also not available to avail of any benefits under the Income Tax Law.

The whole process to register a Partnership in Bikaner takes around 7-10 days but it is subject to the submission of documents that are made by a person and the government processing. Talk to our experts today to know more about the incorporation of Partnership firms and the relevant compliances.


A Partnership firm that is registered in Bikaner can file a lawsuit in court against the partners, also they can claim set-off or other proceedings in a dispute with the party.
Irrespective of the turnover the partnership firms in Bikaner are required to file the Income-tax returns.
Yes, a partner can transfer his ownership rights but then this should be done with the consent of all the other partners.
It is a deed that highlights the terms and regulations of partnership amongst the partners. IndiaFilings will help you in drafting the partnership deed.
Our business consultants will first understand your business needs and then help you in drafting the Partnership deed. Based on the requirement of the applicant we also help the partnership firms to be registered partnership firms.