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Notary Services

Notary service are used to verify, authenticate, certify or attest the execution of any instrument. Instrument in terms of the Notaries Act refer to document by which any right or liability is or purports to be, created, transferred, modified, limited, extended, suspended, extinguished or recorded. When a Notary, notarizes a document, he/she authenticates, certifies and attests the document. The Notary authenticates a document by assuring him/herself as to the identity of the person who has signed the document; certifies a document, meaning he/she certifies that the document is a true copy of the original and attests meaning, he/she bears witness.

Civil law and criminal law have express provisions whereby any affidavit verified by a Notary is admissible as evidence in a Court of Law. Hence, its common for many legal and business documents to be Notarized. Notary is appointed by the Central and State Government under the Notaries Act 1952. IndiaFilings can help you find a Notary near you.

Common Types Of Documents Notarized

Company Registration

During incorporation of a Company in India, certain affidavits and declarations must be provided by the Directors which are notarized.

Rental Agreement

Rental Agreements for a period of less than one year are sometimes notarized to make it admissible as evidence in court of law.

Validating Copies

Sometimes copies of original documents must be submitted along with certain applications. In such cases, notary is used to validate the original document.

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