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[email protected] Startup Accelerator Program

Viridian Accelerator Centre announces the [email protected] Startup Accelerator Program. Viridian Accelerator Centre ([email protected]) has partnered with Startup India as the key partner for rolling out the Program. This 4-month enablement program is designed to suit individual business needs depending on the stage of the startup and its challenges.

The intensive program helps to network with mentors, industry experts, trainers, service providers, peer-group of innovators, and potential investors – providing a holistic environment for the growth of the startup. The current article briefs the procedure to apply for the [email protected] Startup Accelerator Program.

Viridian Accelerator Centre

Viridian Accelerator Centre ( [email protected]) is a business accelerator supporting early-stage startups and growth-stage startups. [email protected] offers a multi-center, multi-sector accelerator program through 5 centers spread across Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Gandhinagar, Mumbai, and Delhi-NCR.


Viridian Accelerator Centre conducts 3 cohorts per year and under the signature program, [email protected] offers 2 modules for 2 different business stages.

  • Early Stage Startup – Where entrepreneurial come with a business idea
  • Growth Stage Startup –   Where Entrepreneurs come with a business prototype.

Objectives of [email protected] Startup Accelerator Program

The key objective of the [email protected] Startup Accelerator Program is to identify, demonstrate, and deploy Early Stage Startup/ Growth Stage Startup

Eligible Startup for [email protected] Startup Accelerator Program

The following type of startups can apply for the [email protected] Startup Accelerator Program

  • Individual
  • Ideation Stage Startup
  • Validation Stage Startup
  • Early Traction Startup
  • Scaling Stage Startup

Eligibility Criteria

Any Individual/Startup who is eligible under any of given below categories can apply for the [email protected] Startup Accelerator Program:

Eligibility Criteria For idea-stage individual/startups

The powerful business idea of an individual or a team with long term commitment and realistic goals can apply to the program

Eligibility Criteria for Growth-Seeking Individual/Startups

A business model with clear target customer identification, as well as a sizable market with the potential to scale up is eligible for the scheme

Benefits offered to Startups

Viridian Accelerator Centre offers all possible institutional support for start-ups incubated with them.

Benefits for Early Stage Startups

  • Individual ideation & group enablement session along with an entrepreneur mindset assessment
  • Working on a business model which comprises developing value proposition, understanding customer segments, and engagement strategies
  • Designing, implementing, and analyzing the business model canvas with different use cases
  • Mentoring sessions, developing proof of concept and MVP, and sessions on Finance, Legal, Compliance, and Marketing

Benefits for Growth Stage Startups

Individual ideation & group enablement session along with an entrepreneur mindset assessment

  • Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy
  • Validating new product/service, pitching master class, and mentor support. Sessions on Finance, Legal, Compliance, and Marketing
  • Redefining marketing plans, developing a lean operating framework, and freezing the business model canvas along with potential access to capital through our network of investors

Other Benefits

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, Viridian Accelerator Centre also offers the following benefits to startups:

  • Dedicated Enablement Support
  • Pan India Coverage
  • Professional Guidance
  • Alumni Support
  • Access to Investment
  • Networking Events
  • Leverage to Alumni Base
  • Providing a holistic environment for the growth of the startup.

Focus Area

[email protected] Startup Accelerator Program is looking to collaborate & work with startups in any of the following themes:

  • Analytics, Advertising, and Architecture Interior Design
  • AR VR (Augmented + Virtual Reality) and Automotive
  • Art & Photography, Animation, and Chemicals
  • Computer Vision, Telecommunication & Networking
  • Construction and Agriculture
  • Aeronautics Aerospace & Defence
  • AI,  Green Technology, and Events
  • Fashion, Finance Technology and Enterprise Software
  • Food & Beverages, Design and Dating Matrimonial
  • Education, Renewable Energy, and Technology Hardware
  • Healthcare & Lifesciences, Internet Of Things and IT Services
  • Human Resources, Marketing, and Nanotechnology
  • Non- Renewable Energy, Pets & Animals
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Retail, House-Hold Services, Professional & Commercial Services
  • Sports, Social Impact and Social Network
  • Textiles & Apparel
  • Indic Language Startups, Transportation & Storage
  • Logistics, Travel & Tourism
  • Security Solutions, Airport Operations, and Real Estate
  • Other Specialty Retailers, Safety and Robotics
  • Passenger Experience, Biotechnology, and Waste Management
  • Toys And Games

Service Type

The relevant service type for [email protected] Startup Accelerator Program is as follows:

  • Government and Hyperlocal
  • Discovery and Location-Based Services
  • Manufacturing and Marketplace
  • Mobile, Offline, and Online Aggregator
  • Peer To Peer, Platform, and Consulting
  • Consumer Internet, Engineering and E-Commerce
  • Rental and Enterprise Mobility
  • Research, Sharing Economy and Social Enterprise

Incentives Offered

Every startup will get credits/discounts through  Viridian Accelerator Centre’s  technology partner Amazon AWS

  • Razorpay
  • Paytm
  • Flexible
  • Hubspot
  • Twilio
  • ZOHO
  • Google Cloud
  • LexOrbis

Once a start-up gets shortlisted for the program, When they enrolled in the program they will get access to avail themselves of these incentives.

TimeLine of [email protected] Startup Accelerator Program

Application Opens 8th October 2021
Deadline to Apply 29th October 2021
Application Result Date 15th November 2021

Application Procedure

The [email protected] Startup Accelerator Program applications will be open till 30th October 2021. The applicant is required to access the official webpage of Viridian Accelerator Centre.

From the homepage, click on the Program option and then select [email protected], the link will redirect to the new page.


By clicking on the apply now option, the application page will be displayed. Provide the details of the founder and click on next. An OTP will be sent to the respective mail address, provide the same to proceed further.

On the new page, furnish the details of a startup such as:

  • Name of the Start-up
  • Details of Startup Idea
  • Stage of Startup
  • Details of the sector do the Start-up/business/ idea fall under
  • The assistance details from [email protected]

After providing the details attach the Presentation/Pitch deck and click on the submit button. The applicant needs to attend two rounds of interviews.

Shortlisted applicants will be called for a “Pitch Session” to pitch about the startups. Final results will be announced on 15th November 2021 and Interested startups can apply for the “[email protected]  Program from 8th October 2021.

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