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Udyam Sakhi Portal

Udyam Sakhi

Udyam Sakhi Portal

The ministry of MSME, on a mission to enhance the cause of women entrepreneurship, has introduced a portal known as Udyam Sakthi portal. The facility is set to nurture entrepreneurship and create business models for economical products and services so as to empower women, thereby making them self-reliant and self-sufficient.

The Idea

The idea of launching an exclusive portal for women entrepreneurs was derived from a NITI Aayog study which conveyed that out of the whole 145 backward districts in the country, the ones providing ample opportunities to women were excelling on the areas of education and health. This encouraged the Ministry of MSME to create this unique platform for women entrepreneurs.

Importance of the Portal

India ranks low for women entrepreneurship, in spite of a female population which numbers to around 80 lakhs. These women are in need of revenue and modes of self-sustenance. Entrepreneurship supports them with these aspects and provides a boost to their self-esteem. The portal facilitates these women to initiate their businesses by providing them with the essential technical support. Moreover, the portal assists women to play a predominant role in strengthening the nation’s economy by launching SME’s (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) in various sectors through the assistance of the Government.

How is it Different?

In the words of an MSME official; there might be plenty of government schemes to support the cause of entrepreneurship, but this particular initiative strives to keep women at ease as they are being handled by people of the same gender, which enhances the level of trust and inculcates a culture of seamless sharing. These mentors would include the likes of social entrepreneurs, senior executives, retired businesswomen, former bank officials or members of non-profit organizations.

The initiative intends to develop the entire MSME sectors including Khadi, Rural and Care industry. Assistance would be availed from other ministries, State Government, and the stakeholders.

Gamut of Services

The portal accords the following services through its programmatic functions:

  • Entrepreneurship learning tools
  • Incubation facility
  • Training program for fund raising
  • Providing mentors
  • One-on-one investor meet
  • Provide facilities for market survey
  • Learning and development; be it by means of education, information, or technical assistance and training.