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Tripura Liquor License

Tripura Liquor License

Tripura Liquor License

Tripura liquor license is a document that permits a manufacturer or business to sell alcoholic beverages at a particular place. Liquor license is granted by the Excise Department of the respective state. It is illegal for any person to manufacture, dispense or sell intoxicating alcohol without a valid liquor license. The government has set various rules and regulations under the Tripura Excise Act, making it mandatory to acquire a liquor license for bars, restaurantshotels, clubs etc. In this article, we view the eligibility, fee and procedure for obtaining Tripura liquor license in detail.

Tripura Excise Act

As per the provisions under the Tripura Excise Act, an application form has to be requested for the manufacture or sale of any liquor which includes foreign liquor, country spirit, Denatured spirit, and Beer. The prescribed authority after examining may permit the use or sale of liquor in the form of license.

Importance of Liquor License

Any person is required to obtain a liquor license for the following purposes:

  • The liquor license is needed to evade the unlawful trade of liquor in a particular state.
  • The liquor license is required to manage the sale of alcohol.
  • It is prohibited for any person to manufacture, distribute or retail intoxicating liquor without possessing a license issued by the respective state supervisor of the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for a Liquor license in the state of Tripura, the applicant needs to satisfy the following conditions:

  • Any person whose age should be twenty-one years or above and he/she should be a citizen of India or a person of Indian Origin.
  • Any partnership firm is holding the partners are citizens of India. The changes made in the partnership will not be allowed after the settlement of shop except legal permission obtained from the Excise Commissioner.
  • Any person who is not to be a defaulter or blacklisted or debarred from holding a liquor license under the provision of Rule 13 or under the provision of any rules made under the Act.

The following are some of the conditions by which an individual is not eligible for applying for the Liquor license in the State of Tripura.

  • A person who has been convicted by a criminal court of a non-bailable offence.
  • An existing license holding person who has violated the terms and conditions of his license.
  • A person who was a defaulter in the payment of excise revenue to the State Government.

Applicable Fee for Liquor License

The appropriate license, registration charges imposed on manufacturers or suppliers, wholesalers and retailers in Tripura are given below:

Excise Duty

S.No Type of Liquor Rate
1. IMFL Rs.225 per LPL
2. Beer Rs.40 per BL
3. Country Liquor Rs.30 per LPL
4. Denatured Spirit Rs.10 per BL

Literage Fee

S.No Types of Liquor Rate
1. IMFL Rs.10 per BL
2. Beer Rs.8 per BL
3. Country Liquor Rs. 4 per BL

Brand Registration

S.No Type of Registration Rate
1. New Registration Rs.60,000 per brand per volume of liquor or beer.
2. Renewal Rs.30,000 per brand per volume of liquor or beer.

Import Fee

S.No Type of Liquor Rate
1. IMFL Rs.20 Per BL.
2. Beer Rs.10 Per BL.
3. ENA or Denatured Spirit Rs.3.60 Per BL

Import Duty

S.No Import Duty Rate
1. ENA RS.2 Per LPL

Hologram Fee

S.No Type of Charge Rate
1. Cost of Hologram Rs.1.08 Per label
2. Administrative Charge Rs.0.16 Paise Per label

Distillery or Foreign Liquor Bonded Warehouse

S.No Type of Fee Rate
1. License fee of distillery Rs.3.60 Lakh Per annum
2. Warehousing fee of distillery Rs.9.50 Per case
3. Bottling fee of distillery Rs.11.09 Per BL

Excise Duty Structure of Military/Para-Military

S.No Type of Liquor Rate
1. Licence fee of canteen tenant system Rs.24 Per annum
2. Rum Rs.30 Per LPL
3. Whisky/Brandy/Gin Rs.60 Per LPL
4. Beer/Cyder/Perry Rs.50 Per BL

Additional Go-Down Fee

S.No Location Rate
1. For the FL and CL shops located within the Agartala Municipal Corporation area. Rs.10 Per square feet per additional go-down per month.
2. For the FL and CL shops located in other Municipal areas other than the Agartala Municipal Corporation area and for the different Nagar Panchayat areas of the state. Rs.7 Per square feet per additional go-down per month.
3. For the FL and CL shops located other than the Agartala Municipal Corporation area, other Municipal areas and different Nagar Panchayats of the State. Rs.5 Per square feet per additional go-down per month.

Application Procedure for the Liquor license

The applicant who is interested in obtaining a liquor license has to approach the excise department with the application requesting for the permit from the concerned authority. The relevant authority (Collector) after reviewing the documents submitted and the specified fee paid by the applicant will grant the license within the prescribed date.


If an individual possesses any intoxicant or transports, manufacturers, without holding a Liquor license will be punishable with imprisonment for one year or with a fine of three thousand or with both.

Cancellation of License

The Licensing authority can suspend or cancel the license in the following conditions re-specified below:

  • If any liquor is found in the licensed premises on which the standard fee has not paid and which does not carry proof of payment of duly approved by the Excise Commissioner as.
  • If any liquor or intoxicating drug (for which the license is not granted) is found on the licensed premises.
  • If the affidavit submitted by the applicant at the time of application is found with the mistakes and statements made therein are found to be false.
  • If the applicant is convicted of any crime will be punishable under the Act or any cognizable and non-bailable crime or any offence punishable under Sections 482 to 489 of the Indian Penal Code.
  • If any liquor is sold below the minimum rate as fixed by the State Government under Rule 17.