Trademark Registration Trademark Class 37

Trademark Registration – Trademark Class 37

Trademark Registration – Trademark Class 37

A comprehensive guide to Class 37 of the Trademark Classification. Trademarks must be applied or registered under classes and each class represents a distinct class of goods or services. In this post, we comprehensively cover the services which fall under Class 37 of trademark classification.

Trademark Class 37

The following services are classified under Class 37: Services rendered by contractors or subcontractors in the construction or making of permanent buildings, as well as services rendered by persons or organizations engaged in the restoration of objects to their original condition or in their preservation without altering their physical or chemical properties.

Some of the main services under Trademark Class 37 include:

  • Services relating to the construction of buildings, roads, bridges, dams or transmission lines and services of undertakings specializing in the field of construction such as those of painters, plumbers, heating installers or roofers.
  • Services auxiliary to construction services like inspections of construction plans.
  • Services of shipbuilding.
  • Services consisting of hiring of tools or building materials.
  • Repair services, i.e., services which undertake to put any object into good condition after wear, damage, deterioration or partial destruction (restoration of an existing building or another object that has become imperfect and is to be restored to its original condition).
  • Various repair services such as those in the fields of electricity, furniture, instruments, tools, etc.
  • Services of maintenance for preserving an object in its original condition without changing any of its properties.

The following services must NOT be classified under Class 35:

  • Services consisting of storage of goods such as clothes or vehicles (Class 39).
  • Services connected with dyeing of cloth or clothes (Class 40).

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List of services classified under Trademark Class 37

  • air conditioning apparatus installation and repair
  • airplane maintenance and repair
  • anti-rust treatment for vehicles
  • artificial snow-making services
  • asphalting
  • boiler cleaning and repair
  • bricklaying
  • building of fair stalls and shops
  • building sealing / damp-proofing [building]
  • building insulating
  • building construction supervision
  • rental of bulldozers
  • burglar alarm installation and repair
  • burner maintenance and repair
  • car wash / motor vehicle wash
  • carpentry services
  • chimney sweeping
  • cleaning of clothing
  • rental of cleaning machines
  • cleaning of buildings [interior]
  • cleaning of buildings [exterior surface]
  • clock and watch repair
  • clothing repair
  • construction consultation
  • construction information
  • construction*
  • rental of construction equipment
  • rental of cranes [construction equipment]
  • demolition of buildings
  • diaper cleaning
  • disinfecting
  • rental of drainage pumps
  • drilling of deep oil or gas-wells
  • drilling of wells
  • dry cleaning
  • electric appliance installation and repair
  • elevator installation and repair / lift installation and repair
  • rental of excavators
  • factory construction
  • film projector repair and maintenance
  • fire alarm installation and repair
  • freezing equipment installation and repair
  • fur care, cleaning and repair
  • furnace installation and repair
  • furniture restoration
  • furniture maintenance
  • harbour construction
  • heating equipment installation and repair
  • installation of doors and windows
  • installation, maintenance and repair of computer hardware
  • interference suppression in electrical apparatus
  • irrigation devices installation and repair
  • kitchen equipment installation
  • knife sharpening
  • laundering
  • rental of laundry washing machines
  • leather care, cleaning and repair
  • linen ironing
  • machinery installation, maintenance and repair
  • masonry
  • mending clothing
  • mining extraction
  • motor vehicle maintenance and repair
  • office machines and equipment installation, maintenance and repair
  • painting, interior and exterior
  • painting or repair of signs
  • paper hanging / wallpapering
  • parasol repair
  • photographic apparatus repair
  • pier breakwater building
  • pipeline construction and maintenance
  • plastering
  • plumbing
  • pressing of clothing
  • pumicing
  • pump repair
  • quarrying services
  • rat exterminating
  • re-tinning
  • rebuilding machines that have been worn or partially destroyed
  • rebuilding engines that have been worn or partially destroyed
  • refilling of toner cartridges
  • renovation of clothing
  • repair of power lines
  • repair information
  • repair of security locks
  • restoration of musical instruments
  • restoration of works of art
  • retreading of tires [tyres] / retreading of tires / retreading of tyres
  • riveting
  • road paving
  • rental of road sweeping machines
  • roofing services
  • rustproofing
  • safe maintenance and repair
  • sanding
  • scaffolding
  • shipbuilding
  • shoe repair
  • street cleaning
  • strong-room maintenance and repair
  • swimming-pool maintenance
  • telephone installation and repair
  • tyre balancing / tire balancing
  • umbrella repair
  • underwater construction
  • underwater repair
  • upholstering
  • upholstery repair
  • varnishing
  • vehicle battery charging
  • vehicle breakdown assistance [repair]
  • vehicle maintenance
  • vehicle service stations [refuelling and maintenance]
  • vehicle polishing
  • vehicle lubrication [greasing] / vehicle greasing / vehicle lubrication
  • vehicle wash
  • vehicle cleaning
  • vermin exterminating, other than for agriculture
  • vulcanization of tires [tyres] [repair] / vulcanization of tires [repair] / vulcanization of tyres [repair]
  • warehouse construction and repair
  • washing
  • washing of linen
  • window cleaning

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