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Tamil Nadu Road Tax

In India, both the National and State highways are taxed by the Indian Government for raising funds. These funds are used to enhance the infrastructural facilities, thereby enabling the passengers to travel comfortably within any state, town and city. The tax for the same is collected from vehicles at toll gates. These taxes are calculated based on the engine capacity, seating capacity, unladen weight and cost price. In this article, we look at the Tamil Nadu road tax in detail.

Calculation of Tamil Nadu Road Tax

Road tax in Tamil Nadu is calculated according to the Tamil Nadu Motor Vehicle Taxation Act, 1974. The Act mentions that it is mandatory for all vehicles to pay road tax. The tax to be paid depends on the type of vehicles and therefore the tax varies from one vehicle to another.

Payment of Tamil Nadu Road Tax

Payment of road tax in Tamil Nadu can be made in two methods. It can be paid through online or offline means. For offline remittances, the vehicle owners may approach any of the regional transport offices and make the payment through cash or demand drafts.

Vehicle Tax Rates

Given below are the taxes that are applicable to various vehicles. To begin with, following are the tax rates for two-wheeler vehicles that has obtained registration prior to 1989 with or without trailers attached to the vehicles.

Type of Two Wheeler

                           Tax per Year

Motorcycles between 50 to 75 cc

Rs. 135

Motorcycles between 75 to 170 cc

Rs. 200

Motorcycles exceeding 175 cc

Rs. 240

Carriages for Invalids

Rs. 32

Given below are the rates that are applicable to two-wheeler vehicles registered after 1989.


Motorcycles below 50 cc

Motorcycles between 50 to 75 cc

Motorcycles between 75 to 170 cc

Motorcycles exceeding 175 cc and tricycles

At the time of registration





Below 1 year old





Between 1 to 2 years





Between 2 to 3 years





Between 3 to 4 years





Between 4 to 5 years





Between 5 to 6 years


940 1390 1670
Between 6 to 7 years



      860 1280 1530
Between 7 to 8 years 420 780 1150 1380
Between 8 to 9 years 325 690 1020 1220
Between 9 to 10 years





880 1050
Above 10 years old 115



720 870

Given below are the tax rates that are applicable to cars, omni buses, etc.


Imported Vehicles

Indian Manufactured vehicles owned by individuals

Indian Manufactured vehicles owned by others

Not exceeding 700 Kgs unladen weight




Between 700 to 1500 Kgs unladen weight






Between 1500 to 2000 Kgs unladen weight




Between 2000 to 3000 Kgs unladen weight




Exceeding 3000 Kgs unladen weight




Foundation of Life Time Tax

The year 2008 witnessed the implementation of a new law stating that vehicles are covered under the ambit of lifetime tax. According to the update, four wheeler vehicles such as cars, jeeps, omnibuses and other non-transport vehicles costing a price of Rs. 10 Lakh would attract 10% of the cost of the vehicle. If the vehicles exceed Rs. 10 Lakh, the tax payable would be 15% of the total cost of the vehicle. The lifetime tax for non-transport motorcycles is 8% of the cost. Battery operated non-transport four-wheeler vehicle would be imposed with a lifetime tax of 5% of the cost of the vehicle if its price is below Rs. 10 Lakh, whereas vehicles above this range will attract a tax rate of 7.5% of the cost of the vehicle. For battery-operated two-wheeler vehicles, the tax payable is 4% of the cost of the vehicle.

Toll Tax Exemption List

The following people are exempted from paying tax in India:

• The President

• The Prime-Minister

• The Vice-President

• The Chief Justice

• Governors of all States

• Cabinet Ministers of the Union

• Member of the Parliament

• Ministers of the State of the Union

• Lieutenant Governor of any Union Territory

• Supreme Court Judge

• Speaker of the Legislative Assembly

• Chief of Staff who is a full-time General or who is equivalent to that rank

• Chairman of the Legislative Council

• Chief Secretary to State Government of a particular state

• High Court Judge

• Foreign dignitary arriving for State visits

• Commander of the Army

• Vice-Chief of Army Staff

• High Court Chief Justice

• Speaker from the House of People

• Members of Legislative Council from the borders of the concerned State, holding proof of identity

• Secretary from House of People

• The Government Secretary

• Members of Legislative Assembly of a State within the State borders

• Secretary, Council of States

Apart from this, the following awardees are exempted from paying Toll Tax in India.

  1. Param Vir Chakra, Ashok Chakra
  2. Maha Vir Chakra, Kirti Chakra
  3. Vir Chakra
  4. Shaurya Chakra

Exempted Vehicles

The following vehicles are exempted from Tamil Nadu Road Tax.

• Vehicles used as ambulances.

• Vehicles with passengers of the Ministry of Defense.

• A vehicle belonging to any other Government agency or organization for purposes of survey, inspection, operation or construction and maintenance of national highways.

• Central and State armed forces in uniform.

• Vehicles belonging to the National Highways Authority of India.

• An executive Magistrate.

• Motor vehicles of the fire-fighting department.

• Vehicle used as a funeral van.

GST Rate for Car, Bike and Vehicle Rental Services

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