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Shell E4 Smart Energy Track Program for Startup

Shell E4 Smart Energy Track Program for Startup

Shell E4 smart energy track is an Accelerator Program designed for early to mid-stage start-ups that have proven proof of concept (or solution). Shell E4 has partnered with Startup India as the key partner for rolling out the Program.

The main objective of the Shell E4 program is to empower and enable identified Indian entrepreneurs, working on energy-related start-ups to help them become sustainable, profitable, and significantly impactful organizations.

Shell E4 Smart Energy Track

Shell E4 Program provides a platform for collaboration and conversation around valuable energy transitions, offering startups an opportunity to bring their ideas to life with Shell’s guidance and support.

The Shell E4 program builds upon the company’s global vision to support the energy sector’s evolving ecosystem.

Shell E4 Smart Energy Track Program for Startup
Shell E4 Smart Energy Track Program for Startup

Shell has a rich history of working with entrepreneurs across the energy value chain globally. Startups shall have access to infrastructure, expertise, capital, and customers to help them accelerate their business growth and test the commercial and technical viability of their business offering.

The objectives of the Shell E4

The objective of the Shell E4 Smart Energy Track Program is as follows:

  • Shell’s objective is to Co-create and develop the start-up ecosystem in India – Convene leaders, experts, and resources to build and mobilize the start-up ecosystem by sourcing, defining, and executing impactful projects.
  • Shell E4 Offers a world-class start-up hub to support and enable energy-related start-ups:  Programmes structured in ways that suit the unique nature of energy start-ups which typically require longer gestation periods given the requirements of development and robust testing.
  • To establish a strong investor network for energy-related start-ups

Shell E4 Smart Energy Track Program Benefits to Startups

The benefits of the Shell E4 Smart Energy Track Program are as follows:

  • The selected startups can access an established support ecosystem consisting of eminent advisors and subject matter experts from Shell and Partners.
  • Startups will have access to Lab and infrastructure support from Shell and Partners to conduct product development and testing activities.
  • Potential opportunity to work with identified Shell businesses and relevant Partners to help co-create products and solutions.
  • Engagement with the investor community leading to potential funding opportunities
  • A strong & relevant set of mentors to guide your startup throughout the acceleration journey.
  • Visibility and media coverage in relevant target markets.
  • The cohort start-ups will have the opportunity to pitch to top investors from India and abroad as well as meet with an array of decision-makers from the energy ecosystem, on Demo Day (Recognized as India’s biggest energy entrepreneurship conference).
  • The selected startups will get an opportunity to participate in “Shell E4 Urrja”, which is E4’s inhouse Energy roundtable conference that will host Globally renowned panel members, distinguished in their respective industries.
  • Shell offers an Opportunity to leverage Shell’s credibility and visibility to strengthen brand equity.

Eligible Startups for Shell E4 Program

The following type of startups can apply for the Shell E4 Program:

  • Accelerator
  • Investor
  • Validation Stage Startup
  • Scaling Stage Startup
  • Corporate

Eligibility criteria for Startups

The eligibility criteria for startups to participate in the Shell E4 Smart energy Track for Startup are as follows:

  • This program is for Founders of startups (early & Mid-stage) focused on the evolving energy industry and who are seeking product development support & product-market fit and to scale their businesses.
  • Start-ups need to work on innovative solutions with some customer traction and the competence to grow. The company should be able to leverage the resources that are provided to build highly competitive industry-relevant products not just for India, but global markets.
  • Start-ups that will benefit the most from this program should have:
    • A scalable business model and on a growth path.
    • High potential to scale.
    • Adequate resources and readiness to fully participate in the program and able to handle new projects and deployments.

Focus Areas

Shell E4 Program is looking to collaborate & work with startups in any of the following areas:

  • Green Technology
  • Renewable Energy
  • Biotechnology
  • Waste Management
  • Discovery
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering

Incentives Offered

The selected startups of the Shell E4 Smart Energy Track program will be offered the following type of incentives:

Fiscal Incentives

Selected start-ups provided acceleration for 6 months at no cost and a cash prize of Rs. 20,000 will be provided.

Non-Fiscal Incentives

  • Shell E4 program enabling business operations scaling by guiding setting up systems, processes, and building teams.
  • This accelerator program also enabling product development with insightful problem statements, use cases, and dedicated infrastructure support.
  • The program will assist the startup in the refinement of business strategy to expand the business through identifying the right target markets.
  • Build a strong & relevant network of industry experts and advisors with potential leads to customers & investors.

TimeLine of Shell E4 Smart Energy Track Program

Application Opens 9th July 2021
Deadline to Apply 30th July 2021
Application Result Date 15th September  2021

Application Procedure for Shell E4 Smart Energy Track

Companies can participate in the Shell E4 program by registering their business ideas through an online link.

The link will direct the applicant to an online application form on the F6S platform that will ask for specific details with respect to their business idea, model/solution, contribution to India’s energy scenario, feasibility in the Indian market, and personal information

After providing the details click on submit option, the application will be forwarded to the Shell E4 selection committee.

The evaluation of application  entails the following stages:

Initial screening of the applications: There is a multi-level screening process involved. Applications will be screened over multiple rounds for eligibility against the assessment criteria and scored based on screening guidelines.

All the shortlisted start-ups shall be notified at the end of this screening round. Those who do not meet the criteria will not proceed to the next round.

Due diligence: The selected start-ups will go through an audit to confirm all facts, financial records, any other deemed material

Selection is based on the 4 high-level criteria:

  • Potential for Significant Value Generation
  • Fit with India energy transition and Shell E4 themes
  • Unique business model and/or technology
  • A strong team that understands their market, product, strengths, and weaknesses. Open to coaching and mentoring.

The selected startups will be able to leverage Shell’s subject matter expertise and global reach, while also benefiting from a curated network of industry experts & advisors to accelerate their business development.