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Samruddhi Scheme

Samruddhi scheme is a unique initiative from the Social Welfare Department of Government of Karnataka. Samruddhi scheme serves as an enabler to the socially disadvantaged youth and women to take up entrepreneurial activities and promote self-employment. Through this scheme, Government of Karnataka aims to collaborate, create a partnership with potential companies, and thereby promote 25,000 entrepreneurs in the State for three years. This will be done by facilitating access to ready to do business models, franchisedealerships and other self-employment based ventures in the State.

The objective of Samruddhi Scheme

This scheme aims to create Industry Oriented Enterprise by enabling the SC/ST community through entrepreneurship and skill training.

Features of Samruddhi Scheme

The feature of Samruddhi Scheme is explained in detail below:

  • Samruddhi Scheme enables the socio-economic empowerment of the SC and ST communities in Karnataka
  • Increasing employment in the state through various entrepreneurship and skill training
  • A supply gap of 3.1 lakh persons as per the Karnataka Skill Gap Report for Industrial Manpower
  • This scheme will be beneficial for Citizens of Karnataka because 24/% of populations constitutes of SC & ST communities
  • This Scheme is formulated to make Karnataka the top state for the number of SC/ST enterprises

Impact of Samruddhi Scheme

Samruddhi scheme will create thousands of employment opportunities by being a catalyst between a corporate and beneficiaries thereby creating a conducive ecosystem to roll out tried and tested successful business models in Karnataka resulting in increased income levels and improved the standard of living.

Image 1 Samruddhi Scheme
Image 1 Samruddhi Scheme

Benefits of Samruddhi Scheme

As mentioned above, the applicant can apply for self-employment or franchise assistance under Samruddhi Scheme:

Benefits to Beneficiaries

The benefit for enrolling Samruddhi Scheme is described in detail below:

  • Under this scheme, Government of Karnataka provides an initial capital up to 10 lakhs with training and overall capacity building to carry out chosen business activities
  • Samruddhi Scheme is a conductive ecosystem to kick-start the own enterprise
  • Continued mentorship and support to face roadblocks that may arise and create a robust, sustainable business enterprise

Benefits to Franchisors

The benefit for enrolling Samruddhi Scheme is described in detail below:

  • Samruddhi Scheme is a fantastic opportunity to venture into new markets and reach new customer segment with virtually no additional cost
  • The Prospect of increasing the market share through new Franchises or Dealerships
  • Samruddhi Scheme is assisting in identifying potential entrepreneurs especially in Tier 2, and Tier 3 cites that further results in saving of cost, time and effort

Business under Samruddhi Scheme

The applicant can apply Samruddhi Scheme for the following type Business:

  • Hardware and Garments
  • Entertainment and Retail
  • Food and Beverages
  • Health and Fitness
  • Agriculture and Automobiles
  • Wellness and Beauty
  • Electricals and Mobiles
  • Logistics and Counter Service
  • Watches, Luggage and Footwear
  • Dairy Products
  • Education, Books and Stationary
  • Home Appliances and Hospitality

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for Samruddhi Scheme are explained in detail below:

Eligibility Criteria – Applicant

  • Age of the applicant should be minimum 21 years
  • Applicant must qualify SSLC
  • An applicant must be a permanent resident of Karnataka
  • The applicant must belong SC/ST community

Eligibility Criteria for Empanelment of Firms

  • The company should be registered in India
  • The company should provide a franchise/dealership opportunity
  • The firm should have a strong brand and market presence for at least three years
  • The firm should have a minimum of ten franchisee/dealership
  • The firm needs to provide marketing training to the entrepreneurs

Documents Required for Beneficiary

Documents required for registering as a beneficiary under the Samruddhi Scheme is explained in detail below:

Documents Required for Franchisor

Documents required for enrolling Samruddhi Scheme as Franchisor is explained in detail below:

  • Registered documents of the organisation, entity or firm to be submitted
  • Permanent Account number of Organization / TIN / GST – self-attested photocopy
  • Chartered Accountant certified documents
  • Self-certification that any Government Organization has never blacklisted entity
  • Number of Franchisee/ Dealership proposed in Karnataka

Samruddhi Scheme Application Procedure

The application procedure for Samruddhi Scheme is explained in step-step by procedure here:

Step 1: To apply for Samruddhi Scheme, you need to access the home page of the Social Welfare Department, Government of Karnataka.

Step 2: Select the New Samruddhi option from the home page. By clicking on this, the link will redirect to a new page of Samruddhi Scheme online web portal.

Image 2 Samruddhi Scheme
Image 2 Samruddhi Scheme

Beneficiary application for Samruddhi scheme

Step 3: In this new portal, select the option Register as a beneficiary to get the benefits of  Samruddhi Scheme.

Image 3 Samruddhi Scheme
Image 3 Samruddhi Scheme

Step 4: Beneficiary application for Samruddhi scheme will be displayed. You need to provide the following details:

  • Applicant’s Full Name
  • Gender and Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Date Of Birth
  • Caste and Sub Caste
  • Annual Income Of Family
  • Segment Of Business
  • Proposed Location details

Step 5: After providing the required information, you need to attach documents as described above.

Image 4 Samruddhi Scheme
Image 4 Samruddhi Scheme

Step 6: Once the documents are submitted, you can apply by clicking on the submit button.

Application Form for Empanelment Of Franchisors For Samruddhi Scheme

Step 3: From Samruddhi portal, select Register as a corporate to get the benefits of Samruddhi Scheme.

Image 5 Samruddhi Scheme
Image 5 Samruddhi Scheme

Step 4: Application Form for Empanelment of Franchisors for Samruddhi Scheme will be displayed. You need to provide the following details:

Image 6 Samruddhi Scheme
Image 6 Samruddhi Scheme
  • Name of Organization
  • Promoter/ Director/ Partner
  • Year of Establishment
  • Total number Employees
  • Contact Person and Designation
  • Correspondence address
  • Business Segment
  • Email ID & Website URL
  • Business Name & Organization Status
  • Criteria for selection of each of the Franchise/ Dealers
  • Benefits to be extended by Franchisees/ Dealers/entity
  • Franchisee/ Dealership Total Investment
  • Expected ROI to Franchisee/ Dealership
Image 7 Samruddhi Scheme
Image 7 Samruddhi Scheme

Step 5: After providing the required information, you need to attach documents as described above.

Image 8 Samruddhi Scheme
Image 8 Samruddhi Scheme

Step 6: Once the documents are submitted, you can submit an application by clicking on the submit button.

Step 7: The application form for Samruddhi scheme will be scrutinised by the Social Welfare Department. Once the application is found suitable for Samruddhi scheme, the benefits will be provided to the applicant or firm.

Training for Franchisee

The selected company should have to provide the following type of benefits to Franchisees, Dealers, entity

  • Franchise / Dealer Authorization
  • Branding & Promotion Materials
  • Interiors & Facility Setups
  • Training
  • Software & Systems
  • Skilled Staff)
  • Promotion & Business Development)
  • Supply of Company Products and Materials
  • Minimum assurance of returns

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