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SAC Code and GST Rate for Cleaning Services


SAC Code and GST Rate for Cleaning Services

GST rate for services is based on SAC code. SAC Code or Services Accounting Code is a service classification system developed by the Service Tax Department for levy of service tax. The GST Council decided to use the SAC code for levy of GST on services. Further, GST rate for services are applicable on five slabs namely 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. In this article, we look at the GST rate for cleaning services in India.

GST Rate for Cleaning Services

As per the GST Council, 18% of GST applies for all of the following types of cleaning services.

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SAC Code for Cleaning Services

SAC code for all types of cleaning services falls under the headings of cleaning services and sewage and waste collection, treatment and disposal and other environmental protection services in the SAC code.

Cleaning Services

SAC Code 998531 – Disinfecting and exterminating services
SAC Code 998532 – Window cleaning services
SAC Code 998533 – General cleaning services
SAC Code 998534 – Specialized cleaning services for reservoirs and tanks
SAC Code 998535 – Sterilization of objects or premises (operating rooms)
SAC Code 998536 – Furnace and chimney cleaning services
SAC Code 998537 – Exterior cleaning of buildings of all types
SAC Code 998538 – Cleaning of transportation equipment
SAC Code 998539 – Other cleaning services

Sewerage, Sewage Treatment and Septic Tank Cleaning Services

SAC Code 999411 – Sewerage and sewage treatment services
SAC Code 999412 – Septic tank emptying and cleaning services

Waste Collection Services

SAC Code 999421 – Collection services of hazardous waste
SAC Code 999422 – Collection services of non-hazardous recyclable materials
SAC Code 999423 – General waste collection services, residential
SAC Code 999424 – General waste collection services

Waste Treatment and Disposal Services

SAC Code 999431 – Waste preparation, consolidation and storage services
SAC Code 999432 – Hazardous waste treatment and disposal services
SAC Code 999433 – Non-hazardous waste treatment and disposal services

Remediation Services

SAC Code 999441 – Site remediation and clean-up services
SAC Code 999442 – Containment, control and monitoring services and other site remediation services
SAC Code 999443 – Building remediation services
SAC Code 999449 – Other remediation services

Sanitation and Similar Services

SAC Code 999451 – Sweeping and snow removal services
SAC Code 999459 – Other sanitation services n.e.c.

Other Services

SAC Code 999490 – Other environmental protection services.

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