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Relevant Date for GST Refunds


Relevant Date for GST Refunds

When it comes to refunds in GST, the concept of relevant date plays a vital role, as the application for refund has to be made within two years of the relevant date. In this article, we look at relevant date for GST refunds in detail.

Export of Goods out of India

With regards to the export of goods out of the country, the refund is applicable for goods, inputs, or input services used in such goods. The following points describe the relevant date for export of goods:

  • Upon exporting the by ships or aircraft, the date on which the carrier leaves India, the mentioned date shall apply as a relevant date
  • Goods exported by road or rail, the date on which the carrier crosses the frontiers of the nation shall apply as a relevant date
  • Goods dispatched by post, the date of dispatch of goods through post shall apply as the relevant date.

Deemed Exports

Deemed exports refer to the supply of goods which doesn’t leave India, and the goods so received will be paid either on Indian rupees or in foreign currency.  Relevant date, in this case, will be the date of filing of returns of such transactions.

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Export of Services Out of India

With regards to services exported out of the country, where refund applies on executing these services, and the inputs or input services used in such services, the relevant date shall apply as:

  • The date of receipt of payment in convertible foreign exchange. The service must be completed before the receipt of payment.
  • The date of issue of invoice, if the payment had been made in advance.

Authoritarian Judgment or Order

Pre-deposits done before appealing to the proper authorities are refundable, subject to conditions. The relevant date for the same will be the date of decree or order communicated by the Appellate authority, tribunal, or any court.

Refund of Unutilized Input Tax Credit

In case of a refund of unutilized input tax credit, the relevant date is said to be the end of the financial year, during which the need for refund occurs.

Reverse Charge

If a person is liable to pay taxes on reverse charge, the relevant date would be the date of receipt of goods or services.

Other Cases

In a few other cases, the date of payment of tax would be the relevant date.

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