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Rajasthan Bar License

Rajasthan Bar License

Rajasthan Bar License

Rajasthan bar license is a document of permission granted to a bar for the retail sale of liquor to its bonafide members for consumption in the prescribed premises. To promote tourism, Rajasthan Government has removed the restriction for Restaurant Bars. The Land of Kings (Rajasthan) & Pink City (Jaipur) might be the many people’s showcase destination in north India. Thus, the demand for bars has steadily grown, and the running of a bar has become a very lucrative business. After the petrol pump and gas agencies, a bar can be among the most profitable investment. The Government of Rajasthan issues bars license under the Rajasthan Excise Act to regulate the consumption and sales of liquor. In this article, look at the procedure for obtaining Rajasthan bar license in detail.

Rajasthan Excise Act

Rajasthan bar license is mandatory under the provisions of Rajasthan Excise Act. This act moderates the import, manufacture, distribution and sale of liquor which includes spirits, Liquor, Tari, Pachawar, Beer, IMF and all liquid consisting of alcohol. Beer includes ale, stout, porter and all other fermented Liquors made from malt.

IMFL means foreign Liquor made in India, i.e. Indian Made Foreign Liquor

Importance of Bar License

Some of the significance of obtaining Rajasthan bar license is explained here:  

  • Bar license is used to mitigate the unnecessary sale of liquor, drug licenses are provided for monitoring the mechanism.
  • It is unlawful for any person to manufacture, distribute or sell intoxicating liquor without a drug license issued by the Rajasthan Government
  • There is a requirement to regulate the selling of alcohol and to maintain the health and peace in the State, there is a requirement to monitor the sale of liquor, and hence a drug license is necessary.

Classification of Bar License

According to the Rajasthan Excise Act, 1973, Rajasthan Drug License can be classified in the following categories:

  • Restaurant bar license
  • Club bar license
  • Hotel bar license

Restaurant bar license

Restaurant license means retail on the license for the sale of beer, Wine and Ready to Drink Liquor granted to a Restaurant which makes the sale to customers for consumption in Restaurant premises. Restaurant bar license is issued under Rajasthan Excise Act, 1973.

Club bar License

Club bar license means a license granted to a club for the retail sale of foreign liquor to its bonafide members for consumption in the club premises. Club bar License & hotel bar license is issued under the Rajasthan Excise Act, 1950.

Hotel bar license

Hotel bar license means retail on the permit for the sale of foreign liquor granted to a hotel which makes sales international and Indian tourists and visitors residing in it for consumption in a room earmarked for serving alcohol or such other part of the hotel as may be approved by the Rajasthan Government.

Basic Requirements

As per the provision of Rajasthan Excise Act, to get a Rajasthan bar license the following requirements to be met by the bar.

The requirement for Standard Restaurant Bar

Restaurant means that any place to which the public is admitted for the Consumption of food or drink. The excellent quality Restaurant can be able to sell Beer, Wine and Ready to Drink Liquor:

  • Minimum Annual Turnover of Restaurant Bar should be Rs 10 Lac Taxable and Turnover Income Rs 5 Lac
  • The bar should have A.C. Facility
  • The bar should be a minimum space of 800 square feet and should have a capacity of around 40 people to sit
  • The bar should be Proper Toilet Facility available for Man and Woman
  • Restaurant Bar will sell only Beer
  • Restaurant Bar will not sell Beer/Wine/Ready to Drink to under 18 people

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The requirement for Hotel Bar

Hotel means all Tourist Bungalows and hotels run by the Department of Tourism and Hotel Corporation of the Rajasthan Government and the Government of India.

Hotel with at least twenty bedrooms which is adjudged to be of an at least two-star hotel by the Tourism Department, Government of India will also need to get a bar license.

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Heritage hotels

Heritage hotels having hotel bar license can effect retails off the sale of Heritage Liquor produced by the Rajasthan State Ganganagar Sugar Mills Ltd. By visiting official website of Rajasthan State Excise Department, you can get the List Of Heritage Hotels.

The requirement for Club bar

Club bar is further classified as a civil club and the commercial club as follows:

Civil club Bar

Civil club means an association of minimum a hundred persons for social, recreational purposes or for the promotion of some common aim on joint expenses without motive to gain profit and duly registered under Rajasthan Society Registration Act, 1958. The civil club should have the following facilities:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Gymnasium having Physical exercise equipment
  • Badminton hall/Squash Court
  • Billiards/Pool table
  • Cards room
  • Lawn tennis court

Commercial Club Bar

Commercial Club Bar means a duly registered company or firm any organization or association of persons for business and recreational purposes having at least a hundred members. To operate the commercial bar, it should have the following facilities:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Gymnasium having Physical exercise equipment
  • Badminton hall/Squash Court
  • Billiards/Pool table
  • Cards room
  • Lawn tennis court

Eligibility Criteria

Any person who owns and runs a club/hotel/restaurant as defined above can apply for Rajasthan bar license. 

Bar licenses will not be issued to the following persons:

  • A person convicted for any offence under the Rajasthan Excise Act, 1950 or the Opium Act, 1878 is not eligible to apply for bar license:
  • If a person is found to have been convicted for any non-bailable offence by a criminal court will not be provided with Rajasthan bar license
  • If there are any arrears of excise dues outstanding against a person who owns and run hotel/club/restaurant is not eligible to get a bar license
  • The Rajasthan bar license will not be issued to a person who is below the age of 18 years

Prescribed Authority

The Excise Commissioner of the Rajasthan State Excise Department grants bar license as per the provisions of Rajasthan Excise Act, 1950.


Rajasthan bar license granted under the Orissa Rajasthan Excise Act, 1950/1975 will be valid on 31st March of the year in which the bar license is issued.

Applicable Fee

For applying for a Hotel bar/club bar/Restaurant bar License, the applicant has to pay the initial license amount as prescribed other. 

S.No Category Initial fee for a license (in Lakhs)
Restaurant bar License
1 Restaurants situated within 5 km of municipal or urban agglomeration limit  
Jaipur and Jodhpur  4
Other Divisional Headquarters, Mt. Abu and Jaisalmer 3.25
Other District Headquarters 2.50
Other Municipalities and Bhiwadi (District Alwar) 2
2 Other places not mentioned above 1
Hotel Bar License
1 Luxury Hotel / Train
Five Star Hotel 15
Four Star Hotel 10
Three Star Hotel 8
Luxury Train 8
2 Heritage Hotel
Category A 8
Category B 5
Category C 3
3 Other Hotel
Hotels situated in and within 5 KM. of the municipal limits of
  • Jaipur and Jodhpur
  • Other Divisional Head Quarters, Mt. Abu and Jaisalmer
  • Other District Headquarters
  •  Other Municipalities and Bhiwadi (District. Alwar)
Situated in other places not recovered by Clause i 3
Club Bar License
1 Civil Club Bar
Jaipur and Jodhpur 2
In Other Places 1.5
2 Commercial Club Bar
Jaipur and Jodhpur 6
In other places 4

Every application for a Hotel Bar license site visit will be accompanied by the non-refundable process fee equivalent to an amount of 10% of regular initial fee or Rs. 10,000 whichever is higher.

Documents Required

Documents required for applying Rajasthan bar license is given in the below-attached document:

Documents Bar License

Rajasthan bar License Application Procedure

The application procedure to obtain Rajasthan bar license is explained in step by step procedure here.

Step 1: The person desirous to start a bar in Rajasthan need to submit an application form in prescribed format to the District Excise Officer in whose jurisdiction the bar is proposed to be operated before for the issue of bar license.

The format of application for restaurant bar license is enclosed here:


We have here with attached a form for club/hotel restaurant:

The Rajasthan Excise Grant of Hotel - Club Bar Licence

Verification by DEO

Step 2: The District Excise Officer concerned will initial the application noting the date of receipt and cause of application to be entered in a register in a prescribed format. The DEO will notify the applicant about the application.

Make Payment

Step 3: If the District Excise Officer accepts the application, the applicant needs to make the payment within fifteen days from the date of notification.

Step 4: The initial fee and process fee will have to be deposited in the Rajasthan State treasury, and a   challan copy supplied by the Treasury needs to be enclosed with the application.

Site Verification

Step 5: On receipt of the application, the document verification and site inspection will be conducted by a team of officers of Rajasthan State Excise Department appointed by the District Step 6: Excise Officer. The team will inspect the location of the premises where the foreign liquor will be stored and the counters where it will be sold.

Step 7: The District Excise Officer will forward the application along with his/her recommendation to the Excise Commissioner.

Note: The DEO will also record a note whether the applicant is suffering from any of the disabilities to hold a Rajasthan drug license

Verification by Excise Commissioner

Step 8: The Excise Commissioner will again verify the documents and recommendation furnished by the DEO. On receipt of satisfactory, a Rajasthan bar license may be issued.

Note: In case of rejection of the application, the applicant needs to make a fresh application duly complying with the requirements in the same procedure as described above.

Get Rajasthan Drug License

Step 9: Rajasthan drug license can be obtained from the concerned Exercise department office. Provide application number and get your Rajasthan drug license.

Occasional Rajasthan Bar License

Bar licenses can also be granted for occasional sale or possession (beyond the permissible limits) of IMFL or beer on occasions like marriage, birthday, and new years. There are two categories of such licenses as follows:

  • License for consumption
  • License for sale

Apply for Occasional Rajasthan Bar License

The occasional license can be obtained from the concern District Excise Officer. The fee for obtaining a license is given here:

S.No Type of License Fee





License for consumption



Rs. 1000


License for sale


Rs. 5000

Rajasthan drug License Renewal Procedure

Rajasthan drug License needs to be renewed not less than thirty days and not more than ninety days before the earliest day on which such license expires. The applicant has to apply for bar license renewal in the prescribed format to concerned DEO.

Non-Renewal of the license within the time limit may result in loss of eligibility for insurance coverage and appropriate legal action by Rajasthan Government, Excise Department or any other Department body.

The fee and procedure of renewal of Rajasthan bar license are same as explained above.