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Punjab Fire License

Punjab Fire License

Punjab Fire License

Fire license certifies that a building in which a business is carried out is in conformance with the fire safety codes and that all necessary fire and safety precautions are made according to the same. The respective State Fire Service Department generally grants the fire license for which the applicant should meet certain instructions laid down by the fire department. The guidelines differ from state to state. In this article, we look at the procedure of obtaining Punjab Fire License in detail.

Fire No Objection Certificate (NOC)

The applicant should acquire fire no objection certificate (NOC) to apply for the fire license. The Fire Officer issues the Fire NOC for Punjab Fire License. The applicant should comply with the provisions of fire safety measures contained in National Building Court rules. The builder or the owner of the premises is responsible for applying for the fire no objection certificate (NOC) and should comply with all fire safety guidelines before approaching the Fire Officer for the same. It is mandatory that the building work carried out should be covered by the license.

The Punjab Fire Prevention and Fire Safety Act, 2004

The Act incorporates provisions for effective fire prevention and fire safety measures in buildings and premises of the Punjab State. All buildings that are of 15 meter or taller require approval from the local Fire and Emergency Services Department. On completion of the building construction, it is mandatory to obtain NOC (No Objection Certificate). The issued Fire NOC is valid for a period of one calendar year and renewal of the same must be done before the expiration of Fire NOC issued previously.

Who can apply?

Any individual prosing to construct high-rise or multistoried buildings that are more than 15 meters in height for commercial or business purposes are required to acquire Fire License from the Andhra Pradesh Fire Services.

Public buildings like schools, hospitals, cinema halls, religious places that have more than 500 square meter plot area or above 6 meters of height should also apply for fire license.

List of Enclosures

The following documents must be enclosed along with the application form to obtain Punjab Fire License.

  1. Estimation of required fire safety systems
  2. Approved layout plan and order copy for each floor by the competent authority.
  3. Copy of the Bank Guarantee – The bank guarantee should be for an amount of 15% of the estimated cost of the Proposed Fire Fighting Installations.
  4. Photocopy of ownership title (Lease/Conveyance/Sale Deed or Khasra, etc.)
    Risk Analysis report on the proposed industry obtained from technical persons duly mentioning the various Fire/Explosion risk involved in the process and safety measures required in respect of large scale industries and buildings more than 15 meters height and below 18 meters height
  5. Copy of the proof of surrendering the land for widening of the road – Letter from the applicable municipal corporation.

For Provisional Fire NOC

  1. Two Set of Drawings duly marked fire-fighting system as per the National Building Code of India.
  2. Declaration by Owner / Occupier

For Final Fire NOC

One Set of approved Drawings duly marked fire fighting system as per the National Building Code of India

  1. List of Fire Fighting Equipments installed in the building along with photo copy of Invoice as per the National Building Code of India, 2005.
  2. Declaration (Specimen Attached)

Time Line

The time period to issue an approval for Provisional fire NOC for Fire Safety of Building is 30 days from the submission of proper application with required documents.

The time period to issue an approval for Final NOC for Fire Safety of Building is 30 days from the submission of proper application with required documents.

Competent Authority

The Directorate of Fire Services is the competent authority for the issuance of Punjab fire license.


The provisional Fire NOC issued is valid for a period 5 years for residential and 3 years for non-residential buildings from the issue date.

The Final Fire NOC/License is valid for 1 year that should be renewed every year. Failing to renew NOC on time will attract penalty.

Offline Application

The copy of Punjab Fire Noc application is given below that the applicant can submit to the respective Fire Department to apply.

Punjab Fire License - NOC for Fire

Online Application Procedure for Punjab Fire License

The applicant can apply online for Punjab fire license through the Punjab Municipal Infrastructure Development Company Portal under the Government of Punjab.

Step 1: To apply online, visit the official website of the Punjab Municipal Infrastructure Development Company Portal.

Step 2: Under Fire NOC tab on the Home page, click New NOC application.

Punjab Fire Noc - New application
Punjab Fire Noc – New application

Step 3: Select the application type, respective Urban Local Body and Fire Station.

Step 4: The application page appears. Enter the required details that includes the following.

  • Building details
  • Surrounding area details
  • Owner Details
  • Occupier Details
  • Applicant details

Step 5: On completing the application, click submit.


Whoever breaks any provision of the act will be punishable with imprisonment for a term that may extend to six months, or with fine that may extend to fifty thousand rupees. If the offence continues a further fine which of three thousand rupees for every day will be charged.