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Puducherry Encumbrance Certificate

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Puducherry Encumbrance Certificate

In India, encumbrance certificate is one of the important legal document needed at the time of buying the property. Encumbrance certificate declares that there are no dues on the property and the title of the property is clear and marketable without any obligations. Encumbrance certificate contains details of all transactions done on the specific property. In Puducherry, the Department of Registration issues encumbrance certificate. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining Puducherry encumbrance certificate in detail.

Need for Encumbrance Certificate

The following are the some of the circumstances when an encumbrance certificate is required are listed below

  • The encumbrance certificate is necessary for requesting a home loan from the banks.
  • The encumbrance certificate is needed to acquire a loan from the respective bank against a property.
  • The encumbrance certificate is required when one wants to buy or sell a property.
  • Encumbrance certificate serves as evidence that the property is free from legal liabilities.
  • The Encumbrance certificate is expected to know about the past transactions of property at the time of purchase of the property.

Details Present in the Certificate

The particular information describing the property will be provided in the encumbrance certificate:

  • All transactions are relating to the property that has been registered by the Registrar.
  • All necessary details in the sales deeds will be added in the EC. The Certificate usually concerns to a specific period and transactions applicable to that period alone mentioned.
  • For gifted deeds, details on gift settlement will be notified.
  • Certain documents such as testamentary documents and short-term lease deeds need not be registered as per the law.

Applicable Charges

The following applicable charges for the applicant are listed below:

The service charges to be given by the applicant are Rs.100/-and applicant must also pay the application fees of Rs.5/-. There are different prescribed payments as per the period are:

  • If the applicant age is availing the encumbrance certificate for the first time, then he/she has to remit charges are Rs 15/-.
  • If the applicant age is availing the encumbrance certificate for every subsequent year, then he/she has to pay costs of Rs 5/-.

Documents Required

The required documents are to be produced by the applicant while submitting the application form.

  • Copy of last owners land document
  • Copy of three schedules of property.

Online Application procedure

To apply for online encumbrance certificate in Puducherry, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Visit the official portal

Please visit the official website of the Puducherry Registration department.

Step 2: Online Encumbrance certificate

Click on “Online Encumbrance Certificate” which is displayed on the home page of the portal.

Step 2 Puducherry Encumbrance Certificate
Step 2 Puducherry Encumbrance Certificate

Step 3: Complete the details

If registering for the first time on the website the user needs to create the new account by providing the information like

  • Applicant name
  • Address
  • Email id
  • Mobile number

By filling the appropriate details click on  “save” and then your account will be created.

Step 4: Provide login details

In case of existing user, the applicant can directly login into the website by providing the username and password and click on ” Log in “ button.

Log in Puducherry Encumbrance Certificate
Log in Puducherry Encumbrance Certificate

Step 5: Application form

After logging the application form for encumbrance certificate will open on the next screen.

Step 5 puducherry Encumbrance Certificate
Step 5 puducherry Encumbrance Certificate

Step 6: Fill up the application form

Complete the application form by entering the proper information and click on “search proceed” button.

Step 7: Enter mandatory information

Now the applicant has to fill the necessary details such as Period, Revenue Village, Ward, Block and Survey No and then the transaction details will be displayed.

Step 8: Successful registration

After successful registration, the applicant will receive acknowledgement slip and serial number as a confirmation of application submission.

Step 9: Acknowledgement Slip

Applicants need to submit the acknowledgement slip along with the serial no required to be present in their Encumbrance  Certificate Summary to the concerned sub-registrar.

Step 10: Make payment

Upon submission, one needs to make payment for collecting the encumbrance certificate.

Step 11: Issuance of certificate

Once verified by the sub-registrar when all given details are correct then the certificate will be issued immediately.

Offline Application Procedure

To register for Encumbrance certificate in offline mode,  follow the steps specified here.

Step 1: Visit the Official portal

Please visit the official website of the Puducherry Registration department.

Step 2: Encumbrance certificate procedure

Click on “Encumbrance  Certificate procedure” option which is visible in the homepage of the screen.

Step 3: Download Application form

On the next page, you can find the application form for Encumbrance certificate, and that can be downloaded.

Step 4: Complete the details

Now fill the application form with the appropriate details and attach the documents specified for the certificate.


Step 5: Submit the application

After completing the duly filled form, the applicant needs to visit the nearby Sub-Registrar office to submit the application.

Step 6: Make payment

Upon submission, one needs to make payment for the issuance of Encumbrance certificate.

Step 7: Acknowledgement Slip

Then the applicant can receive acknowledgement slip for further reference

Step 8: Collect the Encumbrance certificate

Once submitted, the concerned authority will check the application form after verification the respective Encumbrance certificate can be collected from the relevant authority.

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