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National Small Industries Corporation Limited (NSIC), is an ISO 9001-2008 certified Government of India Enterprise that comes under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME). NSCI has been working with a mission of promoting, aiding and fostering the development of small industries and industries that are related to micro, small and medium enterprises of the country. NSIC functions through a countrywide network of offices and technical centres across the nation. Moreover, NSIC has established training cum incubation centre, and with substantial professional human resources, NSIC provides a package of services according to the requirements of the MSME sector.

NSIC Registration – Charges and Procedure

Objective of NSIC

To facilitate in establishing new small enterprises by way of providing integrated services in the areas of training for entrepreneurial skill development, preparation of project profiles/ reports, selection of small projects, identifying and sourcing of plant, facilitating sanction of credit facility, machinery and equipments and providing other support services for the development of small enterprises in manufacturing and services sectors.

Mission of NSIC

NSIC works with a mission to assist small enterprises with schemes that are designed to put up a competitive and advantageous position. The projects consist of facilitating marketing support credit support, technology support and other support services.

Consortia and Tender Marketing

Small enterprises in their capacity face problems to procure and execute large order, that inhibits and restricts their growth. NSIC adopts Consortia approach and forms consortia of units manufacturing the same products, easing out marketing problems of SSIs. The Corporation explores the market and secures the orders for bulk quantities. These orders are later distributed to small units within their production capacity. Testing facilities are provided to enable groups to improve and maintain the quality of their products conform to the standard specifications.

Membership Benefits

  • Interactive Database of MSMEs
  • Global and national Tender Notices
  • Self web development tool
  • Centralised mail system
  • Free mailboxes
  • Payment Gateway for membership subscription
  • Popular products section
  • Unlimited global trade leads
  • Trust seal of NSIC
  • Multi-Product Cart
  • Online buying/ selling
  • Multiple payment options
  • MSME web store
  • Multiple Language support
  • Discussion boards
  • Call centre support and live chat
  • Other value added service

Single Point Registration

NSIC operates a unique point registration scheme under the Government Purchase Programme, where the registered SSI units obtain purchase preference in Government purchase programme and exemptions from payment of Earnest Money Deposit.

B2B Web Portal for Marketing

NSIC Infomediary is a Business-to-Business (B2B) Portal that has been started to provide online services for small and medium time service providers, importers and exporters in India. The portal is an initiative to offer business opportunities to small businesses, firms and small scale units to expand further. Therefore anyone involved in business activities and desiring to utilise the strength and visibility of the Internet can be a member of NSIC Infomediary. Enterprises that are looking for promotion and prospect for their trade and products/ services can join NSIC Infomediary.

Marketing Intelligence

Collects and distribute both domestic and international marketing intelligence for the benefit of MSMEs. This cell, besides spreading awareness about various programmes/ schemes for MSMEs specifically, maintains a database and disseminates information.

Exhibitions and Technology Fairs

In order to exhibit the competencies of Indian SSIs and to capture market opportunities, NSIC participates in preferred International and National Exhibitions and Trade Fairs every year. NSIC facilitates the participation of small enterprises by providing concessions in rents. Participation in these events uncovers SSI units to international practices and develops their business prowess.

Buyer-Seller Meets

Bulk and departmental buyers such as communication departments, railways, defence and large companies are invited to participate in buyer-seller meets to improve the knowledge of small enterprises in terms and conditions, quality standards, that are required b the buyer. These programmes are targeted at vendor development from MSMEs for bulk manufacturers.

Financing for Procurement of Raw Material

NSIC’s Raw Material Assistance Scheme aims at assisting Small Enterprises by financing the purchase of Raw Material. The salient features are as follows.

  • Financial assistance for the procurement of raw materials for up to 90 days.
  • Bulk purchase of necessary raw materials at competitive rates.
  • NSIC facilitates the import of scarce raw materials.
  • NSIC manages all the procedures, documentation and issue of letter of credit for imports.

Financing for Marketing Activites

NSIC facilitates funding for marketing activities like exports, bill discounting and internet marketing.

Finance Through Syndication with Banks

In order to make sure smooth credit flow to small enterprises, NSIC enters into strategic alliances with the commercial banks to facilitate long term/ working capital financing of the small enterprises in India.

Performance and Credit Rating Scheme for Small Industries

NSIC is authorising a Performance and Credit Rating Scheme through empanelled agencies like Care, ONICRA, Crisil, India Ratings, ICRA, Brickwork Ratings and SMERA.

Know more about Performace and Credit Rating Scheme

Benefits to Small Enterprises

  1. An independent trusted third party opinion on the capabilities and creditworthiness of small enterprises.
  2. Good rating to develop the acceptability of small enterprises with Banks, FIs, customers and buyers.
  3. Facilitate promoter credit decisions from banks on proposals of SSI units.
  4. 75% of credit rating up to a maximum of Rs. 25,000 will be refunded to small enterprises having turnover up to Rs. 50 lakh by way of grants.
  5. 75% of credit rating fee up to a maximum of Rs. 30,000 will be refunded to a small enterprise having turnover more than Rs. 50 lakh to Rs. 200 lakh by way of grants.
  6. 75% of credit rating fee up to a maximum of Rs. 40,000 will be refunded to small enterprises having turnover more than Rs. 200 lakh by way of grants.

Technology Support

NSIC provides small enterprises with the given below support services through its technical service centres and extension centres.

  • Advise on the application of new technologies
  • Material testing facilities through accredited laboratories
  • Product design including CAD
  • Universal facility support in machining, EDM, CNC etc
  • Energy and environment services at selected centres
  • Classroom and practical training for skill upgradation

Incubation of Unemployed Youth

The programme facilitates establishing new enterprises throughout the country by promoting self-employment opportunities for unemployed people.

International Cooperation

NSIC promotes sustainable international partnerships. The critical elements of the scheme are

  • Exchange of technology/ business missions with various countries.
  • Facilitating enterprise to enterprise cooperation.
  • Explore new markets and areas of cooperation.
  • Identification of new export markets.
  • To share Indian experience with other developing countries.

MSME Scheme – International Cooperation

International Consultancy Services

The areas for consultancy services are as follows.

  • Capacity building
  • Policy and institutional framework
  • Business Development Services
  • Entrepreneurship Development

Insurance of Export Credit for Micro and Small Enterprises

NSIC facilitates micro and small enterprises to insure their export credits by entering into a strategic alliance with Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Limited (ECGC). MSEs that helps in insuring their export through any office of the Corporation, that are located throughout the country. This arrangement is made to strengthen the promotion of exports from small enterprises.