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Mukhya Niyana Yojana

Mukhya Niyana Yojana

Mukhya Niyana Yojana

The Government of Madhya Pradesh has launched the Mukhya Niyana Yojna which is a social welfare program. Under the scheme, the Government provides an incentive and financial support to the newly-married couples to empower them to settle down in the initial phase of their life. Mukhya Niyana Yojna has explicitly been implemented for the welfare of the brides belonging to the backward classes and below the poverty line. In this article, we look at the Mukhya Niyana Yojana in detail.

Benefits of the Scheme

The benefits for obtaining the Madhya Pradesh Mukhya Niyana Yojana is explained as follows:

  • The scheme grants benefits in the form of financial assistance to the girl who is poor, needy, destitute families for married daughters, widows and divorcees to lessen the burden of the family at the time of marriage.
  • Under this scheme, the Madhya Pradesh Government will provide Rs.51,000 to the girl for her marriage ceremony.
  • The applicant must apply for the scheme before one month from the date of marriage.

It is spent by dividing it into complete amount separately.

  • Rs. 43,000 is deposited in the savings bank account of the bridegroom to make her own house well.
  • Under the scheme, Rs. 5000 are spent on the purchase of material for the wedding ceremony of every girl.
  • The organization that organizes the mass marriage program is paid 3,000 rupees per girl for the preparation of the program.

Eligibility Criteria

Following is the eligibility for the Madhya Pradesh Mukhya Niyana Yojana:

  • Beneficiary age should be 18 years or more at the time of marriage.
  • A resident of Madhya Pradesh can apply for this scheme.
  • If the girl from Madhya Pradesh is marrying a boy from outside of the state of Madhya Pradesh, then she is eligible to apply for this scheme.
  • The girl’s age must be more than 18 years and, the boy’s age must be more than 21 years.
  • Girls, widower, divorcee of poor, needy, labour class families are also covered under the scheme.

Documents Required

The below mentioned supporting documents have to be submitted for Mukhya Niyana Yojana.

  • Application Form in the prescribed format
  • Marriage invitation
  • Marriage certificate– In case of applying after solemnization
  • Bank Account Book – Joint account of couples
  • Income certificate issued by the Tahasildhar
  • Residence certificate
  • Identity Proof: PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Voter ID Card, etc.
  • Address Proof: Aadhar Card, Valid Passport, Utility bill, Property tax bill, etc.
  • Joint photograph of the married couples.

Application Procedure

To apply for the Mukhya Niyana Yojana in the rural area; the applicant will have to visit the office of Gram Panchayat or Janpad Panchayat with all necessary documents. In urban areas, the applicant will have to visit the office of Nagar Nigam, Nagar Panchayat or Urban Parishad to apply for the Mukhya Niyana Yojana.

  • Now obtain the application form for Mukhya Niyana Yojana from the concerned office.
  • Now fill all the details in the application form and submit it to the office along with the required documents.
  • The application form will be verified by the receiving officer and will return a duly signed and stamped acknowledgement slip to the applicant.
  • The sanctioned amount will be transferred to the bank account of the applicant. The fund transfer will be executed at least five days before the date of the proposed marriage.