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Mukhya Mantri Anila Bhagya Yojana (MMABY)

Mukhya Mantri Anila Bhagya Yojana

Mukhya Mantri Anila Bhagya Yojana (MMABY)

The Karnataka State Government has launched a scheme that offers free LPG connection to its citizens. In addition to the LPG connection, the scheme provides double burner gas stove with ISI mark and two free cylinders to the beneficiaries.


The following households are eligible to apply for the scheme:

  • The PHH (Priority Household) and AAY (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) Ration Cardholders who do not possess an LPG connection.
  • All construction workers who are registered with Karnataka Building and Other Construction Workers Board who do not have LPG connection.

Funding Allocation

  • Food department would be the implementing department on behalf of other four participating departments namely Food Department, Consumer Affairs, Civil Supplies and Legal Metrology, KBOCWWB under Department of Social Welfare, Department of Labour and Department of Forest Ecology and Environment. Other departments/board/corporation of the Government willing to implement this scheme can approach the Food Department.
  • Funds would be transferred from each department to the implementing department — the department of food and civil supplies depending on the number of beneficiaries selected under the particular department’s head.
  • If an applicant belongs to various categories, then preference would be given according to the below-given preferences.
    • Construction worker
    • SCP/TSP
    • Forest Department
    • Food Department
  • Several departments transfer subsidy towards their set of beneficiaries to the Department of Food, Civil Supplies, Consumer Affairs and Legal Metrology.
  • The Security Deposit (SD) for cylinder, regulator, Suraksha Hose, DGC booklet, inspection and installation charges and first refill charge would be paid to certain selected gas agency in advance by cheque/DD that would be handed to the gas agency by the Deputy Commissioner along with the MMABY beneficiaries every month.
  • The subsequent refill charges would be paid to the gas agency every quarter as reimbursement on a claim made by the agency.

Implementation of MMABY

  • A district-level selection and monitoring committee managed by the Minister in-charge of the district is responsible for selecting the beneficiaries.
  • The list of citizens who do not have non-gas households Ration Cards would be given to the district level selection and monitoring committee.
  • Within the district, the Member Secretary calculates the number of beneficiaries in Phase-I FPS wise, following the same procedure that has been followed in calculating Phase-I target for the district in the State.
  • The Member Secretary gives the guidelines of MMABY and hands over the target list FPS wise to the MLAs of the committee to select beneficiaries for Phase-I.
  • If the MLA is unable to finalize the list of Phase I beneficiaries within a week, then the District Selection Committee recommends the authority to finalize the list.
  • The Forest Department has decided the list of beneficiaries for the Financial Year 2017-18. Therefore the RFO would be responsible for entering their applications in the Common Application Form.
  • The Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana beneficiaries who have already received their gas connections will not be eligible for free gas stove and refills under the scheme.
  • After communicating to the Phase-I beneficiaries, any female member in the PHH/AAY ration card of that family above 18 years of age can approach the Gram Panchayat office/Jana Snehi Kendra/Bangalore 1/Karnataka 1 centre and apply for MMABY in the prescribed application.
  • All Phase-I applicant has to provide the Aadhaar number at the service Kiosk and ensure the presence of gas connection in the household.
  • The applicant can select the agency present in that area while submitting the application.
  • Once the application is completed, an endorsement would be issued to the eligible beneficiaries of Phase-I. This endorsement states that the applicant is eligible to apply for MMABY.
  • The application would be forwarded to the food inspector. A unique Consumer ID number would be generated that is used for all subsequent purposes. The applicant receives an SMS after verifying by FI.
  • A photocopy of cheque and the beneficiary list is sent to each beneficiary through FI. The beneficiary hands over the pre-filled application form, the MMABY acknowledgement, photocopy of cheque and release order to the LPG distributor.
  • On getting clearance from the OMCs, the distributor releases the SV to the beneficiary and uploads the particulars in the Web Portal of FCS software using login-id and password.

Monitoring and Supervision

The following authorities are responsible for monitoring and supervising the implementation and working of the scheme:

  1. Constitution of State Level Empowered Committee
  2. Constitution of a District Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee
  3. Constitution of District Level Planning and Implementation Committee
  4. State and District Level Committee

Evaluation of the Scheme

Karnataka Evaluation Authority (KEA) following the guidelines of the Department of planning, programme monitoring and statistics would be considered as external evaluators for the scheme to carry out the evaluation of the scheme.