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Kerala eStamp – Online Purchase Procedure


Kerala eStamp – Online Purchase Procedure

To register a property in India, the buyer needs to pay some charges in the form of stamp duty for registration. Previously, stamp duties were paid by purchasing stamp papers from authorised stamp vendors at the time of document registration. The Registration Department of the Government of Kerala has now introduced eStamping for document registration. In this article, we look at the Kerala eStamp and produce for purchasing eStamp online in Kerala. 

Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is a kind of tax that needs to be paid at the time of document registration. It is a legal tax payable as a proof for any purchase of a property or registration of the document.

Know more about property registration and stamp duty in Kerala

Stamp Paper

Stamp paper is the traditional way of paying stamp duty and registration charges. The owner needs to purchase a non-judicial stamp paper from an authorised vendor. Once the non-judicial stamp paper obtained, the transaction details will be written or typed on them. 

Kerala eStamp

e-Stamp is a computer-generated alternative for conventional stamp paper. To avoid counterfeit stamp papers and to make property registration easy, the Government introduced e-stamping. As per Kerala Stamp (Amendment) Rules 2017, transaction above Rs. 1 lakh should be paid only with e-stamp.

Benefits of eStamp Paper

The benefits of using eStamp paper are listed below:

  • e-stamping is a convenient method
  • Usage of e-stamping eliminates the need of non-judicial stamp papers for document registration
  • All details of stamping can be obtained from a single online portal
  • e-stamping makes the registration process quick
  • e-stamping is tamper-proof
  • Validation is straightforward with e-stamp

Generate Kerala eStamp Online

The steps for generating e-stamp online in Kerala are explained here:

Step 1: Visit the official webpage of the Registration Department of Kerala.

Step 2: Click on Online Applications option.

Image 1 Online e-stamp paper in Kerala

Login to the Portal

Step 3:  Login into the portal using user name and password.

Image 2 Online e-stamp paper in Kerala
Image 3 Online e-stamp paper in Kerala

Token Creation

Step 4: After login to the portal select new token.

Step 5: In this section, select below mentioned details:

  • District
  • Taluk
  • Sub Register Office
  • Transaction Type
  • Sub Transaction Type
  • Book No

Step 6: After selecting SRO and transaction type click on submit.

Step 7: In the next section, the applicant needs to enter details of presenter and documents.

Step 8: Fill claimant details (buyer’s details). The applicant can edit the entered claimant details by clicking on the edit button.

Step 9: Provide Executants details (seller’s details). The applicant can edit the details if needed.

Step 10: To enter the power of Attorney details, click on Power of Attorney option.

Step 11: The applicant needs to enter details regarding the document:

  • Document Amount
  • Original District, Village, Taluk, Local body or SRO
  • The licence number of the document writer
  • Presentation Type

Generate e-stamp

Step 12: In the mode of e-stamp payment, select the e-stamp option.

Step 13: Enter stamp date, date of execution and all other mandatory details.

Step 14: Click on save; the fee details will be shown. The applicant can purchase now eStamp.

Step 15: After entering all other required details and completing self-verification, submit the application for eStamp generation by clicking on Submit Application for e-Stamp.

Fee Payment

Step 16: Click on Online payment icon on this screen.

Step 17: The fee can be paid as follows:

  • Stamp duty only
  • Registration fee only ( Note: this case is applicable only after paying the stamp duty)
  • Stamp duty and Registration fee together

Step 18: System will display the fee details; the applicant has to select the payment options. They can use any of the following payment modes:

  • e-payment
  • Direct treasury payment

Step 19: After selecting the payment option, click on proceed to pay.

Step 20: Verify stamp paper details, and the mobile number click on save.

Step 21: The applicant will receive an OTP to the registered mobile, enter the OTP then the payment option will be enabled.

Step 22: Click on PAY NOW button: System will display the details entered and an essential message regarding how to proceed for payment.

Step 23: e-Treasury screen will appear, and the applicant can select Bank and proceed for payment.

Download e-stamp

Step 24: After successful payment, revisit the registration portal and confirm the payment.

Step25: The applicant can see the details of the fees. To download eStamp Paper, click on the e-stamp button.

Step 26: Enter GRN to cross verify the challan with eStamp.

Select the time slot

Step 27: The final steps are to select a time slot and submit the application to SRO.

Details in eStamp Paper

The e-stamp will contain below-mentioned details:

  • e-stamp Serial number
  • Government Receipt Number (GRN)
  • Department Reference Number
  • Payment Date and Time
  • Nature of Instrument
  • Value of Instrument
  • Amount of stamp duty paid
  • Name of payee

Verify e-Stamp Online

To very e-stamp details, Click on e-stamp verification option in the home page of Kerala Registration Department.

Image 4 Online e-stamp paper in Kerala

Enter the e-stamp Serial number and click on e-stamp.

Image 5 Online e-stamp paper in Kerala

The details of e-stamp will be displayed.