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Jammu and Kashmir Caste Certificate


Jammu and Kashmir Caste Certificate

Caste certificate, also known as community certificate, is a documentary proof of an individual’s belonging to a particular caste. The document is required to avail the various governmental privileges accorded to the citizens of various communities, notably the ones associated with the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe category. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining the Jammu and Kashmir caste certificate.

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Need for the Certificate

A caste certificate is required to make use of the preferential benefits provided by the government. These benefits are mostly rendered to the SC/ST communities. The benefits could be in the form of admission to educational institutions, availing scholarships, seeking employment in the reserved category, government subsidies, housing and self-employment schemes, allotment of residential sites, assignment of land, etc.

Required Documents

To obtain caste certificate in Jammu and Kashmir, submit the following document:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address
  • Affidavit for Caste certificate
  • School leaving certificate/transfer certificate
  • Caste/school certificates of the father
  • Aadhaar Card

Additional Documents

In certain cases, the applicant must produce additional documents. Let’s understand the same with the help of a small table:

S.No Scenario Document to be Submitted
1 Absence of the father’s caste certificate Caste certificate documents of a blood relative
2 For married women (when applying after marriage) Proof of cast before marriage and the marriage certificate
3 Conversion of religion The proof of caste prior to the conversion
4 Migration from another state or district Father’s caste proof issued by a state/district from the place of migration

Application Procedure

The certificate can be applied for by visiting the nearest Tehsil Office, Revenue Office, SDM or CSC/SETU centres. Let us examine the procedure through which it can be obtained:

Step 1:- Application form

Obtain the application form for caste certificate and fill in the essential details.

Step 2:- Declare yourself

Attest your signature in the self-declaration portion.

Step 3:- Passport size photo

Paste your passport size photo in the application form.

Step 4:- References

Provide a list of references for verification purposes.

Step 5:- Submission

Submit the form and the self-attested documents to the concerned authority.

Once the details are properly submitted, the caste certificate is issued in a month’s time. No online procedure has been thus far specified for obtaining the document in the State.

Authorized Personnel

The following authorities will issue the caste certificate to the applicants:

  • District Magistrate
  • Additional District Magistrate
  • Collector
  • Deputy Commissioner
  • Additional Deputy Commissioner
  • Deputy Collector
  • Stipendiary Magistrate (1st class)
  • City Magistrate
  • Taluka Magistrate
  • Executive Magistrate
  • Extra Assistant Commissioner
  • Chief Presidency Magistrate
  • Additional Chief Presidency Magistrate
  • President Magistrate
  • Revenue Officers whose rank is equivalent or higher to the Tehsildar
  • Sub Divisional officer of the respective location
  • Development Officer

Caste Validity Certificate

Caste Validity Certificate, as the name suggests, validates the caste certificate. The application procedure for obtaining the same as specified herewith:

Step 1:- Application Form

The application form for the document can be obtained from the office of Tehsildar or SDM.

Step 2:- Enter Details

Enter the details demanded in the form.

Step 3:- Submit

Submit the application form to the proper authorities.

Once submitted, the certificate will be issued within a span of a month.

Validity of Caste Certificate

The cast certificate and the one certifying its validity is valid for a lifetime, except if the candidate decides to modify his/her cast. In case of a conversion, the certificate must be again sought for.