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Inspirational startups that are disruptive

Inspirational startups that are highly disruptive. Some of these startups already have a marketable product while other are still in prototype. Yet, they all serve as inspirations as to what is possible when you start thinking outside of the box.


Nest is an intelligent thermostat that learns and controls the home air conditioner. Most people don’t program their thermostats or know that they spend too much on energy bills. The Nest Thermostat makes controlling your home air conditioning very simple. The Nest learning thermostat can program itself and can be controlled from a phone.

Visit Nest Website


Coin is a secure, connected device that can hold and behave like the cards you already carry. A single Coin can help lighten your wallet by consolidating your debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, and membership cards. Multiple accounts and information – all in one place.

Visit Coin Website


Flic is a small wireless button that you can stick anywhere. It connects to your iOS or Android device and works right from the start. For example, Flic can be integrated with your home automation tools. With just one click, you can turn your lights on, raise the room temperature and turn on your favorite playlist. There is more Flic can do like, call someone, take photo, call for taxi, etc., The possibilities are endless with Flic.

Visit Flic Website


Sphericam is the world’s only full spherical professional 360º video camera that records in 4K. You can film everything around you and play it back in amazing resolution on your PC, tablet, or VR headset. With Sphericam, you push a button to record totally spherical video in high resolution 4K – the exact resolution needed for ideal performance on today’s VR headsets. It also looks amazing on a tablet or even in fullscreen on a desktop.

Visit Sphericam Website

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