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IDBI Bank Loan for Transport Operators

IDBI Loan for Transport Operators

IDBI Bank Loan for Transport Operators

Industrial Development Bank of India or IDBI Bank is an Indian bank offering personalized banking and financial solutions to its clients in the retail and corporate banking arena through its large network of Branches and ATMs, spread across length and breadth of India.


The small scale operators in the areas of road & water are crucial to the overall development of the economy particularly in trade and commerce. These operators offer transport and communication services to the entire country and various interrelated and dependent industries. This product permits a variety of transport operators to acquire small fleets of vehicles/ vessels by offering economical and flexible solutions. In the era of globalisation and liberalisation and with particular reference to India becoming a developed country the role of the transportation sector can never be undermined.

Eligible Segments of Loan Applicants

  • All in the category of goods / passenger transport vehicles inclusive of small commercial vehicles, rickshaws, taxis, motor buses and trucks.
  • Compact refrigerated vans and bulk carriers for transporting petroleum or edible oil.
  • Water transport equipment such as small boats, launches and so on.
  • It is an important specification that the borrower possesses relevant experience in the business of transport.

Loan Facility

  • Offering of a term loan. A term loan is in the form of a monetary loan that is liable for repayment in regular payments over a set time period. Term loans usually range between those offered for one and a period of ten years however may be offered for a period in excess of thirty years as the case may be. A term loan is offered at unfixed interest rate causing a supplementary balance that is repaid.
  • Providing Cash Credit/ Overdraft
  • Issuing Bank Guarantee. A Bank guarantee is a pledge from a bank that the debtor liabilities will be repaid in the event of failure to fulfil relevant contractual obligations.

The loan amount ranges from a minimum of Rs. 1 lakh to maximum of Rs. 2 crores. The tenure of overdraft/cash credit/bank guarantee is 12 months. Term loan is offered for a maximum time period of 5 years.

Interest Rate

The pricing of the loan is reflected by the Interest Rate linked to Base Rate of Bank and Rating. Base rate is the minimal rate determined by the Reserve Bank of India and below this banks are not permitted to issue customer loans. A bank loan rating conveys the degree of risk with reference to timely payment of the bank facility under consideration of being rated. The processing charges of the loan are up to a maximum of 1% of the loan amount.

Collateral Security

The loan is offered with an exclusive charge on financed assets. Collateral security imparts information of immovable/liquid security on the basis of loan nature. Collateral is defined as a property or any other asset that a borrower offers to a lender of credit to securitize a loan. Further, the loan requires the personal guarantees of the promoter directors for example in the case of limited companies.

Loan Margin

The loan margin is dependent upon the nature of the facilities offered in the loan package. The loan margin is defined as the amount you require to pay from your own funds, while the rest is paid by IDBI.