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iAspire – All Women Technology Startup Accelerator Cohort

iAspire – All Women Technology Startup Accelerator Cohort

Startup India is hosting ‘iAspire,’ a women-focused accelerator program that will help women entrepreneurs to scale their businesses through mentoring, business advice, and fundraising. This 6-month enablement program is designed to suit women’s business needs depending on the stage of the startup and its challenges.

The intensive program helps to network with mentors, industry experts, trainers, service providers, peer-group of innovators, and potential investors – providing a holistic environment for the growth of the startup. The current article briefs the procedure to apply for the iAspire Startup Accelerator Program.

Objective of iAspire

The key objective of the iAspire  – All Women Technology Startup Accelerator Cohort is to equip women with the tools they need to co-create a successful startup. iAspire catalyzes for women to reach their full potential and form a community of entrepreneurs.

iAspire - All Women Technology Startup Accelerator Cohort
iAspire – All Women Technology Startup Accelerator Cohort

Eligible Startup for iAspire Startup Accelerator Program

The following type of startups can apply for the iAspire Startup Accelerator Program

  • Individual
  • Ideation Stage Startup
  • Validation Stage Startup
  • Early Traction Startup
  • Scaling Stage Startup

Eligibility Criteria

Any Individual/Startup who is eligible under any of given below categories can apply for the iAspire Startup Accelerator Program:

  • Women Founder of Startup Registered under Company’s Act 2013 can apply for the iAspire startup program.
  • Technology Seed Stage Startup showing Early Traction can also apply for the program
  • The startup’s Operations must be based in and out of India 
  • The startup should available for a dedicated program for 6 months 
  • Drive to compete across applicants pan India and secure cash funds and perk

Benefits of iAspire

iAspire Accelerator Program offers all possible institutional support for start-ups incubated with them.

  • The accelerator program offers Peer group support with like-minded women
  • The program will provide Access to corporate credits such as AWS, IBM Cloud
  • The iAspire women entrepreneur can explore investment opportunities, Understand financial management, strategy, HR, and operations 
  • Focused Review and update business model and resilience/recovery strategy will also be provided for the selected startups
  • The iAspire program Enhance presentation and public speaking skills
  • The startup can gain domain knowledge from industry leaders and experts
  • This 6-month program offers network effectively and expands the learning community
  • The startup can Identify and tackle challenges with expert advice 
  • Shortlisted Startups will be offered long term boarding benefits under India Accelerator

Focus Area

iAspire Startup Accelerator Program is looking to collaborate & work with startups in any of the following themes:

  • Analytics, Advertising, and Architecture Interior Design
  • AR VR (Augmented + Virtual Reality) and Automotive
  • Art & Photography, Animation, and Chemicals
  • Computer Vision, Telecommunication & Networking
  • Construction, Agriculture, Aeronautics Aerospace & Defence
  • AI, Green Technology, Events and Fashion
  • Finance Technology, Enterprise Software, Food & Beverages
  • Design, Dating Matrimonial, and Education
  • Renewable Energy, Technology Hardware, Healthcare & Lifesciences
  • Internet Of Things, IT Services and Human Resources
  • Marketing, Nanotechnology, and Non- Renewable Energy
  • Pets & Animals, Media & Entertainment
  • Retail, House-Hold Services, Professional & Commercial Services
  • Sports, Social Impact and Social Network
  • Textiles & Apparel, Indic Language Startups
  • Transportation & Storage
  • Logistics, Travel & Tourism
  • Security Solutions, Airport Operations, and Real Estate

Other Specialty Retailers, Safety and Robotics, Toys And Games

Service Type

The relevant service type for the iAspire accelerator Program is as follows:

  • Government and Hyperlocal
  • Discovery and Location-Based Services
  • Manufacturing and Marketplace
  • Mobile, Offline, and Online Aggregator
  • Peer To Peer, Platform, and Consulting
  • Consumer Internet, Engineering and E-Commerce
  • Rental and Enterprise Mobility
  • Research, Sharing Economy and Social Enterprise
  • Passenger Experience, Biotechnology, and Waste Management

Incentives Offered

Fiscal Incentives

Up to 1,000,00 USD in corporate perks offered by iAspire across 200 platforms and A Total gash grant of Rs.500,000.00 offered by IA to the top 3 startups.

Non-Fiscal Incentives

  • Guided mentorship support will be provided to selected startups
  • Master Classes and focused work will be offered
  • Deep dive sessions to work on business strategies and Digital marketing and PR support
  • Fast Pitch Sessions and Demo Days will be offered
  • Networking opportunities in the community 
  • Access to co-working spaces in Gurugram
  • Access to opportunities for fundraising with India Accelerator’s Network

TimeLine of iAspire Accelerator Program

Application Opens 1st  November 2021
Deadline to Apply 30th  November 2021
Application Result Date 10th December 2021

iAspire  Application Procedure

iAspire Startup Alliance Program Applications will be open from 1st  November to 30th  November 2021. The applicant is required to access the official webpage of Startup India.

iAspire - Startup India Homepage
iAspire – Startup India Homepage
  • From the home page click on the Programs option and then select View all active programs.
  • By clicking on the Accelerator Programme from the new page, the list of active programs will be displayed. Click on the iAspire Accelerator Program, the link will redirect to a new page.
iAspire - Startup India Accelerator Programs
iAspire – Startup India Accelerator Programs
  • Click on the apply now an option; the Startup India login page will be displayed. 
iAspire - Startup India Accelerator Programs - Apply
iAspire – Startup India Accelerator Programs – Apply
  • The existing users of Startup India can log in to the portal to apply for the program.
iAspire - Startup India Accelerator Programs - Login
iAspire – Startup India Accelerator Programs – Login
  • New users need to register on the portal to get the user credential. By clicking on the register now option, the applicant can provide all mandatory details for registration.

Procedure for Post Submission

Top 20 Startups will be selected pan India across industries and given access to corporate perks and co-working spaces 

Foundation: Establishing benchmarks and clarity in understanding the hygiene of the startup by working on internationally acclaimed strategies that can be adopted in the day-to-day operations of the business

Focus work: Understanding key challenges faced by the founders and their entrepreneurial journeys while working on business functions, revenue modeling, scale, and sustainability of their startup

Track Ahead: Mapping market growth potential, building connections within the community, and gauging an all-round awareness of the ecosystem for future business planning 

Capitalize: Accessing fundraising opportunities through investors and competing for up to an Rs.5 Lakh grant