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Himachal Pradesh Caste Certificate


Himachal Pradesh Caste Certificate

Caste certificate is a legal document that officially certifies a person’s belonging to a certain caste or community. In India, an individual should submit this document as proof of belonging to a specific caste. Moreover, to avail the privileges of the country/state, all citizens should possess a valid caste certificate, especially the ones who fall under the Backward Classes such as Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, and Other Backward Class. In this article, we look at the application procedure for obtaining a Himachal Pradesh caste certificate in detail.

Purpose of the Certificate

The Government of India has targeted its provisions to people reserved under the SC, ST, and OBC category. Such citizens should have this certificate to avail those benefits. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

  • Caste certificate plays an important role in availing quotas in certain educational institutions and Government entities.
  • Students require a caste certificate for admission in school/college.
  • To benefit from scholarships offered by the Government.
  • In terms of employment, caste certificate is obligatory for job seekers, who apply for Government jobs as appointments under reserved quotas.
  • Government disburses subsidies for special reservations that require a caste certificate.
  • Caste Certificate must be provided to reserve seats in the Legislatures.
  • To apply for schemes implemented exclusively for them by the Government.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility to obtain the caste certificate from Himachal Pradesh is mentioned below.

  • To obtain the caste certificate in Himachal Pradesh, the applicant should be a citizen of India and a permanent resident of Himachal Pradesh.
  • The name of the applicant should be in the SC/ST, SEBC and OBC list issued by the Government of Himachal Pradesh to apply for caste certificate.

Documents Required

Along with the application form, submit the documents given below.

  1. Domicile certificate or any other proof of residency.
  2. Proof of identity (Aadhaar card / Ration Card)
  3. Caste certificate of father or any supporting proof of caste/affidavit by the applicant or parent in lieu of the certificate.
  4. Patwari Report (details of land income)
  5. Genealogical Table (to be attached with patwari report)
  6. Passport size photo of the applicant

Concerned Authority

The Sub-Divisional Officer and Tehsildar will be the competent authorities to issue SC/ST, Backward class certificate within their respective jurisdictions.


The applicant has to pay a processing fee of Rs.7 to obtain the certificate.

Processing Time

The applicant can collect the caste certificate after 15 days from the date of submission of application.

Application Procedure

The applicant can apply in either offline or online mode.

Offline Application Process

Step 1: The applicant who wants to obtain the Caste certificate should apply to the competent authority on the prescribed form, i.e. on Form-A by visiting the relevant office.

The application form can be collected from the office or can be downloaded from the source given below.

 Himachal Pradesh Caste Certificate Application Form

Step 2: The applicant should submit the form together with the prescribed documents and must make the required payment in the counter.

Step 3: The received application will be forwarded to the patwari Mohal for inquiry and report.

Step 4: The patwari will submit his inquiry report along with the application within a week to the competent Revenue Officer for further necessary action.

Step 5: The competent Revenue Officer who issues the certificate confirms the correctness of the inquiry and report of the patwari.

Step 6: After satisfying himself, he will issue the certificate to the applicant and will obtain the signature of the applicant after issuing the certificate in the relevant Register.

Online Application Process

e-District Himachal Pradesh

Step 1: The applicant should visit the official website of e-District Himachal Pradesh to apply online.

Step 2: Click the Revenue Department under the List of Services that appears on the left side of the Home Page.


Step 3: The list displays various services. Click Caste (SC/ST) Certificate, which directs to the Login page to apply.


New User Registration

Step 4: In the case of a new user, click New Registration. The registration page of the portal appears.

Step 5: Enter the necessary details mentioned below and click submit.

  • Applicant Details
  • Address Details
  • Registration Details
  • Upload Photo
  • Enter Captcha


Step 6: Enter the registered user id and the Password to login to the portal.


Step 7: The application form appears. Fill out the form properly. Upload the scanned copies of the documents. Verify the entered details and click submit.

Track Application Status

The applicant can track the application status in two methods.

Track application by SMS

To track the application through SMS, send HP EDIST<Application Number> to 166 or 51969.

Track application Online

To track application online enter the application number and click the Search button.


Verify Certificate:

The applicant can verify the certificate by selecting the Caste certificate from the service name drop-down list. Enter the application number. Enter the captcha and click submit.


The certificate appears, and the applicant can verify it for its correctness. If it is correct, the certificate can be downloaded and printed.