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Haryana Cobblers Bank Loan 2018

Cobblers Bank Loan

Haryana Cobblers Bank Loan 2018

The Government of Haryana has launched the Haryana Cobblers Bank Loan in 2018 under the Differential Rate of Interest (DRI) Scheme. The implementation of this bank loan scheme is an initiative by the Chief Minister of the State. Through this scheme, the Government of Haryana has planned to assist cobblers financially by providing bank loans to them in order to enhance their living standards.

Objectives of Haryana Cobblers Bank Loan

  • Under this scheme, the Government of Haryana has decided to provide up to INR 15,000 as loans. These are being sanctioned for cobblers to set up small kiosk counters for building up their business standards.
  • The Government also believes that offering this bank loan will improve the livelihood of the cobblers in the State as well as their business ratio relatively.
  • These loans, which private bank sectors are aiming to provide at 4% interest rates, are offered for cobblers who fall under the low-income group.
  • On satisfying the eligibility criterion, these loans will be provided with ease, and the process of repayment will be hassle-free.
  • Thus, the scheme is expected to boost and promote the scope of cobblers to generate money through their new venture or their existing primitive business methodologies.
Scheme Name Haryana Cobblers Bank Loan 2018
Launching Authority State Government of Haryana
Benefits availed Loans provided under the Differential Rate of Interest Scheme
Beneficiaries Cobblers of Haryana
Maximum Loan amount availed INR 15,000

Salient Features of Haryana Cobblers Bank Loan

  • The advantage of Haryana Cobblers Bank Loan is that if the beneficiary is unable to repay the loan acquired by them, the Haryana State Government would come forward to repay them from the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.
  • The Government has also urged the banks to contribute the profits earned under this scheme in social works as a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Scheme.
  • Another main advantage of this scheme for the low-income group is the ease and speed at which these loans are approved.
  • In recent times, most banks in Haryana have geared up to provide complete guidance to individuals who seek to avail this scheme.
  • The recently launched Differential Rate of Interest Scheme is expected to increase the possibilities to let the children of cobblers carry on their education and contribute to their bright future through the financial aid provided by the Government.
  • Rising to this call made by the CM himself, banks have liberally come forward to extend loans towards these cobblers.

Eligibility Criterion

  • Only cobblers from the State of Haryana are eligible to apply towards the bank loans provided under this scheme.
  • The benefits of this scheme are applicable to cobblers who posses a low-income ratio.

Documents Required

  • Aadhar card for address proof
  • Income Certificate of the individual availing the loan.