Goa Factory Registration

Goa Factory Registration

Goa Factory Registration

In Goa, the factory owners are required to register their premises with the local governing authority before starting operations. Factory registration in India is governed and regulated by the provisions of the Factories Act, 1948. Factory license is a document issued by the Chief Inspector of Factories (CIF) to carry out the manufacturing process in the state. In this article, we look at the applicability, required documents and procedure for obtaining Goa Factory License.

Objective of Factories Act, 1948

As per the Factories Act, a factory must get the Building Plan Approval from the Labour & Employment Department before applying for the factory registration. Under the Factories Act, 1948, the registration and renewal of factory licenses are also done to ensure the health and safety of workers. The Department maintains the record of each and every factory satisfying the conditions of the Factories Act, 1948 regarding their workers, power consumptions, chemical usages and accepts returns that fall under various acts from those companies on a periodical basis.

Factories Act, 1948 is formulated with the aim of ensuring the working conditions in factories, to regulate health, safety welfare, working hours of adults and annual leave. This Act enacts a special provision in respect of young persons, women workmen and children who work in the factories.

Applicability of the Act

Factories Act, 1948 applies to those factories, which employs 100 or more workers. This legal legislation imposes upon the owner or the occupier with specific obligations to protect the workers. The law also empowers the state government to appoint persons as inspectors who possess the prescribed qualifications along with local limits.

Documents Required

The below listed are the document checklist for the approval of new factories plan under the Factories Act, 1948.

  • Application in Form No.1 to be obtained from the Department
  • Paid e-challan or payment receipt of Rs. 1000/- in original towards the payment of fees.
  • Approval for proposal or project by Goa Investment Promotion & Facilitation Board / UdyogAadhar
  • Approval for the proposal/ by Goa Investment Promotion & Facilitation Board or by Aadhar
  • No Objection Certificate (N.O.C) from any Local Authority such as Municipality / Panchayat / Goa Industrial Development Corporation
  • Photo Copies of Approved plans
  • No Objection Certificate (N.O.C) from Goa State Pollution Control Board (Consent to Establish / Consent to Operate and Authorization)
  • No Objection Certificate from Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization in case of factories using / manufacturing /storing explosives or petroleum substances
  • No Objection Certificate from Directorate of Foods & Drugs Administration for pharmaceutical, foods, liquor, and drugs factories.
  • O.C from Captain of Ports/ Marmugao Port Trust for the shipyard, docks or any site near river banks, sea, etc.
  • List of directors and partners in case of company or firm with their permanent address and telephone numbers.
  • Board Resolution is appointing one of the Directors or partners as Occupier of the factory in the format given in the application form.
  • Ownership documents of the premises (Sale Deed or Lease Deed)
  • List of used raw material in the manufacturing process and the finished products manufactured in the factory.
  • Schematic flow chart of the manufacturing process
  • List of chemicals/ oils or solvents /gases that are stored, produced or discharged in the format given in the application form.
  • Information on wasted trade in the given format in the application form.
  • Statistical data in the format given in the application form.
  • Stability Certificate of the building/ shed or structure or work of engineering construction obtained from competent person approved by the Chief Inspector of Factories.
  • Plans in duplicate in blueprint or CAD print prepared as per the guidelines are given in the application form.
  • Details of safety fittings, equipment, devices and the measures to be adopted with the list of protective wears.
  • List of machinery and types of equipment with their power rating in HP or kilowatts.
  • List of other steam or power generating equipment along with their information.
  • List of raw materials that are imported indicating the name of the country from where it is imported and the quantity imported.
  • Risk Analysis document in case of Major Accident Hazard installation / Chemical Unit

The above-listed document checklist is the same for the approval on the extension of factories plan.

Documents for registration of factories

  • Application form for registration (Form 2)
  • Paid e-challan / receipt in original towards payment of fees.
  • Documentary and the objective evidence in respect of compliance to the conditions, if any, laid during the approval of factory plans.

Document required for renewal of license of factories

  • Application form for renewal of license (Form 3)
  • Paid e-challan / receipt in original towards payment of fees

Note: All the required documents to be signed by occupier (proprietor, partner or director)

Applicable Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule for the Licensing and Registration of Factories for one year is tabulated below:

Maximum number of workers to be employed during the year
Total Horse Power Installed Inclusive of mobile equipment
Maximum Number of workers to be employed during the year
Description of Horsepower installed inclusive of mobile types of equipmentUp to 9From 10 to 20From 21 to 50From 51 to 150From 151 to 250From 251 to 500From 501 to 1000From 1001 to 2500From 2501 to 4000From 4001 and Above
Nil Horse Power0Rs. 330Rs. 550Rs. 2200Rs. 3300Rs. 6600Rs. 13200Rs. 26400Rs. 39600Rs. 51700
Up to 10 HorsepowerRs. 440Rs. 880Rs. 2200Rs. 4400Rs. 6600Rs. 9900Rs. 19800Rs. 39600Rs. 51700Rs. 64900
Above 10 – up to 50Rs. 660Rs. 2200Rs. 3300Rs. 6600Rs. 9900Rs. 13200Rs. 26400Rs. 48400Rs. 59400Rs. 71500
Above 50 –up to 100Rs. 2200Rs. 3300Rs. 4400Rs. 9900Rs. 13200Rs. 19800Rs. 33000Rs. 58300Rs. 64900Rs. 78100
Above 100 – up to 500Rs. 4400Rs. 5500Rs. 7700Rs. 19800Rs. 26400Rs. 33000Rs. 48400Rs. 64900Rs. 78100Rs. 90200
Above 500 – up to 1000Rs. 7700Rs. 8800Rs. 16500Rs. 26400Rs. 36300Rs. 42900Rs. 64900Rs. 78100Rs. 90200Rs. 103400
Above 1000 – up to 2000Rs. 11000Rs. 15400Rs. 20900Rs. 36300Rs. 42900Rs. 51700Rs. 71500Rs. 90200Rs. 103400Rs. 121000
Above 2000 –up to 5000Rs. 15400Rs. 20900Rs. 36300Rs. 42900Rs. 51700Rs. 71500Rs. 90200Rs. 103400Rs. 121000Rs. 132000
Above 5000 – up to 10000Rs. 23100Rs. 30800Rs. 53900Rs. 63800Rs. 78100Rs. 106700Rs. 143000Rs. 165000Rs. 176000Rs. 198000
Above 10000Rs. 34100Rs. 46200Rs. 80300Rs. 94600Rs. 121000Rs. 165000Rs. 209000Rs. 242000Rs. 264000Rs. 297000

Offline Application Procedure for Goa Factory License

The applicants must have to follow the below-mentioned steps to make an online application for the Goa factory registration:

Visit Directorate of Factories Office

Step 1: Before applying for the Goa factory license, the plan of the factory has to be approved by the Director or Joint Director Industrial Safety and Health and a Certificate of stability distributed to the concerned person.

Step 2: You have to visit the Office of the Directorate of Factories, to get the factory license.

Get the Application Form

Step 3: You have to get the application form from the concerned officials.

Note: The application form of Goa Factory License can also be downloaded from the official website of the Labour Department of Goa.

FAB70 (1)

Fill in the Right Credentials

Step 4: You have to fill out all the mandatory details in the application form such as registration or grant of license, amendment for license, Name and complete residential address of the occupier, Full name and postal address of the factory, and Full name and address of the owner of the premises or building, and Number of workers employed in the factory.

Upload the Required Documents

Step 5: After filling the application form, upload all the specified documents along with the application form.

Furnish the Application

Step 6: Once you have completed the application form, then you have to submit the application form in the office.

Get an Acknowledgement Slip

Step 7: Upon submission, the applicant will be provided with an acknowledgement slip for further reference.

Processing of Application

The Department starts the processing of Application after receiving all the supporting documents along with Form No. 2. If some shortcomings are founds during the scrutiny of application, then an email is sent for the faults found, and shortcomings are also listed in an inbox of the message board.


  • Designated Officer: Chief Inspector of Boiler and Factories
  • Appellate Authority: Secretary (Factories & Boiler)
  • Processing Time: Twenty-One Day Days

Application Procedure for Goa Factory License – Online Method

In Goa, the applicants must follow the following steps to apply for the factory license by submitting the application form online.

Visit the Goa Labour Department Portal

Step 1: Firstly, the applicants have to go to the official website of Goa Labour Department Portal to apply for the Factory License online.

Step 1 - Goa Factory Registration
Step 1 – Goa Factory Registration

New User Registration

Step 2: You have to click on the “New User” tab that is visible on the home page of the portal.

Step 3: Then you have to enter your e-mail address and Mobile Number to generate OTP.

Step 3 - Goa Factory Registration
Step 3 – Goa Factory Registration

Step 4: After the OPT verification, you will have to fill the details such as name, address, date of birth, Aadhaar Number, captcha that is given and check the box that you agree with the terms and conditions. Then click on the “Register or Sign Up” button.

Step 4 - Goa Factory Registration
Step 4 – Goa Factory Registration

Login to Portal

Step 5: Once the account is activated, you can use the user ID & Password to login and click confirmation.

Step 5 - Goa Factory Registration
Step 5 – Goa Factory Registration

Step 6: Login into Labour Department Portal by providing the appropriate username and password on the application.

Building Plan Approval

Step 7: A Factory would need to obtain a Building Plan Approval from the L&E department before applying for factory registration.

Step 8: After getting the approval for the building plan from the concerned department, you can apply for the new factory registration.

New Factory registration

Step 9: You have to click on the License tab that is visible on your dashboard.

Step 9 - Goa Factory Registration
Step 9 – Goa Factory Registration

Step 10: will be directed to Form No. 2 and can apply for a license for one year or 5 years. Already provided details will be added automatically.

Fill in the right Credentials

Step 11: Now, you have to fill the following information in the form.

  • Name of Factory
  • Factory License Number
  • Maximum number of workers
  • A maximum amount of power (HP) installed
  • Occupier Details
  • The proprietor of the factory
  • Director in case of a Public firm/ proprietary concern
  • Shareholders
  • Owner of the premises details

Upload Requested Documents

Step 12: You have to upload the photocopy of the documents (Only .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif, .docx, .pdf of maximum size 2 MB are allowed).

Step 13: After you click on the “submit” button, a one-time password will be sent to the registered mobile number, and then you have to enter that OTP.

Payment Process

Step 14: Then you have to pay the requested fees, which is auto-calculated based on the Number of Workers employed.

Step 15: Then you have to click on the “Pay Now” button. On clicking on the button, you will be directed to the bank secured window, and the fees will be paid through credit/ debit/ net banking.

Step 16: Once you have done with the payment, you will receive the message stating “ Applications for Factory License Submitted Previously”.

Step 17: You can download or print the form in .pdf format and can view the fee also.

Renewal of Factory Licence

The applicants will have to follow the procedure given below to renew the factory registration online.

Step 1: Firstly, login to the portal with your username and password.

Step 2: Then, click on the “Download Form” tab on the portal.

Step 3: Then download the renewal form in pdf format and take the print of it.

FAB71 (1)

Step 4: Now fill all the requested details in the form and attach the relevant documents.

Step 5: Once you have completed the application form, then you have to submit the application form in the office along with the prescribed fees.


  • Designated Officer: Chief Inspector of Boiler and Factories
  • Appellate Authority: Secretary (Factories & Boiler)
  • Processing Time: Twenty-One Day Days

Track/ Check Application Status Online

To verify the status of online application select “Verify application online” option on the home page of the e-district portal. Enter your Application number given on the receipt and then click on the “submit” button, the status of your factory application can be viewed.

Status of Factory License Application
Status of Factory License Application

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