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FSSAI Nomination Format


FSSAI Nomination Format

The Food Safety & Standards Authority of India, or FSSAI is responsible for regulating all food businesses operating in India. As per FSSAI regulations, all food businesses in India are required to be registered under FSSAI. During the FSSAI registration process, FSSAI Nomination Form IX is required to be signed by the Proprietor or Partner, or Director of the entity applying for FSSAI Food Product Approval or FSSAI Food Business License. FSSAI Nomination Form IX.

FSSAI Nomination Form IX

 FSSAI Nomination Form IX is required while applying for FSSAI registration in India. According to the FSSAI regulations, any food manufacturing or processing or packaging, or distributing entity is required to obtain an FSSAI License or Registration. In addition to FSSAI registration, a food business might also require GST Registration, if the annual sales turnover exceeds Rs.40 lakhs in most of the States in India.

Through the FSSAI Nomination Form IX, the owner of a food business in India can nominate an employee of the business to be in charge of the establishment or branch or the unit and make him/her responsible and liable for food safety or any contravention of the FSSAI Act and rules/regulations.

Creating FSSAI Nomination Form IX

The FSSAI Nomination Form IX is a mandatory attachment while applying for FSSAI Food Product approval or FSSAI Food Business License. The document must be printed on the letterhead of the business and signed by the promoters of the FSSAI registration applicant. In addition to the promoters, the person nominated on behalf of the business to be responsible for complying with all FSSAI requirements must also sign the document, accepting his/her acceptance of responsibility.

It is not necessary to appoint an employee of the company as a nominee using the FSSAI nomination form. A promoter of the business (Proprietor, Partner or Director) can nominate him/herself as the person liable for food safety as well. However, in such cases, the promoter would be held liable for ensuring food safety and making sure all FSSAI rules and regulations are followed at the place of business.

The FSSAI has examined the issue and clarified that Form IX under Food Safety and Standards Rules, 2011 is not required in case Food Business which is operated by Proprietorship firms, as proprietorship is a business enterprise that is owned and controlled by one person who possess the entire authority and responsibility with respect to the business.

Details Required in FSSAI Form No. IX

FSSAI Form No. IX in which an FBO declares its nominee. FBO must fill in the required details in the Form before its submission to the Authority. Such details are mentioned in the following points:

  • Name of the Establishment or the branch or the unit
  • Name and Sign of Nominated Person
  • A certified copy of the Board’s Resolution regarding the authorized signatory. The date must also be mentioned in the (DD/MM/YYYY) format.
  • Place of form reception and filling.
  • Date of Submission
  • Business Name of the employee
  • Company’s authorized signature

Download FSSAI Nomination Format

You can also download the FSSAI Nomination format in the following formats.