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Frozen Ribbons Franchise

Frozen Ribbons Franchise

Frozen Ribbons Franchise

Shaved Ice Cream

Ice creams are considered to be one of the most loved desserts across the globe. Its simple ingredients like milk or cream along with sugar, when whipped, cooled and served, attracts children making it their all-time favourite. Besides this, additional sweetening ingredients are added in order to improve the quality of the ice creams. This dessert has not only conquered children but adults have also fallen prey for it. Entrepreneurs looking to start a business can always opt to establish ice cream parlours as it will turn out to be a huge success. One such popular ice cream franchise is Frozen Ribbons Franchise.

Franchise Overview

Frozen Ribbon has been in the Food and Beverage industry for over 20 years severing its customers with a splendid variety of desserts. The franchise owns ten partners in the United Arab Emirates and in the Kingdom of Morocco, always welcomes innovative ideas and suggestions to improve its food offerings. The franchise also sets up food carts and kiosks to offer its services to a larger group of people. Moreover, the franchise caters its products at any location of the consumers choice, be it large corporate events, grand openings, school/college carnivals, wedding celebrations and other occasions.

Franchise Products

Frozen Ribbon ice creams are inspired by unique Taiwanese shaved ice cream desserts that are beautifully moulded into sweet and creamy ice cream ribbons. Each of the signature ice creams is frozen into cylindrical blocks and then shaved into paper-thin icy ribbons, turning out to be shaved ice creams. These sweet ribbons are then topped with several nuts, syrups, fresh fruits and other ingredients making it unique flavoured ice cream.

Franchise Modules

Considering the available spaces, the franchise can be set up in four different modules. They are

  • Full-Size Shop (800-1200 square feet)
  • Full-Size Shop with manufacturing and supply (1200-1500 square feet)
  • Kiosk (100-200 square feet)
  • Carts or vans

Investment Details

A sum of Rs. 20 lakh – 30 lakh has to be invested by the franchise to establish this franchise. As a franchise/brand fee a sum of Rs. 3,40,000 has to be remitted with a royalty or commission of 7%. Besides this, working capital is also considered as other investment requirements of this franchise.

Expansion Locations

In order to reach out to a larger group of people, the franchise plans to extend its services in the below regions.

Northern Region – Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh

Southern Region – Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana

Eastern Region – Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, West Bengal, Sikkim, Odisha

Western Region – Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa

Central Region – Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand

Union Territories – Andaman and Nicobar, Pondicherry, Chandigarh, Lakshadweep, Daman and Diu

Franchise Details

There is an exclusive territorial rights to a unit franchise with an anticipated return on investment of 50%. The payback period of capital for a unit franchise has to be made within a couple of years.

Property Details

A commercial floor area of 100-1500 square feet is required to set up this franchise. However, this franchise is preferred to be set up in high foot fall areas like malls and high street.

Training Details

There is a  detailed operating manual available for all franchisees with an onsite training location. The franchises will be guided by an expert from the Head Office on opening the franchise. All the current IT systems will be included in the franchise.

Terms and Conditions

All franchises should have a standard franchise agreement for a duration of three years and it can later be renewed.