Form 15CB

Form 15CB

Form 15CB – Income Tax

Certificate of an accountant ascertaining the nature of remittance and for determining the rate of deduction of tax at source as per provisions of Chapter- XVII-B.

Income Tax Form 15CB is a form that is required to be signed by a Chartered Accountant in order to obtain a certification concerning the rates and the relevant taxes paid by a taxpayer. Form 15CB is essential as it comprises of specific details that are required while filing Income Tax Form 15CA. This article talks about the various essentials of Income Tax Form 15CB and other information surrounding the same.

Information Required

The following are the details required to file Income Tax Form 15CB.

  • Details of the Remitter
    • Name of the remitter
    • Address of the remitter
    • Principal place of business of the remitter
    • PAN of the remitter
    • E-Mail address and phone no. of the remitter
    • Status of the remitter (Firm/ Company/ Other)
  • Details of the Remittee
    • Name and status of the remittee
    • Address of the remittee
    • Principal place of business of the remittee.
    • Country of the remittee (country to which the remittance is made)
  • Details of the Remittance
    • Country to which remittance is made
    • Amount of remittance in Indian currency
    • Currency in which remittance is made
    • Nature of the remittance as per agreement (invoice copy to be asked from a client)
    • Proposed date of remittance
  • Bank details of the Remitter
    • Name of the bank of the remitter
    • Name of the branch of the bank
    • BSR Code of the bank
  • Other Details
    • Designation of the signing person
    • Father’s name of the signing person
  • Documents required from the Remittee
    • A duly filled Income Tax Form 10F by the authorised individual of the remittee.
    • Tax residency certificate from the proper Remittee/ Tax registration of the country in which the Remittee is registered.
    • Certificate that proves the Remittee does not have any permanent establishment within India.

This is deemed mandatory if the income is a business income and not chargeable to tax according to the DTAA if there is no permanent establishment within India.

Note: This is essential in the case of any benefit under DTAA is taken, whether by way of a lower rate of deduction of tax at source or no deduction of tax at source according to DTAA.

Pre-requisites for Filing Form 15CB

The most important pre-requisite in order to file Income Tax Form 15CB is that a taxpayer would be required to add a Chartered Accountant. The following steps have to be executed to add a Chartered Accountant.

Step 1: Visit the Income Tax Department website.

Step 2: Log on to the e-Filing portal using the relevant and valid credentials.

Step 3: Click on the My Account tab and select Add CA from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Enter the valid and accurate Membership Number of the Chartered Accountant required.

Step 5: Under Form Name, select the Form 15CB from the options given and click on the Submit icon to continue.

Once the taxpayer successfully adds the Chartered Accountant, the CA would be able to file Form 15CB on behalf of the taxpayer. However, the Chartered Accountant on the e-Filing portal must be a registered professional.

Procedure to File Form 15CB

The steps mentioned below are required to be followed while filing Income Tax Form 15CB on the official Income Tax Department website.

Step 1: Visit the Income Tax Department website.

Step 2: Log in to the relevant account with the appropriate login credentials.

Step 3: Click on the Downloads tab on the top menu of the page.

Step 4: Select on the Forms (Other than ITR) tab and download the Excel or Java Utility.

Step 5: Prepare the XML file using the downloaded utility.

Step 6: Log on to the e-Filing portal account and click on the e-File tab to select Upload Form from the drop-down menu.

Step 7: Upload the following essentials on the e-Filing portal.

  • Income Tax Form 15CB
  • PAN of the Assessee
  • TAN of the Assessee
  • PAN of the relevant Chartered Accountant

Step 8: On the same page, select the Filing Type as Original and the Form Name as Form 15CB. Click on the Submit icon once these steps are completed successfully.

Step 9: The user would receieve a message indicating a successful upload and an email would be sent to the user’s registered Email ID.

Note: Digital Signature Certificate is mandatory to file Income Tax Form 15CB.

Note: It is deemed mandatory to upload Form 15CB before filing Part C of Form 15CA. The acknowledgement number of the e-Filed Income Tax Form 15CB must be provided in order to prefill the details in Part C of Form 15CA.

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Form 15CB

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