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eSHRAM portal for unorganized workers

eSHRAM portal for unorganized workers

The eSHRAM portal was launched on 26th August 2021 by the Ministry of Labour and Employment. It is the first national database of unorganized workers which includes migrant workers; gig and platform workers; construction workers, etc. eSHRAM portal is available in both English and Hindi language.

The present article highlights the objective behind launching the eSHRAM portal; registration under the eSHRAM portal; benefits of obtaining registration and statistics of the eSHRAM portal.

Objective behind launching eSHRAM portal-

The major objectives behind launching the eSHRAM portal are briefly explained hereunder-

  1. To create a centralized database of unorganized workers which also includes domestic workers; construction workers; gig and platform workers; street vendors; migrant workers; agricultural workers etc. to be seeded with the Aadhaar.
  2. To provide a comprehensive database to the Central as well as the State Government which can be helpful while tackling any National Crises.
  3. To provide portability of the social security as well as welfare benefits to the construction workers and migrant workers.
  4. To share the database of the registered unorganized workers with various authorities like Ministers, Central and State governments, Departments, Boards etc. for delivery of social security and welfare schemes administered by such respective authorities.
  5. To improve implementation efficiency of various social security services for the unorganized workers.

Registration under eSHRAM portal-

Any unorganized worker can obtain registration under the eSHRAM portal. Notably, unorganized worker means and includes the following-

  1. Home based-worker; a wage worker or a self-employed worker working in the unorganized sector; and
  2. Worker working in the organized sector who is not a member of EPFO or ESIC or is not a Government employee.

The unorganized worker willing to obtain registration under the eSHRAM portal needs to satisfy all of the following conditions-

  1. The age of the worker should be between a minimum of 16 years and a maximum of 59 years.
  2. The worker should not be a member of any of the following Government Funded Organizations-
    1. Employees Provident Fund Organization; or
    2. Employees State Insurance Corporation; or
    3. National Pension Scheme.
  3. The worker should not be the payer of Income Tax.

Once all the above conditions are satisfied, the unorganized worker can easily obtain registration under the eSHRAM portal. The direct link for obtaining registration is Notably, there is no registration fees payable for getting registered under the eSHRAM portal.

The basic list of documents required for obtaining registration are highlighted hereunder-

  1. Aadhaar number;
  2. The mobile number linked with Aadhaar; and
  3. Savings bank account number with IFSC code.

It is important to note here that in case the unorganized worker doesn’t have a mobile number linked with Aadhaar, then such workers can visit the nearest CSC and register themselves through Biometric authentication.

The unorganized worker registered under eSHRAM will be allotted a 12 digit unique number i.e., Universal Account Number. Post registration, the worker will also start Whatsapp messages from the portal.

The registered worker is also allowed to update his profile details like address; mobile number; occupation; qualification family details; etc. Profile updation can be done either by visiting the eSHRAM portal or via the nearest CSC.

Benefits of obtaining registration under the eSHRAM portal-

The unorganized worker registered under the eSHRAM portal will get the following benefits-

  1. An accidental insurance cover of INR 2 Lakhs under Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY).
  2. Available all the social security benefits will be delivered through this portal.
  3. In case of an emergency or national pandemic, necessary assistance will be made available.

Statistics of eSHRAM portal-

Till date 15,91,98,531 eSHRAM cards are issued. Interestingly, female enrolment stood higher at around 52.08% as compared to male enrolment which stood at around 47.92%.

West Bengal; Odisha; Uttar Pradesh; Bihar and Jharkhand are the top five states in terms of eSHRAM registration.