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EDI System – DGFT

EDI System

EDI System – DGFT

DGFT has established a secured EDI message exchange system for various documentation-related activities, including import and export Authorisations that are set up with other departments such as Customs, Banks, and EPCs. This has reduced the link between exporters and importers with the Government Departments and is an essential process in reducing the transaction cost. DGFT aims to enlarge the scope of EDI to achieve a higher level of integration along with partner departments.

E-Governance Initiatives

DGFT is currently working on the EDI initiatives given below.

  • Message exchange to transmit Bills of Entry (import details) from Customs to DGFT.
  • We are providing online Export Obligation Discharge Certificate (EODC).
  • A message exchange with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs for CIN and DIN information.
  • A message exchange with CBDT for PAN.
  • To open an API for submission of e-IEC Application.
  • Mobile Applications for FTP.

Message Exchange with Community Partners

Customs, banks, and Export Promotion Councils (EPCs) play as a significant community partners of DGFT for message exchange. A compelling message exchange system has been established with various community partners, which are as follows.

Message Exchange with Customs 

  1. Importer Exporter Code Number
  2. Authorizations/ scrips for DFIA, AA, EPCG
  3. Shipping bills for Duty-Free Import Authorisation (DFIA), Advance Authorisation (AA), Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG), and Reward Scrips.

Message Exchange with eBiz

  1. Application for Importer Exporter Code Number
  2. Application for e-IEC

Message Exchange with Banks

  1. Application Fee
  2. Electronic Bank Realisation Certificate (e-BRC) data

Message Exchange with ERCs

  1. Registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) data

Encouraging the Development of Third Party API

DGFT encourages the development of third-party software to integrate with the systems to offer its users multiple options to interface with the DGFT.

Online filing of Documents

The following are the online filings of documents/ applications and paperless trade.

  • DGFT provides the facility for the online filing of various applications under the FTP by exporters/ importers. Whereas certain documents, like certificates that Chartered Accountants issue, must be filed only in the taxpayer’s physical presence. As a step towards the paperless processing of the reward schemes, it has been decided to develop an online procedure to upload digitally signed documents by the Chartered Accountant/ Company Secretary/ Cost Accountant. In the new system, the taxpayer will upload online documents like an annexure that is attached to ANF 3B, ANF 3D, and ANF 3C, which has to be signed by these signatories and should be submitted physically.
  • The hard copies of the applications and the specified documents must be submitted to the RA to save paper and the cost and time for the exporters.
  • To make it easy to do business, the documents of the export consignment will be used as evidence for the notified market, which has to be digitally uploaded in the following manner;
  1. Any exporter can upload a scanned copy of the Bill of Entry using the digital signature.
  2. Status holders who belong to the category of Three Star, Four Star, or Five Star Export House can upload scanned copies of the documents.

Exporter Importer Profile

An electronic procedure has been implemented to upload various documents to the exporter’s importer profile. Once uploading the papers, there will be no requirement to submit these documents/ copies of the documents to the Regional Authority with each Application. This reduces the transaction cost and time and advances the paperless processing of different applications in DGFT. There has been a reduction in the submission of the mandatory documents required for Export and Import. The number of mandatory documents required for exports and import of goods from/ into India has been reduced to three.

Online Filing of Applications

All the Regional Authorities of DGFT and extension counters are facilitated with high-speed internet. The applications are received and processed electronically. Under the EDI initiatives, the DGFT has provided the facility of an online filing of applications to obtain an Importer Exporter Code and various authorizations/ scrips. DGFT is considered one of the first digital signatures enabled by the organization of the Indian Government, which brought in a higher level of Encrypted 2048 bit digital signature. After accessing the DGFT website, there is a web interface for online filing of the Application that the exporter/CHA can file from home or office in a 24/7 environment. The application fee can be paid online from the linked banks. Exports are made to permit payment by debit and credit cards. The applications are signed with digital signatures and are then submitted electronically to the concerned Regional Authority of DGFT. The Regional Authority then processes this on the computer and issues the authorizations and scripts. This method of filing has minimized the physical interface.

Online Inter-Ministerial Consultation

The exporters have to file applications online on the DGFT website using E-COM. The applicants have to submit the duly signed and stamped printout of the online Application along with the required documents, such as technical specifications, literature, etc. The applicant can now upload copies of all the documents needed in PFD/ JPG/ JPEG/ GIF format in the online filing system while

  • Fixation of norms under the Advance Authorisation by Norms Committees
  • Export of Restricted items
  • Import of Restricted items
  • SCOMET items

There is no requirement for the exporters to submit a hard copy of the Application in case of architectural drawings, machine drawings, etc., which is difficult to scan and upload. The processing of the applications can also be done online.

Uploading Documents

To promote paperless processing, an electronic procedure is developed to digitally upload the signed documents by a Chartered accountant/ Company Secretary/ Cost Accountant. This facility can upload documents like Annexure attached ANF 3B, ANF 3C, and ANF 3D. Exporters can digitally upload Annexure with online applications with this facility. This can be used to upload documents related to other schemes such as Advance Authorisation, DFIA, and EPCG.

Application Fee

The applications for IEC/authorization/ license/ scrips should be accompanied by the application fee mentioned in Appendix 2K of the Appendices and Aayat Niryat Forms.

Filing of Application

  • The applications that require authorization for import/ export of ‘restricted’ goods, for claiming benefits under the schemes in FTP, or those that need clarifications and other purposes, can be made to the Regional Authority.
  • Applicants have to ensure that the documents are either in English or Hindi. The regional language documents are translated into English or Hindi, and the translated copy is self-certified and submitted along with the original composition.

Territorial Jurisdiction of RA

The territorial jurisdiction of RAs is given in Appendix 1A of the Appendices and Aayat Niryat Forms. The given address of the applicant determines the authority of RA. Every Application has to be submitted to the jurisdictional RA.

Incomplete Application

  1. The respective authorities will reject an incomplete or unauthorized application with a specific reason for rejection. Such incomplete Applications will be re-opened upon rectifying the deficiencies.
  2. If the applicant does not revise the deficiencies within 90 days, the Application will be considered withdrawn.