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Digitize India Platform

Digitize India Platform

Digitize India Platform

Digitize India Platform (DIP) is an initiative taken by the Indian Government, which falls under the Digital India Programme. The purpose of DIP is to provide digitization services for scanned document images or physical documents for organizations. It is aimed to digitize and make use of all the existing content, digitizing and creating data extracts for document management and managing the records. It combines machine intelligence and a crowd-sourcing model, providing an innovative solution for the practical problems faced by organizations converting their paperwork into digital documents.

Digitize India Platform Process

Organizations usually scan the paperwork and convert them into an image or scanned documents. The paper documents can be digitized by DIP, which helps to extract the relevant data, providing them in a usable format. The following are the steps involved in the digitizing process:

  • Snippets are randomly served to contributors by the DIP.
  • They are then matched for converted data in the match engine.
  • Depending upon the accuracy of the entries, reward points will be awarded for each digitalized correct words.
  • These snippet texts that are digitized by the contributors are put together by the digitized platform.
  • Finally, the documents are re-assembled and sent back to the relevant organizations.

Type of Data Digitized using DIP

Image documents, that are easily readable and those that have a clear structure like a printed form or a register with clear columns and rows, can be digitized using DIP. On the other hand, paper documents can also be submitted, but in such cases, organizations would need to pay extra for scanning the papers. Nevertheless, DIP services are best suited for documents which are generated in high volume, which have a similar structure and require frequent access. It is because DIP can process and extract texts from the documents that are multi-lingual, number and alphanumeric data.

Users of Digitize India Platform

The Digitize India Platform benefits organizations and digital contributors in many ways, which are discussed briefly below:


Any type of organizations such as government departments, public sector companies, and autonomous bodies can use DIP. The digitization process helps user organizations to search and access records more effectively, which enables faster decision making. It helps to securely save data through restricted access and efficient encryption techniques. This digitized storage system reduces physical storage space and costs.

Digital Contributor

It is easy to become a digital contributor. Any Indian citizen having an Aadhaar Number can become one to carry out simple data entry tasks on the DIP. Rewards are provided for every correct and verified task, which is primarily based on the efficiency of a digital contributor. The reward points can be redeemed into money or can be donated back to the Digital India initiative. It is a good opportunity for digital contributors to enhance their IT skills, increase their employability opportunities, earn a certificate as a Data Entry Operator and also be a part of the building of Digital India.

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