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DGFT online e- EPCG Committee Module

DGFT online e- EPCG Committee Module

DGFT online e- EPCG Committee Module

As part of the IT Revamp, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade has introduced the DGFT online e- EPCG Committee Module vides a Trade notification dated 19th May 2021.  All the applications for seeking relaxations in terms of Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 under the EPCG Committee are required to apply online through the DGFT’s new online e- EPCG Committee Module. The current article briefs the procedure for applying the EPCG Policy. Relaxation application.

Gist of Notification

  • The applications for seeking relaxations in para 2.58 of FTP 2015-20 under the EPCG Committee would be accepted online.
  • No manual application submission for relaxation in para 2.58 of FTP 2015-2020 would be allowed.
  • The entire processing of the applications and communication of the committee’s decision would be in online mode only.

EPCG Policy Relaxation

The exporter/importer can apply for the Policy Relaxation through Ayaat Niryaat Form -2D (ANF-2D) with reason and justification for the request for Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) Scheme Policy relaxation.  All these requests are handled at the DGFT Headquarters, and once the case has been approved by the committee, the user can request the respective RA to take corrective action.

EPCG Policy Relaxation Committee

Policy Relaxation Committee (PRC) is also referred to as Exemption from Policy/Procedures (EPP). DGFT may, in the public interest, pass such orders or grant such exemption relaxation or relief as he may deem fit and proper on the grounds of genuine hardship and adverse impact on trade to any person or class or category of persons from any provision of Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) or any Procedures. While granting the such exemption, DGFT may impose such conditions as he may deem fit after consulting the Committees as in the table given below:

Sl.No Description Committee
1 Nexus with Capital Goods (CG) and benefits under Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG)Scheme Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) Committee
2 All other issues except Fixation/modification of product norm Policy Relaxation Committee (PRC)

Prerequisites for Applying for EPCG Policy Relaxation Committee

To apply for EPCG Policy Relaxation Committee, the following are the prerequisites required:

  • The DGFT user profile must be linked with an importer-exporter Code
  • A valid DSC must be registered in the system
  • GSTN details corresponding to the branches of the IEC


  • IEC should not be canceled or suspended. The user will not be able to apply if IEC is canceled or suspended.
  • The user is e-Sign enabled. Users can sign or validate the EPCG committee application with the Aadhaar or digital signature (DSC)

Documents for filing of EPCG Policy Relaxation application

There is no document mandatory for filling EPCG Policy Relaxation application. However, the exporter/importer may attach other supporting documentation to the application by selecting another option in the attachment section.

Fee for Policy Relaxation of EPCG application

The fee for filing the Policy Relaxation of EPCG application in the new e-EPCG module is as follows:

Sl.No Application Type Fee
1 Fresh Application 2000
2 Review Application 5000

Procedure to Apply for EPCG Committee

The trade members can log in to the DGFT portal, fill in the requisite details in the form, upload the necessary documents and submit the application after paying the requisite fee. The system will generate a file number that can be used for tracking purposes through the portal. The Directorate would issue online deficiency letters calling for any additional information required, and the exporter could reply to the deficiency letters online.

The application procedure for applying the EPCG Policy Relaxation in the e- EPCG Committee Module through the Exporter’s dashboard on the DGFT Website is as follows:

New User Registration

  • Access the official webpage of DGFT  and proceed with the registration process. Provide the Registration Details and Select Register User as “Exporter/Importer”

Furnish the OTPs received by email and mobile number. Upon successfully validating the OTP, you can receive a notification containing the temporary password you need to change upon the first login.

DGFT online e- EPCG Committee Module - DGFT User Registration
DGFT online e- EPCG Committee Module – DGFT User Registration

Apply for EPCG Policy Relaxation

  • After the successful registration,  login into the DGFT web portal, navigate to the Services option and then select EPCG.
DGFT online e- EPCG Committee Module - Login
DGFT online e- EPCG Committee Module – Login
  • The user needs to select the Apply for EPCG Committee option.
DGFT online e- EPCG Committee Module - DGFT SERVICE
DGFT online e- EPCG Committee Module – DGFT SERVICE
  • Either user can start with the fresh application by clicking on ‘Start Fresh application’ or can select the already existing application and click on ‘Proceed with Existing Application
DGFT online e- EPCG Committee Module - Application
DGFT online e- EPCG Committee Module – Application

Furnish Details

Application Type: Select ‘Application Type’ as Fresh or Review Application. ‘Fresh application’ will be selected by the user when he/she is applying for the first time, and ‘Review application’ against all those processed fresh applications submitted to the DGFT offline before 23rd Jan 2020.

  • Committee Type: Pre-default value will be selected as ‘EPCG Committee
  • Branch details: Select the branch code from the list shown. The branch code list will be as per the branches listed in the IEC module
  • On selection of the branch code from the drop-down below mentioned details will be auto-filled that is captured from the IEC
  • The scheme name will be auto-populated as Export Promotion Capital Good (EPCG) when the committee type is selected as EPCG Committee
  • Based on the Scheme Name Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG), select Reason Type and provide the details
  • The user must select Authorisation Type as CIF-based Authorisation or Duty Save-Based Authorisation.
  • After entering the Authorization/Scrip details, Click on the Save & Next button to proceed to the next page.
  • After filling in, the Applicant Details, select the Personal Hearing Details.

Personal Hearing for applying EPCG Policy Relaxation Committee

If the exporter/importer feels one of the members should be present in person to explain and elaborate on the EPCG Policy relaxation request, then he/she may apply for the EPCG relaxation request with Personal Hearing. Any authorized representative of the entity can appear for the PH on a given date and venue

Upload Documents

After providing the PH details, Select the Attachment Type option to upload the filing EPCG Policy Relaxation Committee documents.

Accept the declaration by selecting the check box and entering the Place name. The application summary for all the input fields entered will be shown, and the user can download the summary by clicking on the Print Summary button.

Application Submission

After E-sign the application, an E-payment receipt and payment details will be generated, and the application will be successfully submitted to DGFT.

The official notification about the DGFT online e- EPCG Committee Module is as follows:

Trade notice 05 dt 19.5.21_1