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As part of the IT Revamp of the exporter/ importer related services, DGFT introduces a new online module for filing Export Authorizations for SCOMET vide DGFT Trade Notice 11/2021-2022 dated 28/07/2021.  All exporters seeking export authorization for SCOMET items are advised to apply online through this new Module. Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2015-2020 regulates the export of items in the SCOMET List (i.e. Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipment, and Technologies).In this article, we will look at DGFT New SCOMET Module in detail.

Important Announcement for Exporters

All applicant exporters seeking export authorization for SCOMET items are advised to apply online through the official DGFT website.

  • Applications for issuance of export authorization of SCOMET items as well as amendment/ re-validation thereof will need to be submitted online.
  • The SCOMET Cell, DGFT (HQ) will continue to be the nodal point for all issues relating to SCOMET and SCOMET authorizations will continue to be issued from DGFT HQ, Udyog Bhawan, and New Delhi through the New Online Module with effect from 05/08/2021.
  • All the existing pending applications (as of 05/08/2021) will be automatically migrated to this new system and will be processed as usual at DGFT (HQ).

Export of SCOMET Items

SCOMET item is an acronym for Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipment, and Technologies and these are dual-use items that can be used for both civilian and military applications. India’s Foreign Trade Policy regulates the export of items in the SCOMET list. The exporter needs to obtain a license from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce to export SCOMET

New Process as part of the New SCOMET Module

The following processes will also be made available online as part of this new SCOMET Module:

  • Authorization for Site Visit by the foreign entity wants to the Premises of the Indian Manufacturer/ exporter
  • Type of IEC to check production processes for SCOMET Export Items
  • Post Reporting of Export of SCOMET Items, Software/ Technology in following cases:

Export of chemicals permitted to specified countries without authorization

  • Repair and return of imported SCOMET items after repair abroad
  • Return of SCOMET items (imported/ indigenous) after demo/ display/ exhibition/ RFP/ RFQ/ tender etc., abroad
  • Stock and Sale
  • Global Authorization for Intra-company Transfer (GAICT)
  • Others, if mandated in export authorizations

Documents for Obtaining License for Export of SCOMET Items

The following documents need to upload online while making the application for Obtaining SCOMET Authorization:

  • End Use-cum-End User Certificate (EUC) from all the organizations involved in the supply of the products (EUC need to furnish on the letterhead with authorized signatory)
  • Purchase Orders of firms involved in the supply chain of the products
  • Aayat Niryat Form (ANF)-1
  • Elaborate technical specification relating to SCOMET item of export
  • Supply contract document (If documents are bulky, the relevant portion containing the contract reference and parties to the contract can upload)
  • DGFT authorization letter for the SCOMET product
  • The hard copy of the following documents needs to submit to the DGFT Head Quarters:
  • Original End Use-cum-End User Certificate (EUC)
  • Bills of Entry into the destination country for SCOMET items exported during the last one year

Specified format for the End User Certificate (EUC)

Depending on the type of product and the authorization, the exporter needs to use a specific format of EUC provided in the Handbook of Procedures.

  • Appendix- 2S (i) – For the export of SCOMET items in Categories 2,3,4,5,7 and 8.
  • Appendix- 2S (ii) – For applying for a Specific SCOMET authorization for export of SCOMET items in Category 1
  • Appendix- 2S (iii) – For applying for a ‘Stock and Sale’ SCOMET authorization for export of all SCOMET items
  • End-User Certificate (EUC) from the Foreign Buyer, if different from the End User.
  • End-User Certificate (EUC) from the Consignee, if different from the Foreign Buyer and End User.
  • End-User Certificate (EUC) from the Other intermediaries, if any
  • End-User Certificates from Foreign Buyer, Consignee, and End User must reflect the logical flow of items.

Application Procedure

The exporter needs to access the home page of the new DGFT portal, from the service homepage click on the Service option and then select Export Management System.

DGFT New SCOMET Module - HomePage
DGFT New SCOMET Module – HomePage

The link will redirect to the new DGFT New SCOMET Module.


After login into the DGFT portal using the ECOM application module through Digital Certificate, the exporter needs to select the SCOMET Application Module. By clicking on the create option, a message box will appear with a 20 digit ECOM Reference number, click on the OK button to proceed further.

DGFT New SCOMET Module - SCOMET Application Page
DGFT New SCOMET Module – SCOMET Application Page

Business Details

Provide the following details on the master screen and finally click the save button to save the details.

  • Telephone Number, Fax details and Email ID, Provide the shipping details such as the Port of shipment and provide the details of Port of Discharge, the country of export, the ultimate Destination country and the Purpose of export, in the next tab furnish the from the date and to-date details.
  • Select the concerned Jurisdictional Regional Authority from the dropdown box.

In the Item of Export screen, provide the details of ITC (HS) code, SCOMET category, SCOMET Item Number Name, and Description of Item

After providing details, the exporter needs to furnish the details of the foreign Buyer and consignee.

Bank Details

The exporter needs to provide the destination Country Bank address, International Bank Account Number, the SWIFT Code (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication Code) and also furnish the IFSC Code (Indian Financial System Code).

After filling all the details exporter needs to press the declaration button and provide the Name, Official Address, and the Telephone details.

Upload Documents

The exporter needs to attach all the supporting documents and click on the submit button. The application form will display, click on the download button to get the hard copy of the application. To obtain a license for the export of SCOMET items, an exporter need to send this application form along with the prescribed documents to DGFT (Headquarters), Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi.

Processing of Application

Inter-Ministerial Working Group (IMWG) in the DGFT under the Chairmanship of Additional Director General of Foreign Trade will consider all requests for export of SCOMET items on merits.

Evaluation of application

The following factors will consider for the evaluation of the application for the export of items on the SCOMET List:

  • Credentials of end-user, the credibility of declarations of end-use of the item, integrity of the transmission of SCOMET item from supplier to end-user, and the potential of item or technology
  • The assessed risk that exported items will fall into the hands of terrorists, terrorist groups, and non-State actor
  • Export control measures instituted by recipient State
  • The capabilities and objectives of programs of recipient State relating to weapons and the delivery
  • Assessment of end-uses of item
  • Applicability to an export license application of relevant agreements to which India is a party

Get License

Once the Inter-Ministerial Working Group accepted the request, permission letter will issue to the exporter for obtaining SCOMET export authorization from the zonal or regional office of the Director-General of Foreign Trade. The exporter can get the license from the concerned Zonal/Regional.

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