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Delhi Solvency Certificate


Delhi Solvency Certificate

A person or a corporation is said to be solvent when having the ability to meet the long-term expenses or debts. In other words, the assets of the person or the company should exceed the liabilities to be solvent. Solvency certificate is issued to declare the financial standing of an individual or firms for various purposes such as standing surety in support of someone, securing loans, securing business contractors etc. Either a Government body or any bank issues the solvency certificate. In this article, we look at the procedure of obtaining the Delhi Solvency Certificate issued by the Government in detail. To know more about the solvency certificate issued by a bank, click here.

Purpose of Solvency Certificate

Solvency certificate is issued based on salaries drawn by Government employees/individuals, the properties owned by the applicants in their name and sales tax/income tax returns. Acquiring a solvency certificate serves for various purposes, some of which are listed below.

  • Different Government and semi-Government organizations require a solvency certificate as a document of surety.
  • Solvency certificate is an essential document while allowing for the applications for contracts, tenders.
  • Solvency certificate is vital while participating in an auction.
  • A company’s financial stability depends on its solvency and therefore, a firm needs to submit a solvency certificate while offering against a bid as evidence of its economic status.
  • Solvency certificate is an essential document for students pursuing their higher studies abroad. The universities abroad require this document as proof of finances. Moreover, this certificate is also necessary while seeking admission in Government medical and engineering colleges in the country.
  • It is also required in court matters like obtaining bails.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant should comply with the following conditions of eligibility to obtain the Delhi Solvency Certificate.

  1. The applying individual should be a citizen of India.
  2. The applicant must be a permanent resident of Delhi.
  3. The applicant should have property within the territorial jurisdiction of NCT of Delhi.

Documents Required

The applicant has to attach the following document along with the solvency certificate application form.

  1. Identity proof of applicant – PAN Card, Aadhaar Card
  2. Present address proof of applicant – Ration card with photo, Voter ID
  3. Permanent residence proof of applicant – Driving license, Passport
  4. For a salaried individual/employee
    • Salary slip for the last 3 months
    • Income tax return for the last 3 years
  5. Details of immovable property (along with relevant documents)
  6. If having agricultural land
    • Khatauni and Khasra.
    • Latest copy of fard.
  7. Proof of all the properties being free from all encumbrances.
  8. Duly registered sale deed that shows the applicant as the sole proprietor of the property.
  9. Valuation certificate for all the properties from a valuer approved by the Government.
  10. If having House
    • House tax payment receipt.
  11. If having motor vehicles
    • Registration certificate along with the insurance document.
  12. Bank statement of the last six months
  13. Share/Debentures certificates if having share/debentures.
  14. Candidate must provide a signed copy of the self-declaration form or an affidavit along with application form.
    • Affidavit for salaried individual
Delhi Solvency Certificate- Affidavit for Salaried Individual
    • Affidavit for government servant
Delhi Solvency Certificate- Affidavit for Government Servant
  • `An affidavit based on the property
Delhi Solvency Certificate- Affidavit based on Property

While applying online: Scanned copy of the original self- declaration has to be uploaded.

While applying offline: Original declaration form has to be submitted to the concerned SDM/Tehsildar/CSC by hand or speed post/registered post along with Application /Acknowledgement number.

  1. One Passport size colored Photograph of the Applicant (Size – 5cm X 4.5cm Or 2″xl.75″). The Beneficiary should be present at the CSC/e-District kiosk for a photograph or submit his/her photograph. In case of the online application, the applicant must upload the photograph as per the below specifications.
  • Should be in a plain white or off-white background
  • Should include full face, front view and open eyes
  • Should not wear sunglasses or hats
  • Should have a natural expression (closed mouth)

Note: While applying at the Citizen Service Centre (CSC), the applicant has to produce self-attested copies of the original documents, and attestation by Gazetted Officer is not required for the disposal of an application for solvency certificate.

If applying online, the document should be uploaded in e-District application software. Even in the case of online applications, physical verification of some documents may be required at the counter.

Competent Authority

The Sub-divisional Magistrate or the Tehsildar is the concerned authority for the issuance of solvency certificate in Delhi.


The application form for Delhi solvency certificate does not include any fee. For online application, the department levies nominal one-time facilitation charges that will be decided from time to time. The citizen or the authorized Citizen Service Center (CSC) operator can print copies of issued solvency certificate any number of time from the website free of cost.

Processing Time

The prescribed timeline for the Delhi solvency certificate service is 14 days. The maximum time limit for the response of the request is 21 days.

Note: The period spent on field verification or verification of documents from an outside State is excluded from the timeline.


In Delhi, the solvency certificate is valid for six months from the date of issuance of the certificate.

Application Procedure

All Government Official at District or Sub Division level of Delhi accepts the service requests through the electronic channel only. Hence, the applicant can make the application for Delhi Solvency Certificate through online mode only. The applicant can submit his or her request for a solvency certificate in any of the below-mentioned options.

  1. Applying through Citizen Service Center (CSC)
  2. Applying through e-District Kiosks 
  3. Applying through the internet from their respective places

Applying through CSC or e-District Kiosks

The applicant has to visit the Citizen Service Center at the Sub-Divisional Magistrate office in whose jurisdiction he or she resides or where the firm is located or should visit the nearby authorized e-District Kiosks to request for the solvency certificate. 

Step 1: The applicant should submit the request for a solvency certificate to the authorized CSC / e-District Kiosk operator along with the supporting documents.

For this purpose, the centre will provide a form to the applicant to furnish required information or can download from the copy given below.

Delhi Solvency Certificate Application Form

The applicant has to prove his / her identity to the authorized operator using any government proof of id.

Step 2: The operator in the counter of the CSC/ Kiosk centre will log in to the e-District using his /her user id and password.

Step 3: The authorized operator will fill in the form with the provided applicants details. Then attach the supporting documents and upload by the same.

Step 4: Using the web camera, the operator will take the applicant’s photograph and will attach it to the form.

Step 5: The applicant should pay the facilitation charge in the cash counter after which the operator will apply.

Step 6: Further, the applicant can collect an acknowledgement receipt with the unique acknowledgement number.

If the citizen has already applied online without making the online payment, instead chosen to pay facilitation charges at CSC / kiosk window, the citizen has to present the temporary acknowledgement slip, generated during the online submission of the form to the operator.

 The operator receives the facilitation charges from the citizen. Once the facilitation charge is received, the final acknowledgement slip generated by the system is given to the citizen for any future reference.

Step 7: The authorized operator will case the file and dispatch to the concerned office, as indicated in the e-District application.

For solvency certificate based on properties, after the receipt of the application, the same is sent to the Sub-Registrar office where the ownership document has been registered, for enquiry and report.

Process of Application

Step 8: On behalf of the Tehsildar, the authorized official of the Tehsildar office will receive the application case file.

Step 9: The Tehsildar will log in to his account and examines the received request, checks the supporting documents.

Step 10: On satisfying with the details, the official will approve the request using a digital signature.

In other cases, the SDM / Tehsildar will object to the citizen if it finds some missing information or documents. The SDM / Tehsildar will clearly state the required information to be furnished by the citizen to process the service request.

Rejection of Application:

If the approving authority rejects, the application will issue the digitally signed rejection letter specifying the valid rejection reason by the approving authority. The citizen can re-apply on satisfying the reasons without furnishing any additional documents.

However, if not convincing the competent authority about the genuineness or authenticity of the documents, field verification performs by an officer, not below the rank of Naib Tehsildar. Based on the report, the official may approve the request.

Issuance of Certificate

Step 11: On approval of the request, the applicant should visit the CSC / e-District Kiosk centre and must provide the acknowledgement number.

Step 12: The authorized operator will log in to the e-District portal and will retrieve the digitally signed certificate.

If the applicant opts for the postal delivery, the certificate will be delivered through the post that is duly signed and stamped by the authorized operator.

Self-Application through Citizen Login

Any citizen can apply for the service online through e-District Delhi if internet connection is available.

The citizen should register in e-District, to access the e-District application if the applicant is accessing the portal for the first time.

Step 1: To apply through citizen login, visit the official website of the e-District portal of Delhi. Click ‘Apply for certificates online’. The citizen login form appears. 


Step 2: If not a registered user, click ‘Register’. The citizen registration form appears.

Step 3: Register using the Aadhaar card or voter id. Select the document type. Enter the document number. Enter the security code and click ‘Continue’.


In case not having an Aadhaar Number or Voter ID Card, apply at any of the counters at Tehsil/Sub-Division Office.

 Step 4: In the case of an existing user, enter the login credentials, captcha and click Login.

Step 5: On entering the portal, select the service as ‘Solvency Certificate’. The application form appears. Fill out the application form furnishing the required details.

Note: Any wrong or misleading information may lead to the rejection of the application.

Step 6: Scan and upload the supporting documents as applicable.

The file size should not be more than 100 KB. The document should be legible.

Step 7: On completion of the application form, click submit. After final submission, the application cannot be edited.

Step 8: Print the acknowledgement receipt generated by the e-District application after submitting for future reference.

Track Application Status

The applicant will get intimation of application status on the following stages:

  1. On submitting the service request in e-District application software
  2. On approving the application by the approving authority

The applicant can check and verify his/her application status through the online portal. To Track application status, select the Department name, service applied for, the application number, applicant name, security code and click continue.


The applicant can also track the status of his/her application by sending SMS “EDISTDL Application Number>” to 7738299899

Verify Certificate

To verify certificate for its authenticity, select the Department name, service applied for, the application number, applicant name, security code, and click search.


Print / Download Certificate

On approval of the application for the solvency certificate by the competent authority, the digitally signed certificate can be downloaded by selecting the Department name, service applied for, the application number, applicant name, security code and clicking continue.