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Delhi Society Registration

Delhi Society Registration

Delhi Society Registration

A Co-operative society is formed by the persons who are having identical needs and agree to work for the common interest of the persons joining the society. Hence, the main purpose for registration of society is to promote the economic interest of the persons who form the society. In this article, we look at the process for Delhi Society registration.

Co-Operative Society

The word “co-operation” means working together with others for a common purpose. As per the Co-operative Planning Committee, the word “Co-operation” is defined as a form of organisation in which persons voluntarily associate together on the basis of equality for the promotion of their economic interests. Hence, a co-operative society is a group of persons having one or more common needs who voluntarily agree to pool their limited resources, both man and material and use them for mutual benefit, through an organisation managed by them on democratic lines.

Types of Society

The following are the types of Society as per the Delhi Co-Operative Societies Rules, 1973:

  • Resource Society: Societies formed with the object of arranging credit for its members, goods or services required by them. This includes Thrift and Credit Society, Agriculture, Non-Credit Society, Ur. Co-operative Banks, Industrial Production Society, Labour and Construction, Transport and Industrial Service Society.
  • Production Society: Society meant for producing / disposing of goods as the collective property of members.
  • Consumer Society: Society meant for obtaining and distributing consumer goods.
  • Housing Society: Society meant for arranging plots/houses to members.
  • Processing Society: Society meant for processing goods by technical or manual process.
  • Marketing Society: Society formed for the purpose of marketing agriculture and other produce.
  • Farming Society: Society formed for collective farming by its members.

Delhi Society Registration

In Delhi, Societies are registered under the Delhi Co-Operative Societies Act, 1972 and Delhi Co-Operative Societies Rules, 1973. As per the Act, a Society which has as its object the promotion of economic interest of its members in accordance with Co-operative principles with limited or unlimited liability may be registered. For the formation of a Co-operative society, atleast 10 persons who are competent to contract, over the age of 18 years, of sound mind and solvent are required. The persons joining the Society must be from different families as well.

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