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Convention Hall License

Convention Hall License

Convention Hall License

The Ministry of Tourism Convention Hall License to meet the necessity of the highly profitable segment of the tourism industry. The scheme objective is to encourage investment and standardize the facilities of convention centres in the country. Let us look in detail about the procedure for the Approval of Convention Hall License in this article.

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Benefits of Convention Hall License

The approved convention centres are the essential tourism infrastructure which is being eligible for various benefits as listed below:

  • Income Tax concession under the ITA
  • Priority consideration at the Government authorities for its various requirements like telephone, telex, LPG etc. 
  • The approved convention centres are eligible for the consideration from Municipal, State and Union levels or a semi or quasi-Government body.
  • A convention hall can also be approved at the project stage and will be eligible for the allocation of foreign exchange for its necessary import of equipment and provisions. 
  • After the project completion and becomes functional, it will get worldwide publicity through the tourist literature published by the Ministry of Tourism (MOT) and distributed among its offices in India and Overseas. 
  • The approved convention hall will also be suitable to apply to the Indian Industrial Finance Corporation and the State Financial Corporations of loan. 

Eligibility Criteria

In general, to get the Approval License of Convention Hall, it is very essential that the proposed convention hall must contain the following facilities as per details below:

  • Convention hall: A Convention Centre must have audiovisual conferencing equipment, high fidelity recording facility, video projection/graphs etc. and skilled manpower at various levels. 
  • Mini Convention hall: It is important to have Mini-Convention halls in the Convention Centers as these halls are needed for various seminars, committees, meetings etc. 
  • Exhibition Hall: It is another necessary feature in the convention hall. Delegates to the convention and trade promoters take part in trade fairs to promote their products during the conventions. It must have a capacity to accommodate at least 20 booths of 3 meters in size.
  • Restaurants: Restaurants in the convention halls must conform to the existing guidelines of HRACC that are laid down by the Ministry.
  • Parking facility: The parking area to be not less than 50 cars and 5 coaches. 
  • Residential Accommodation: The residential accommodation facility for delegates/participants are applicable only if the promoters desire to this facility in the convention hall and the guidelines laid down by the MOT in respect of star category hotels will apply. 
  • Infrastructure Facilities: In addition to the existing facilities at convention halls, it must have the following:
    • Landscaped forefront 
    • Exhibition Management Centre 
    • Administrative services for the corporate office including IITTM/Internet etc. 
    • Trade Show and Fair Facilities such as Tourist Office, Bank and Money, STD/ISD, Press Lounge, Travel Desk, etc.
    • Technical facilities like electric power back-up-system, plant room, electric substation, fire hydrant etc. 
    • Information booths, Stationery Shops and Kiosks. 
    • Public Convenience and Public Address System. 
    • First aid with the doctor on call facilities. 
    • Security office and booths for security arrangements/Locker facilities. 
    • Fire safety arrangements. 
    • Storage complex for the custom storage and handling etc. 
    • Gate complex for stipulating entry and exit. 

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Documents Required

The following documents and information to be furnished about the convention hall projects when applying for project approval 

  • A detailed project report explaining the feasibility of the proposed convention hall, describing the facilities to be provided at the convention hall particularly mentioning special or distinctive features. 
  • The site to be suitable for the establishment of convention hall intended for use by the domestic as well as international business travellers. Documents related to the location of the convention site along with the postal address.
  • Copy of Land/Property Use Permission to operate the convention hall from the appropriate authority or registration from the local authorities.
  • Blueprints of the design plans of the proposed project duly approved by the State Government authority and signed by the builder and the promoter details must also be furnished. 
  • Ownership deed of the land. 
  • Urban land ceiling certificate (if applicable)
  • Approval from the International Airport Authority of India/Director General of civil aviation if the project area is located near to an airport. 
  • Name and Business antecedents of the promoters. 
  • Proposed Ownership structure, giving all mandatory details as to whether the new undertaking will be owned by individuals or a firm or a company. 
  • The estimated cost of the project proposed and the manner in which it is proposed to increase the funds to meet the investment requirements.

The promoter must furnish the acceptance of these regulatory provisions as prescribed in the form. The regulatory provisions and the form of their acceptance have also been appended.

Applicable Fee

The fee for the approval license of project/Operational Approval and Re-approval is tabulated below:

S.No. Stages of Approval Amount
1. Approval at the project stage Rs.5000
2. Approval at the operational stage Rs.10,000
3. Re-approval Process Rs.5,000

Procedure for the Approval of Convention Hall License

The applicant has to follow the below step by step procedure for the Approval of Convention Hall License.

Access the Website

Step 1: The application for the approval of the Convention Center can be submitted online by accessing the official web-portal of Classification, Approval and Occupancy of Hotels.

New User Application

Step 2: In the case of a new user, the applicant has to get registered in the official web-portal by clicking on the “New Registration” link which will direct to the registration page.

Login to Portal

Step 4: Now, log in with the registered User Identity and Password.

Step 5: After Login, a new page will be displayed, where the applicant will have to Apply for the Approval of Convention Hall.

Application Form

Step 6: The following application form will get opened on clicking the link “Apply for Approval of Convention Hall License”.

 Fill out the Right Credentials

Step 7: The information of the owner has to fill out all the requested details in the approval form.

Step 8: After providing all the details, the applicant has to click on the “save and proceed” button.

Upload Documents

Step 9: Now upload all the documents that are mentioned above then click on “save and proceed” button.

Step 10: The uploaded documents that are received from applicants after scrutiny in all respects would be acknowledged online.

Make Payment

Step 11: Applications for the Approval of Convention Hall with the requisite fee is payable only by Debit/Credit Card/RTGS/NEFT.

Inspection Process

Step 13: Upon receipt of the application complete in all respects, the Convention Hall will be inspected by the Hotel and Restaurant Approval & Classification Committee (HRACC).

The HRACC would inspect a Convention Hall at any time without notice before as the Convention Hall is expected to maintain the necessary standards at all times. The Committee would request that its members be held overnight to inspect the level of services. Certificate of approval will be issued under the signatures of the concerned Regional Director subject to the approval of the Competent Authority. The approved Convention Hall must adhere to the tenets of the Code of Conduct for Safe & Honourable Tourism.

Note: The application fee is non-refundable and is payable by DD to the Pay & Accounts Officer, MOT, New Delhi. Incomplete applications or any deficiencies/rectification that is pointed out by the HRACC during the inspection will result in rejection of the application.