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Centralised Verification Scheme

Centralised Verification Scheme

Centralised Verification Scheme

The Centralised Verification Scheme, 2019 was introduced by the Central Board of Direct Taxes, vide notification dated 30th January 2019. As per the scheme, the Centralised Verification Centre would be set up, wherein, income tax notices and the processing of information and documents would be carried out in a centralised manner. The Centre so set up would be making available the outcome of the processing to the Assessing Officer.

Issuance of Notice 

After the introduction of the Centralised Verification Centre, the Centre so set up can issue a notice to any person asking him to furnish additional information/documents in order to verify the information/documents which is already available with the Centre. The Centre can issue the notice to the concerned person under the digital signature of the designated authority.

Service of Notice 

The notice so issued by the Centre would be served to the concerned person in either of the following manners –

  1. The notice would be served either by an e-mail; or
  2. The notice would be served by placing of a copy in the registered account on the portal which would be followed by an intimation by an SMS.

Submission of Information / Documents

  • On receipt of the notice, the concerned person is required to submit the required information/documents within the due date specified in the notice.
  • On receipt of the required information/documents, the Centre shall process the same and the outcome would be made available to the Assessing Officer.

Other Aspects of the Scheme 

  • The concerned person to whom the notice is served is not required to appear in person or through the authorized representative in connection with the proceedings so initiated by the Centre.
  • The Principal Director General of Income Tax (Systems) and/or the Director General of Income Tax (Systems) shall from time to time specify the various procedures and formats as required.