Brochure Support Scheme for National Tourism Offices

Brochure Support Scheme for National Tourism Offices

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Brochure Support Scheme for National Tourism Offices

Tourism is one of the revenue generator and employment creator. However, it needs to be promoted adequately. With this objective in mind, the tourism ministry has come out with a brochure support scheme. It is a marketing tool that is being used by National Tourism Offices (NTO) for promoting the various tourism products amongst potential consumers and the travel trade business. This support is extended to make sure that our tourism products and packages are adequately represented in the brochures and various other promotional materials that are produced in the international markets. The Tourism Industry could use these brochures for effectively marketing their products abroad.


The objective of this advertising support to Tour Operators is very clear. It will be done to attract newcomers and encourage them to start India tours. The tour operators will be helped in ensuring that the brochures contain information about such India tour packages. The final goal is to ensure that the India tourism product is made visible in such brochures and other advertisement materials.

Benefits & Highlights of the Scheme

This initiative from the overseas India Tourism Offices limits the brochure support to 50% of the overall total cost. The cost pertains to expenses incurred on the brochure that is dedicated to India or for pages that are again related to India. The maximum limit is $20,000 (Twenty Thousand US Dollars). In special cases, higher support may also be considered on a case-to-case basis. This requires prior approval from the Head Office of the Department of Tourism.

There are different delegated authorities who are empowered to sanction this subsidy scheme and the same are shown below. These pertain to the overseas India Tourism offices:

  • Regional Director, India Tourism – US $20,000
  • Director of India Tourism – US $10,000
  • MTO India Tourism – US $5,000

Monitoring and Follow Up

  • The respective India Tourism offices must review the productivity of the agencies who have received such advertising support in the past. The recommendation for future support should be on the basis of such analysis done.
  • The return on such advertising support will be monitored regularly, and such reports will have to be submitted to the head office every quarter.
  • The advertising support has to be extended with the utmost care and should be based on the twin objectives of productivity and potential.
  • The respective overseas India Tourism offices will have to send a copy of all the related promotional & advertisement material. This should be submitted along with the statement of support provided to the head office every quarter.

Eligibility Process

The scheme is open for tour operators who have a presence in some of the major countries of the world. They should have adequate experience and expertise in operating tours across India. One of the most important requirements is that the tour operators should promote India very aggressively in their advertisement and sales promotion campaigns in foreign countries. The objective of the scheme is to encourage a visit to India by more number of foreign tourists on a yearly basis.

Registration Process

The support for brochures may be considered after taking into account the overall profile of the company. Its potential and productivity will also be taken into account. There is a prescribed format for applying for brochure support, and the same can be accessed from the following link:

The application for brochure support should contain pertinent information, including the following:

  • Personal details like tour operator’s name, address, phone number and fax number.
  • Total number of years of experience.
  • How many years is India being promoted as a tourist destination?
  • Other destinations, if any sold.
  • Will the brochure be exclusive about India or a part of the many brochures being covered?
  • How many pages will be devoted to India in the brochure?
  • Total number of copies of brochures that are being printed?
  • How long will the brochure be valid?
  • Mode of distribution of brochures (directly or through retailers or other sources).
  • Cost incurred for printing the brochures. Proper bill to be attached.
  • Number of tourists handled during the previous years.
  • How many of such tourists visited India?
  • Number of tourists expected to visit India during the current year.
  • Financial assistance needed from Government of India under Brochure Support Scheme.
  • Other efforts being made to promote India, including direct promotion, advertisements, participating in events, travel marts, etc.
  • 3 copies of the brochure to be attached to the applications.
  • Bank account details of tour operators.

Once the above details are submitted to the respective authorities (DTO/MTO/AD), the entire application will be appraised and analysed by the relevant authorities. The cost of the brochures will also be worked out, and if all other mandated requirements are met, the authorities will sanction USD equivalent to a maximum of 50% of the brochure cost of US$20,000 whichever is higher. In some very special cases, a higher amount in excess of $20,000 may be considered, but this will be on a very selective basis.

Further details regarding the scheme may also be found below:

Guidelines-Brochure Scheme

More details can also be heard from:

More details of Brochure Scheme

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