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Bhulekh – Odisha Land Records


Bhulekh – Odisha Land Records

Bhulekh Odisha is a web-based platform designed by the Government of Odisha to provide land records details for the citizens of the state. Bhulekh can be used to retrieve the details about the Lands and properties such as owner, plot number, property value, land area and the present owner. This information is of great importance to a general buyer or the owner of the land required.

The Government of Odisha has computerised the land records. The Odisha Bhulekh portal is now available online and accessible to the citizens of the state. The Board of Revenue Department Odisha has launched this portal which provides the facility to verify Odisha land records of the state. This portal intense to provide convenience to the residents and to ensure to get all the online services. In this article, we look at the verification process of Odisha land records in detail.

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Services in Bhulekh

Bhulekh can be used by any individual to obtain government land records in all the villages, districts and mandals of Odisha state. Bhulekh website provides complete land details to people. The below following are some of the significant advantages and features of the Bhulekh website.

  • Provides revenue khataunai code for villages
  • Record of Rights (RoR) view.
  • Know the records of the litigations for the disputed property.
  • Village maps can be viewed from this web portal.
  • Get a khatuni copy.
  • The SMS alerts to all the pattadars and functionaries regarding changes and their progress.
  • Get khatuni (Land ownership record) copy
  • The department of revenue provides a unique land code.

 Features of Bhulekh Odisha

The portal offers a wide range of benefits that can be availed by the citizens of the state. Bhulekh portal was created to provide easy and convenient services to the citizens. The portal provides latest and accurate information related to the functions and services provided by the Government of Odisha. This portal brings transparency of land records. Farmers will get mutations done online saving time and money, and all the electronic records would be aligned with the information contained in the field measurement books.

Online Procedure – Land Records

To check the land record online through Bhulekh portal, the applicant has to follow the below procedure.

Access the Portal

Step 1: Firstly, the applicant has to visit the official Bhulekh-Odisha Portal to check for their land records in the state.

Land Record Search by Tenant Name

Step 2: You have to follow the below steps to check the land owner’s name in Odisha.

Step 3: First, you must select the district and appropriate Tahasil from the drop-down list.

Step 4: Then you must choose the village name where the land or property is located.

Step 5: After that, you must select the correct RI circle.

Step 5 - Bhulekh - Odisha Land Records
Step 5 – Bhulekh – Odisha Land Records

Step 6: You must click on the Tenant option.

Step 7: Then select the tenant name from the list.

Step 8: Upon completion, you will be directed to a page where you need to fill all the requested details regarding the Landowner.

Land Record Search by Khasra Number

If the applicants want to check the Khatiyan and ROR details through Khasara (agricultural document) Number, then follow the below steps:

Step 9: You have click on the “ROR View” that visible on the home page.

Step 10: Click on the Khatiyan option and select the details of your Property by choosing options like District, Tahasil, Village, and RI circle.

Step 11: Now you have to enter your khasara Number and click on the enter button.

Step 11 - Bhulekh - Odisha Land Records
Step 11 – Bhulekh – Odisha Land Records

Step 12: On the new page, the details of your property affiliated with the khasara number will be displayed on the screen.

Land Record Search by Bhu-naksha

Bhunaksha or Bhu-naksha is the plot Map view of any region in which the property is located.

Step 13: Again select the district, tehsil and village name.

Step 14: Click on the Plot option.

Step 14 - Bhulekh - Odisha Land Records
Step 14 – Bhulekh – Odisha Land Records

Step 15: Then enter the plot number of the property and click on the view map.

Step 14: Complete details on Bhu-naksha of the property will be displayed on the screen.

Print Acknowledgement Slip

Step 16: Once completed you will be directed to a new page where all the information regarding the Landowner will be displayed.

Step 17: Print the acknowledgement receipt generated by the after submitting for future reference.