Arunachal Pradesh Land Conversion

Arunachal Pradesh Land Conversion

Arunachal Pradesh land conversion is a process of converting agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes. Agricultural lands cannot be utilised for the residential, individual or industrial, commercial or medical facilities purpose besides on conversion of the same into non-agricultural lands. As per the provisions contained in Arunachal Pradesh (Conversion of Agricultural Land for Non-Agricultural Purposes in Rural Areas) Rules, 2011, Agriculture land in the State cannot be used for the non-agriculture purpose, without the prior permission of the prescribed authority. In this article, we look at the Arunachal Pradesh Land Conversion in detail.

Arunachal Pradesh (Conversion of Agricultural Land for Non-Agricultural Purposes in Rural Areas) Rules

As mentioned above, Arunachal Pradesh (Conversion of Agricultural Land for Non-Agricultural Purposes in Rural Areas) Rules, 2011 moderates the process of conversion of agricultural land for non-agriculture purpose in the State. The method of conversion of land will be completed on payment of a conversion fee, and conversion order will be issued.

Note:  This act applies to all areas in the State of Arunachal Pradesh, except those notified as planning areas either under the Arunachal Pradesh Urban and Country Planning Act of 2007 or urban areas under the Arunachal Pradesh Municipal Act 2007.

Purposes of Arunachal Pradesh Land Conversion

Any agriculture land can be converted, subject to the land use shown in the Master Plan or changed as per the provisions of the Arunachal Pradesh Urban & Country Planning Act, 2007 for one or more of the following purposes:

  • Residential Purposes
  • Commercial Purposes
  • Individual or Industrial Area
  • Animal rearing and husbandry, systematic farming or dairies such as isolated farms specialising in horticulture, rising of genetically enhanced crops or agriculture requiring specialised abiotic premises.
  • Commercial
  • Public utility of use to the State or district
  • Medical facilities
  • The public/semi-public utility of use to the community, tribe or an entire anchal Ceremonials purposes

Exempted Lands for Arunachal Pradesh Land Conversion

No permission will be granted for conversion of the following type of lands:

  • Land which is under the Land Acquisition Act, 1894
  • State Highways or any other roads maintained by the Central or the State Government or any local authority
  • Landfalling within the boundary limits of any railway line, national Highway
  • Defence land of specific nature, and specific importance (this mainly applies to the bordering State of Arunachal Pradesh).
  • Twenty feet of the middle of any rural pathway, as shown in the revenue map of a village
  • Land used as catchment areas of a village pond or tank
  • Land used as a pathway to any cremation or burial ground or village pond, even if not so recorded in the village revenue records
  • Land earmarked as a controlled area in any development plan notified by the State Government under the Urban & Country Planning Act, 2007
  • Land identified and notified by the Government through its Forest Department as Protected Forests under the Indian Forests Act, 1972

Eligibility Criteria

A tenant in possession of Arunachal Pradesh land possession certificate can apply for permission for conversion of agricultural land for any non-agricultural purpose.

Premium payable for Arunachal Pradesh Land Conversion

The premium payable for the conversion of agricultural lands for non-agricultural purposes in Arunachal Pradesh is tabulated here.



Premium Rate

1Residential purpose
2For a village having a population less than 1000 persons

Re.1 per square meter for an area up to 2000 square meters and Rs.2 per square meter for an area exceeding 2000 square meter


3For villages having a population of more than 1000 personsRs.2 per square meter for an area up to 2000 square meters and Rs.1 per square meters for an area exceeding 2000 square meters
4Commercial purposeFour times the rate prescribed in above for an area up to 200 sq. meters and eight times the rate prescribed above for an area above 200 square meters
5Industrial purposesRs. 2 per square meter
6Medical facilitiesRs. 2 per square meter
7Animal rearing, husbandry, dairy or systematic farming such as isolated farms specialising in horticulture, raising of genetically enhanced, crops or agriculture with high-end isolation should be specialised abiotic premises Re. 1 per square meter
8Public utility of use to the only if such a utility district or State as a wholeRs. 0.50 per square meter
10CeremonialRs. 0.50 per square meter
11The charitable Institution is willing to install at least one advanced diagnostic for curative plant or equipment from  the list approved by the Government or provides some medical facility for superior medical services or super speciality    Rs.2 per square meter
12Charitable Institution not covered under above uses   Rs. 2 per square meter
13The Institution is willing to set up speciality hospitals in specialities approved by the Government for a particular area.  Rs. 2 per square meter
14Nursing homes, diagnostic centres, clinic, hospitals, and dispensaries run on commercial lands and not covered by other categories.   Rs. 5 per square meter

Exemption of premium

No premium will be payable by any department of the State Government or a local authority for the conversion of land for the agricultural purpose for any official use.

No premium will be chargeable for voluntary, non-profit organisations desirous of opening medical facilities or development of facilities conveying central or State sector healthcare schemes.

Prescribed Authority for Land Conversion

Any application filed by any tenant for Arunachal Pradesh Land Conversion will be processed by the competent authority for the Revenue & Technical Clearance aspects:

The following offices will be responsible for ordering, in respect of the land situated within his territorial jurisdiction, conversion of land from agriculture purpose to non-agriculture purpose.

S.NoPurpose of conversionPrescribed Authority for Technical ClearancePrescribed Authority for Revenue Clearance






Residential purpose


Town Planning Assistant

Circle Officer or EAC for area up to 500 Square meters
Additional Deputy Commissioner (District) for the area up to 2,000 square meters
Deputy Commissioner for the area up to 50,000 square meters
2Commercial PurposeAssistant Town PlannerAdditional Deputy Commissioner, excluding Hotel, Resort, Cinema, Petrol-pump, and Weigh-bridge purposes for areas up to 2,000 square meter
Deputy Commissioner for petrol-pump, weigh-bridge purposes for an area up to  400 square meters
State Government for hotel, resort, cinema purposes, for areas up to 4000 square meters




The Industrial purpose or individual area


Assistant Town Planner

Planner Circle Officer or Commissioner, where the area does not exceed 1000 square meters
 Additional Deputy Commissioner for the area does not exceed 1 hectare
Deputy Commissioner where the area does not exceed 30 hectares
State Government through the Deputy Commissioner where the area exceeds 30 hectares
4Medical facilitiesThe State Government, through the Deputy Commissioner, will make necessary verification and enquiry and forward all relevant documents and original application to the State Government.
5Public Utility purposeSub-Divisional Officer

Application for Arunachal Pradesh Land Conversion

Procedure for getting conversion order for converting agriculture land for the non-agriculture purpose is explained here:

Approach Prescribed Authority

Step 1: Owner or occupier, who is seeking permission for Arunachal Pradesh Land Conversion, has to furnish an application form in prescribed format along with a copy of challan to the Prescribed Authority in whose jurisdiction the concerning agriculture land is situated.

We have herewith attached an application for Arunachal Pradesh Land Conversion:

Arunachal Pradesh Land Conversion Application

Verification by Prescribed Authority

Step 2: On receipt of the application, concern Authorities will check for revenue and special clearance.

Revenue Clearance

The Competent Authority will check the following parameters for revenue clearance

  • The applicant is the rightful owner of that land and is empowered to file for a change of land use
  • Any dues outstanding to any Department by the applicant
  • The land is free from the encumbrances and that the local authority has no objections for land conversion

Technical Clearance

The Competent Authority will check the following parameters for technical clearance

  • The intended land conversion does not violate any stipulations of any development plan
  • The converted land will not pose any perceivable hazard regarding the environment, health or safety to the applicant or any other individual residing in the area
  • The converted land is not being sought for a purpose for which adequate land is already earmarked at the nearest urban area

The issue of Conversion Order

Step 3: The prescribed authority within 15 days of the date of receipt of a copy of the challan, issue an order of conversion. The format of Arunachal Pradesh, Land Conversion order, is given here:

Arunachal Pradesh Land Conversion Order

Entries in the Revenue Records

Step 4:  The Anchal samity President, after the issue of conversion order, authorise the District Revenue authority to change the particulars of the tenancy land by making necessary entries in the revenue records.

Convert Agriculture Land

Step 5: Any agricultural land, converted for a non-agricultural purpose, will be used for such converted purpose within two years from the time of issue of the conversion order. If the land is not converted within the prescribed time, the conversion order will be introverted and the premium deposited will be relinquished to the Government.

Note: Any land, duly converted for any non-agricultural purpose under these rules will not be transferred within two years, after two years such land can be transferred without payment of premium or obtaining permission from the prescribed authority.

Change in Purpose of Conversion

After receiving the conversion order, a person intends to use the land for other non-agricultural purposes, needs to submit an application to the prescribed authority along with a Chelan.

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