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Annadata Sukhibhava Scheme

Annadata Sukhibhava Scheme

Annadata Sukhibhava Scheme

The Andhra Pradesh Government has announced the Annadata Sukhibhava Scheme for the welfare of farmers in the state budget 2019. Under this scheme, the state government has allotted Rs.5,000 crore to improve the productivity of the crops by assisting farmers. In this article, we look at the Annadata Sukhibhava Scheme in detail.

AP Annadata Sukhibhava Scheme 2019

Under the implementation of Annadata Sukhibhava Scheme Government of state has enhanced the subsidies for paddy, sugarcane, cotton, groundnut crops, maize, pulses and sunflower crop. The Enhanced Subsidies for these crops are as follows for paddy, sugarcane, cotton and groundnut crops from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000, for maize from Rs. 8,333 to Rs. 12,500, pulses and sunflower crops from Rs. 6,250 to Rs. 10,000. Under Annadata Sukhibhava Scheme 39.33 Lakh farmers will be covered.

Features of the Scheme

The features of the Annadata Sukhibhava Scheme are listed below.

Development of the farmers: The primary objective of this scheme is to offer better income opportunities for agricultural workers. Apart from the subsidy on crops, they will also attain other financial assistance.

Selected crops: Under this farmer development project, the state will offer subsidy on crops like paddy, sugarcane, maize, sunflower, cotton, groundnut and pulses.

Financial Plan: The state finance minister has announced that for the implementation of this new scheme, the state government will have shell out Rs. 5000 crore.

Beneficiaries roll: Government reports suggest that with the implementation of this new scheme, Andhra Pradesh government will be able to reach out to as many as 39.33 lakh needy farmers.

Debt waiver project: Apart from this, selected beneficiaries will also attain financial assistance to get rid of the pressure of debt payment. The state is working on the debt waiver scheme and has already deposited money in the accounts of 2.23 beneficiaries.

Farm tools: With the announcement of this scheme, the state finance minister also highlighted that selected farmers would attain tractors with a subsidy of Rs. 2.5 lakhs. It will help the agricultural workers to increase their farm yield.

Benefits of Annadata Sukhibhava Scheme

The benefits of the Annadata Sukhibhava scheme are as follows:

  • The Scheme will empower the farmers of the state
  • The Scheme will serve better livelihood.
  • It will provide the enhancement to agricultural sectors of the state.

Eligibility Criteria

 The eligibility criteria to obtain the assistance under Andhra Pradesh Annadata Sukhibhava Scheme is explained in detail below:

  • This scheme is applicable only for the permanent resident of Andhra Pradesh state.
  • Any person holding farming land or he/she should be a tenant farmer can take the benefit of the scheme.
  • The scheme is only applicable to the small and marginal farmers.

Documents Required

The following are the documents required while applying for the Annadata Sukhibhava Scheme.

  • Domicile Proof
  • Identity Proof
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Bank Account
  • Farmland Papers
  • Passport Size Photographs

Application Procedure

As the scheme has been announced recently by the state government has yet to be revealed about the application process. If the applications are rolled out, then the eligible farmers will be able to get the application form from the authorised website of Andhra Pradesh government.

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