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7 Simple Lessons I Learnt at School

7 Simple Lessons I learnt at School

7 Simple Lessons I Learnt at School

Note: This article was contributed to the MCC School Magazine. However, it is posted on the IndiaFilings Learning Center, so more people may find it an useful and interesting.

I am very excited for this opportunity to contribute to the MCC School Magazine and connect with the present students. I am a student of MCC School who studied from 1998 – 2004 and later went on to establish a successful internet business service company that currently employs over 100 persons. MCC School and MCC Teachers play an instrumental role in my success and the lessons they taught have helped me succeed.

As a Student, I too learnt lessons, poems and worked on mathematical problems. But, I can barely remember any of those now. However, in addition to the curriculum, MCC School and the Teacher taught me 7 simple lesson for life and it is these lessons that have really helped me succeed.

As I attended various classes, I never knew at that time I was being taught these lesson; but, now when I look back, I can starkly see them. These lessons were not a part of the syllabus, but rather a part of the MCC School experience. And, these 7 simple lessons listed here have been more valuable than the ones that were a part of the curriculum taught everyday. They have guided me in my life at every stage and I hope you find them useful as well.

Lesson #1: The horse is prepared for the day of battle. But, Victory is of the Lord.

I attended MCC School from 7th standard and prior to MCC School, I did not understand the importance of God in my life. I learnt about the importance of God and having God in my Life at MCC School through the Scripture Union. It was around this time that I had learnt this verse from the Bible “The horse is prepared for the day of battle. But, Victory is of the Lord” – Proverbs 21:31. This verse has been instrumental in making me successful in my life.

As a school student and later as a college student, an employee and now as an entrepreneur – it is my duty to prepare the horse for the day of battle. Meaning, it is my responsibility to put in the hard work and effort required for succeeding in the tasks I wish to accomplish. If I put in the required effort, then God will bless my work by providing Victory. If I do not prepare the horse for the day of battle or put in the effort – then God cannot help me achieve my heart’s desire.

Therefore, as Students, put in the hard work, effort and dedication into whatever you are doing – studies, sports or extracurricular activities, and God will provide you the victory.

Lesson #2: Respect and value everyone’s contribution.

I fondly remember the times when I had to stand up from my seat, put my hands together and say “Good Morning Sir or Madam” when a Teacher entered or left the classroom at MCC School. After graduating from school, I have never had to wish anyone again with the traditional Indian welcome – as I studied at a American Universities and worked for American Business, where I had the opportunity to address everyone by their first name.

However, the habit formed at MCC School wherein I had to respect and welcome others had become ingrained in me. Those around me always felt I respected them and welcomed them. This attitude developed at school helped me quickly standout from those around me. Whosoever I dealt with including other Students, University Professors, University Staff, Co-Workers, Managers and my Bosses felt I respected them, and they in turned respected me and helped me achieve my goals.

So as a student at MCC, learn well the habit of respecting everyone around you. Respect and value the contribution of everyone including your Parents, Teachers, Authorities to the Janitors who keep the school clean. Because, each of them will have a hand in your success.

Lesson #3: Help others and give something back.

At School, I was a part of the National Cadet Corps (NCC), National Service Scheme (NSS) and Road Safety Patrol (RSP). While serving with these organizations, I remember having to serve the public and contribute to the community by doing tasks such as cleaning public places, regulating traffic, etc.,. The organization in turn taught me the importance of serving others and created in me the habit of helping others.

This habit started at School continues till today. At College, I continued to serve others by helping deliver food to the poor and helped repair houses for the needy. At work, our Company conducts blood donation camps to help the sick. I am proud to say that our Company was awarded by the Chennai Mayor for donating the highest number of blood bags in a year – a result of the seed planted in me at MCC School.

So as a student, serve in organizations like the NCC, NSS and RSP and inculcate habits of helping other and giving back to the society. For only by helping others can you help yourself.

Lesson #4: Complete all tasks with cheer to the best of your efforts, even if you don’t like it.

At School, I remember my Teachers asking me to do simple tasks like delivering books, fixing computers, erasing the blackboard, maintaining log-book, polishing table, etc., I never complained and completed all the tasks assigned to me with cheer, to the best of my ability. The habit of doing things that you may not always want to do, has been key in helping me quickly rise in position later in life.

At College, as an employee of the University, I have cleaned up dust bins and performed various other tasks. After graduating with an MBA from a top University, as an Employee of Lufthansa I have cleaned file rooms, carried boxes and performed various other tasks. I never complained and always completed any work assigned to me with cheer. By performing well on any task, the respect and confidence in me amongst my Superiors increased day by day. They provided me with more responsibilities and better work leading to my current position as the CEO of a very successful company employing over 100 people.

Today, I work with plenty of young college graduates at my Company. Many of them avoid doing or complain while doing certain tasks – which they think are insignificant or not inline with their job description. But, they fail to understand that when they do not complete a work assigned to them, the opportunity for learning and career growth stops. When they do not complete a small task assigned to them at the best of their abilities – they will not be given any more responsibilities and will not be allowed to move to higher positions.

So as a student, complete all tasks assigned to you with good spirit, dedication, competence and sincerity – even if you do not like it. The habit of completing the tasks assigned to you will ensure you grow both in knowledge and position over the years.

Lesson #5: Set goals and achieve them.

In 10th standard quarterly exams, I failed multiple subjects and scored just 3/100 in mathematics. My parents were upset and thought I wouldn’t pass 10th Standard. However, my Teachers were supportive and said they would help me pass 10th Standard, if I followed their directions. I decided to follow their directions and set the goal of passing 10th standard with more than 80% marks.

From the time of my quarterly exams to the final exams, I followed the directions of my Teachers and completed all the tasks that were assigned to me. I removed television and computer from my life completely and started focusing on my studies. At the end, in the 10th standard board exams, I had scored 97 marks in mathematics and had one of the top marks in the school scoring over 80%. I was also awarded the prize for having the highest differential in marks between Quarterly and Final exams that year.

This incidence at school, sowed in me the seed of setting goals and achieving them – despite the odds.

Continuing on, I set the goal of going to the United States of America for a college degree, getting a Commercial Pilot License, graduating with a MBA from a prestigious University, becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), working with a renowned Airline and establishing a successful business. And, despite the odds, I have been able to achieve it all. But, it all goes back to my first exercise of setting a goal of passing the 10th Standard exam and achieving it at MCC School.

So as a student, what is your goal for this year? What will you achieve this year? Remember, the habit of setting and achieving a goal can be more valuable than the achievement of the goal itself.

Lesson #6 Dream big and rise up against the odds.

While studying in 11th standard, I had the dream of going to the United States of America for pursuing my Bachelors degree. At that time, my families total income for a year was less than the total fee for one year of studies in the USA and it would not have been financially viable for me to study in the USA. In addition to that, I was discouraged by many citing that – those who return from the US do not succeed in India and/or those who go to the USA very young don’t return back to India.

Despite the odds and discouragement, I pursued my dream of studying in the USA after 12th Standard. As I pointed out in Lesson #1, I prepared my horse for the day of battle. I studied for the US University Admission tests and got good scores. I performed well in MCC School and got good marks. I applied and got admissions into Wheeling Jesuit University with an excellent scholarship – out of the total fee of $26000 a year, the University provided me with a Scholarship of $11,000 and an opportunity to earn $10,000 by working on campus. I was sanctioned an education loan and my US Visa was accepted. Above all, my parents morally and financially supported me, and sent me off to the USA to at just 18 years. My horse was prepared for the day of battle and God provided me with victory.

So as a student, remember to dream big, very big. Don’t be trapped by the odds or discouragement. However big your dreams may be, you can achieve it. Diligently prepare your horse for the day of battle and God will provide you the victory.

Lesson 7# In the face of failure – Don’t give up. Work harder.

I am not a gifted student, I did not grow up in a rich family, I do not have very high IQ and I am not special. I was never the top of the class in terms of marks in school or college. I have failed various exams, I have failed to achieve some of my goals and I have failed in business ventures. I continue to face difficulties and challenges in life – just like everyone else.

My story of success and growth started with my massive failure in 10th standard quarterly exams where my Mother wept in the Parents Teachers meeting. It was the turning point which later saw me pass out of MCC School as the School Pupil Leader and Best Outgoing Student.

While pursuing my Bachelors degree in the US, I was unable to get through a basic pre-calculus class necessary for completing my Computer Science degree. However, that failure led me to taking up Accounting and later obtaining MBA from a prestigious University and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) License.

After completing my MBA with excellent marks, hundreds of my job applications were rejected by some of the top accounting firms and financial institutions in the USA. But, this helped me move back to India and start a business.

My first business venture which I started failed, but that led to the starting of in October, 2013 – a company that has already helped thousands of Entrepreneurs start and manage their business in India. Recently, The Honorable Governor of Tamil Nadu, Dr. K. Rosaiah released the IndiaFilings Mobile App – India’s first mobile app for company registration and trademark filing. At IndiaFilings we have a dream of helping over 1 million businesses in India and providing employment to thousands of youngsters. So, my failed business venture led to the starting of a company I love – which helped me get recognized nationally.

So, I have seen my fair share of failures. But, in the face of failure, challenges and hardship, I have never given up and I have alway worked harder. This has made all the difference and is the reason for my success. In your life today and in the days to come, I am sure you will meet failure at various points. At that time, remember this lesson you learnt in the MCC School Magazine – Never give up and work harder in the face of failure. This simple lesson will ensure you achieve anything you want in life.

You can achieve anything you want in life and you have a very good foundation – studying at MCC School. I hope you learn well the 7 simple lessons I have listed here and achieve your best!


With Best Regards,

Lionel Charles

CEO of

Student of MCC School, 1998 – 2004