Provisional Patent In Gorakhpur

The application for patent registration in Gorakhpur for an invention can be made by any individual or jointly with any other person.

Following people can apply for patent registration in Gorakhpur

  • The true and the first inventor
  • The true and first inventor’s assignee
  • The representative of the deceased true and first inventor.

The Patent Act says that a 'Person' can be any natural person, a company or an association, or a body of individuals or any government body, whether it is incorporated or not.

  • In the case of a proprietorship firm, the application for patent registration in Gorakhpur should be made in the proprietor's name
  • In the case of the partnership firms the names of all people who are personally responsible that is the partners must be included in the patent application.

The assignee however should be a natural person or any other legal person such as a registered company, a Limited Liability Partnership, a Section 8 company, or an educational institute or government body.

The applicant is required to disclose the name, address, and nationality of the true and the first inventor.

Provisional Patent In Gorakhpur FAQ's

An application for patent registration in Gorakhpur can be filed at the:
Place of residence, the domicile or the business of the applicant, or the place from where the invention has originated.

For obtaining a patent registration in Gorakhpur ensure that your invention is unique. By carrying a patent search an individual can avoid lengthy procedures as he gets a clear idea of the same.

A patent is a form of encouragement for all the inventions and innovations also getting patent registration in Gorakhpur helps a business as the patent restricts the competitors from copying selling the intellectual property without the patentor's permission or consent.

Yes, the inventor can sell as well as license the patent registration in Gorakhpur as other forms of the property also he can transfer it.

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