Itr 6 Form In Uttar Pradesh

ITR 6 Return Filing in Uttar pradesh is an income return form that is to be furnished by companies to e-file the income tax returns if they are not claiming exemption under Section 11 of the Income Tax Act 1961. Companies that can claim the exemption u/s 11 are those that have income from the property that is held for charitable or religious places. Hence, companies that have claiming exemption under section 11 are required to furnish their income tax return in the ITR 6 Form in Uttar pradesh.

E filing Audit reports

In case is the assessee is liable for audit under the section 44AB and the accountant has audited the accounts, the details of the audit report, auditor along the date of furnishing is to be sent to the department electronically.

Who is eligible for ITR 6 return filing in Uttar pradesh?

ITR 6 filing in Uttar pradesh is to be filed by every Company irrespective of its structure registered under the Companies Act 2013 or the earlier Companies Act,1956. However, the companies whose income source is from a charitable or religious organization are not required to file Form ITR 6 in Uttar pradesh.

While filing ITR 6 Form in Uttar pradesh an audit report under Section 44AB is necessary to file returns. Section 44AB states that an entity whose sales, turnover, or gross receipts are more than Rs.1 Crore in the preceding financial year must get the accounts audited from a chartered accountant compulsorily.

Who should not file ITR 6 returns in Maharastra?

The companies within the source of income from the religious or charitable organizations can seek exemptions under Section 11. Thus, an entity seeking exemption under Section 11 shall file ITR 6.

ITR 6 return filing in Uttar pradesh is annexure less no documents, not even the TDS certificate is to be attached while filing ITR 6 returns. The taxpayers are only advised to match the deducted taxes on behalf of them.

ITR 6 is to be furnished completely online so to file ITR 6 Returns in Uttar pradesh get in touch with our Compliance experts today.

Itr 6 Form In Uttar Pradesh FAQ's

ITR 6 Filing in Uttar pradesh is completely online, this form can be downloaded online through the official website of the income tax. The income tax department has not yet provided any offline tools for filing ITR 6 in Uttar pradesh

ITR 6 Form in Uttar pradesh must be filed by the companies that have not claimed exemption under Section 11. ( Income from property held for charitable and religious purposes).

ITR 6 in Uttar pradesh cannot be filed by the taxpayers who are belonging to these categories:
Individuals, HUF, Firm, Association of person, Body of individuals, local authority, and the artificial judiciary person.

ITR 6 form in Uttar pradesh is to be filed when a taxpayer is registered as a company under the Companies Act of 1956 and also when the company has not claimed any exemption under section 11.


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