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Income tax return filing for a taxpayer with taxable income of less than Rs.10 lakhs.

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Income Tax Return (ITR) 4 Sugam Form Filing In Tripura

ITR 4 return filing in Tripura is for the taxpayers who have opted for a presumptive taxation scheme under Sections 44D, 44DA, 44AE of the Income Tax Act. The presumptive taxation scheme has exempted all the small taxpayers from maintaining the book of accounts thereby reducing the compliance burden. If the turnover is exceeding Rs.2 crore then the taxpayer is required to file ITR 3 Returns.

Who is eligible to file ITR 4 Return Filing in Tripura?

ITR 4 return filing in Tripura is to be done by the individuals who satisfy the following conditions:

  • Business Income under Section 44AD/Section 44AE
  • Income from the profession as per Section 44DA
  • Income from Salary or Pension is about Rs.50 lakhs
  • Income from one house property is about Rs.50 lakh.
  • Income from other sources is up to Rs.50 lakh (Does not include winning the lottery or horse races)
  • ITR 4 return filing in Tripura can also be done by freelancers if in case their income is not exceeding Rs.50 lakh.

How to file ITR 4 returns in Tripura?

ITR 4 return filing in Tripura can be both online as well as offline.

How to file ITR 4 returns in Tripura online?

  • To file ITR 4 Returns in Tripura online one has to furnish returns digitally using the Digital Signature Certificate
  • Or by transmitting the data electronically and then submitting the verification of the returns made in Form ITR V.

If in case ITR 4 filing in Tripura is done using the Digital Signature then an acknowledgment is sent to the registered Email id.

How to file ITR 4 returns in Tripura offline?

  • By furnishing the returns made in a physical form
  • By furnishing a bar-coded return- An acknowledgment is issued once the physical paper return is submitted.

What is the structure of the Form ITR 4 Returns in Tripura?

The structure of Form ITR-4 is as follows

  • Part A: General Information
  • Part B: Gross total income under the five heads of income
  • Part C: Deductions and Total Taxable Income
  • Schedule BP: Details of Income from Business
  • Schedule 80G: Details of Donations entitled for deduction under Section 80G
  • Schedule IT: Statement of payment of advance tax and tax on self-assessment
  • Schedule- TCS: Statement about Tax Collected at source
  • Schedule TDS1: Statement of Tax Deducted at Source on Salary
  • Schedule TDS2: Statement of tax deducted at source on income apart from salary
  • Verification column

In this way, you can file the ITR 4 returns in Tripura with the help of IndiaFilings.


Form ITR 4 in Tripura can be filed by the taxpayers who have opted for the presumptive income scheme under Sections 44D, 44AD, 44AE of the income tax Act, 1961.
ITR 4 in Tripura cannot be filed by the taxpayers who category for businesses with a turnover of over Rs.2 crores and professionals with gross receipts that exceed Rs.50 lakh.
ITR 4 form in Tripura is to be used when the assessee falls into the following category:

Income from the profession and has opted under presumptive taxation scheme.

Income from the proprietary business or profession including income from house property, salary, pension, and other sources.

ITR 4 filings in Tripura can be done before 31st July for individuals and 30th September for the businesses.