Itr 4 Sugam Form In Perinthalmanna

ITR 4 Filing in Perinthalmanna is for the taxpayers who have opted the file the Income-tax returns under the presumptive taxation scheme. The presumptive taxation scheme allows the small taxpayers exemption from maintaining the books of accounts.

What is the presumptive taxation scheme?

By opting for a presumptive taxation scheme the small taxpayers are exempted from maintaining the books of accounts. The net income is estimated to be 8% of the gross cash receipts. But for the payments that are received via the digital mode, the net income is assumed to be 6% of such gross receipts. Here, under the presumptive taxation scheme deduction of any business expense against the income is not allowed. The owner of the business has to pay 100% Advance tax by the 15th of March.

Under the Presumptive taxation scheme, there is no need to comply with the quarterly installments of the due date of the Advance tax ( i.e in June, September, December)

Amendments to the ITR 4 Return filing in Perinthalmanna

A taxpayer who is making cash deposits of above Rs.2 crore with the bank, incurring expenses of more than Rs 2 lakh on foreign travel, has electricity bills of Rs.1 lakh should file ITR 1. Here the taxpayer has to indicate the amount of the deposit or the expenses that have been incurred.

Under Part A the Government checkbox stands changed to the 'Central Government' and 'State Government' and a checkbox 'Not applicable' has also been introduced under the 'Nature of Employment Section.

The ITR 4 Returns filed in Perinthalmanna under the section have been segregated as normal filing and filings that are a response to the notices.

Schedule VI A has been amended to include the deduction under Section 80EEA and Section 80EEB. Here Under Section 80 G, the details of donations made can be provided.

In schedule BP, the gross turnover or the gross receipts are required to include the revenues that are received from the electronic modes that are prescribed before the specified date.

Tax deduction details also claim for the investments or the payments or the expenditure that is made between 1 April 2020 to June 30 June 2020.

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Itr 4 Sugam Form In Perinthalmanna FAQ's

Can a partner of a Partnership firm File ITR 4 in Perinthalmanna?

Yes, ITR 4 in Perinthalmanna is applicable to the individuals and the HUFs and also Partnership firms other than LLPs. The partners also need to be residents of India having income from business or profession.

Who can file ITR 4 offline in Perinthalmanna?

ITR 4 can be filed offline by individuals who are above 80 years by furnishing a return in the paper form or by furnishing the barcoded return.

How to file ITR 4 in Perinthalmanna online?

ITR 4 filings in Perinthalmanna can be done online by furnishing the return electronically under the Digital Signature and by transmitting the data electronically and submitting the verification of the return in Form ITR V.

What is the difference between ITR 4 filing in Perinthalmanna and ITR 4 S?

ITR 4 filing in Perinthalmanna is to be done by the individuals/ HUFs and small businesses who have income from proprietary businesses profession. Whereas the ITR 4S filing is required when an individual has opted for the presumptive income method.

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