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Income Tax Return (ITR) 3 Form Filing In Sikkim

ITR 3 return filing in Sikkim is applicable for the individuals and the HUFs who get income from profits and gains from business or profession.

Who is eligible to file ITR 3 Return in Sikkim?

ITR 3 return in Sikkim should be filed by individuals and HUFs who have income from carrying on a profession or from a Proprietary business. ITR 3 Form return in Sikkim can be used when the assessee falls in the categories mentioned below:

  • Income from carrying a profession or business (Both Tax audit and nonaudit cases)
  • Income from proprietary business
  • The return may include income from house property
  • Apart from that returns from salary or pension and income from another source.

Who is not eligible for ITR 3 return in Sikkim?

If in case the individual or Hindu Undivided Family as a partner of a Partnership firm that carries business cannot file ITR 3 in Sikkim he will be eligible for filing ITR 2

How to file the ITR 3 returns in Sikkim?

A Taxpayer has to compulsorily file the ITR 3 Returns in Sikkim. The ITR 3 can be file electronically by:

  • Furnishing the return under the Digital Signature Certificate
  • By Transmitting the data electronically and then submitting the verification of the return in Form ITR V.

If you submit your ITR 3 return in Sikkim Form electronically using the Digital Signature Certificate then an acknowledgment will be sent to your registered Email id. All taxpayers filing ITR 3 in Sikkim require a tax audit and must file ITR 3 forms using the Digital signature. As ITR 3 is an annexure-less form there is no document to be attached with the ITR 3 Form.

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ITR 3 form in Sikkim can be filed by all the individuals and the HUFs who get income from carrying a profession or a proprietary business.
An assessee can use ITR 3 form in Sikkim when the assessee has the following sources of Income:
  • Income from a carrying a profession
  • Income from proprietary business, returns may also include the income from house property, salary or pension, and other sources.
An individual or the Hindu Undivided Family is having income as a partnership firm that is carrying out business or profession cannot file ITR 3 in Sikkim.
The due date for filing the ITR 3 form in Sikkim is 31st July for individuals and 30th September for businesses.